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Creating and Using Stories PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating and Using Stories

Creating and Using Stories

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Creating and Using Stories

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  1. Creating and Using Stories

  2. Plan for Today Introducing myself Man in a hole Why use stories Island Story Using an existing story – Roald Dahl’s red riding hood Other ideas Retelling Crazy sentences …..

  3. Daniel

  4. 24

  5. London

  6. 4 months

  7. Morocco

  8. Why use stories? Some people use more brain cells if they can be creative. What better ways are there of developing fluency? Story making and story telling are a natural way of using language for real purposes. Are there better ways of revising and re-using language? And what better way of integrating the four skills? What better way of linking work in the classroom with the outside world?

  9. Which language level? Any level…you make something with what you have got. Isn’t confidence ‘to have a go’ the basis of fluency? Beginners benefit by experiencing their modest range of language being used to create something new. Advanced learners benefit through the opportunity to refine nuances of ideas and hone their language skills.

  10. Retelling I found a small dragon in the garden. I think it came from the middle of a dark forest. It was wet and green and there were leaves on its back. I gave it many things but it didn’t eat them. It made a nest by the back door but it wasn’t happy and it was silent. I didn’t know what to do. I asked my mum and dad but they didn’t know what to do. They didn’t come to see it! Then I took it back to the forest and I said, ‘Go on! Go home!’ And it walked into the forest and disappeared.

  11. The Ants and the GrasshopperAn Aesop fable re-told by Andrew Wright One day, in the winter, some ants brushed the snow out of their pantry.  A grasshopper came and said, ‘Oh, please give me some or your corn!  I am very hungry!’The ants stopped work for just one moment (usually ants never stop working) and said, ‘Excuse us!  But what were you doing last summer?  Why didn’t you collect food for the winter?’The grasshopper said, ‘I was very busy in the summer.  I was singing!’The ants replied, ‘Well, you sang in the summer.  Now you can dance in the winter!’