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Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water. Gary Flomenhoft BSME, MAPP, CEE Research Associate Gund Institute, SNR. Developing world renewable energy workshops. SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEMS. Collectors-POOL. Collectors-POOL. Collectors-Flat Plate. Collectors-Flat Plate. Collectors-Evacuated tube.

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Solar Hot Water

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  1. Solar Hot Water Gary Flomenhoft BSME, MAPP, CEE Research Associate Gund Institute, SNR

  2. Developing world renewable energy workshops


  4. Collectors-POOL

  5. Collectors-POOL

  6. Collectors-Flat Plate

  7. Collectors-Flat Plate

  8. Collectors-Evacuated tube

  9. Collectors-Evacuated tube

  10. Passive Batch Heater

  11. Passive Thermosyphon

  12. Freeze Protection-Draindown Solar Collector 6. Collector Return Breaker 11. Tank Drain 2. Vent/Vacuum 7. Collector Supply 12. Tank Drain Fitting 3. Hot Water to Taps 8. Drain Down Valve 13. DHW Electric Tank 4. Cold Feed 9. Circulating Pump 14. Immersion Heater 5. Tempering Valve 10. Drain

  13. Freeze Protection-Draindown The Sunspool draindown valve was popularly installed in the 1980's, but is no longer manufactured. Draindown systems have proven to be the most problematic of all freeze protection systems. They are vulnerable to frozen vacuum breakers and air vents, damaged sensors or wiring, lack of proper pipe drainage, and malfunctions with the draindown valve. This type of system is rarely installed new any more, and is not recommended.

  14. Freeze Protection-Drainback

  15. Drainback

  16. Drainback

  17. Drainback system

  18. Freeze Protection-Closed Loop

  19. External heat exchanger W/solar tank

  20. External heat exchanger and expansion tank

  21. External heat exchanger

  22. External heat exchanger

  23. Heat and Hot Water

  24. Wood backup

  25. Installation

  26. Installation

  27. Sizing Solar Hot Water Conservation: Turn down Thermostat to 120-125deg Wrap the water heater with insulating blanket Fix drips in faucets Efficient showerhead and faucet aerators Insulate hot water pipes in unheated space

  28. Sizing Solar Hot Water US Usage: 15-30 gallons per day/person Family of 4 = 80 gallons One square foot/.75 gallon of collector in NE= 107 sq ft 100% in summer, and 40% in winter

  29. Instantaneous backup

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