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Penguin Chick

Penguin Chick

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Penguin Chick

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  1. Penguin Chick • Author: Betty Tatham • Illustrator: Helen K. Davie • Genre: Expository Nonfiction • Skill: Main Idea/Details

  2. Question of the Day • Describe a penguin's life cycle.

  3. Small Groups • Read “Penguin Chick” pages 162-168

  4. Reader Response • Open for Discussion: How would you retell the information in this selection to someone who doesn't know much about emperor penguins? What are the most important parts? 1. The author is like a reporter, telling you about the emperor penguins as if you and she were there in Antarctica. Look back at page 156. Read the page aloud as if you are an on-the-scene reporter.

  5. 2. Look back at page 163. What details support the idea that the penguin father and mother take care of the chick? 3. Did you create a graphic organizer to help you as you read? If so, tell how it helped you. If not, what kind of graphic organizer could you have used? Tell why. 4. This story is about penguin chicks. If you wrote a paragraph about barnyard chicks, which words from the Words to Know list could you use? Try it.

  6. Look Back and Write • Look back at page 158. What surprising thing do the parent penguins do before the mother penguin leaves? Tell why you think they do it. Use information from the selection to write the answer. • Example of a Top-Score Response The parents sing before themother leaves to find food. The mother will be gone for a long time. The father has to stay warm and keep the egg warm. They want to raisetheir chick together. Maybe they sing to tell each other they will be together again.

  7. Test Time • Do your BEST!

  8. Life Cycles The life cycle of all species of penguins is quite similar to that of the emperor penguin. Some lay two to three eggs, whereas the emperor penguin lays only one. In all species of penguin, except for the emperor penguins,both the mother and father sit on the egg; this is probably because the emperor penguins lay their eggs quite far from the coast, and the female has a longer distance to travel to the open ocean. Both parents take care of the chick until it is able to take care of itself; this can be anywhere from two months to a year, depending on the species of penguin.

  9. Ecosystems When we think of the food chain, we think of thebigger animals eating the smaller animals, with the biggest animals (humans) having no natural predators at all.But in the Antarctic, as in every ecosystem, all life actually depends on each other. The smallest link in the Antarctic food chain is the phytoplankton. Krill, small, shrimp-like organisms, eat the phytoplankton. The larger organisms, such as fish and some mammals, eat the krill; these organisms are in turn eaten by even larger predators (except for whales, whose only predators are human). If one animal is affected, all these organisms are affected, resulting in the death of some and theover-population of others.

  10. Fluency • I will read aloud p. 160. Notice that I read with accuracy and appropriate pace. • We will practice as a class by doing three choral readings.

  11. Penguin Chick Objectives: Define and identify common nouns. Define and identify proper nouns. Use common and proper nouns in writing. Become familiar with noun assessment on high-stakes tests. Day 3 Grammar

  12. 5. A father Penguin cares for a egg. A father penguin cares for an egg. 6. The father wont leave even thogh he is hungry. The father won’t leave even though he is hungry.

  13. Common and Proper Nouns • A common noun names any person, place, or thing. • A proper noun names a particular person, place, or thing. • Proper nouns begin with capital letters. In proper nouns of more than one word, the first word and each important word are capitalized. The names of days, months, and holidays are proper nouns.

  14. Penguin Chick Objective: Spell words with syllable patterns V/CV and VC/V. Day 2 Spelling

  15. Dividing Words into Syllables • The vowel sound in the first syllable of a word can be a clue as to how the word is divided. • Words with a long vowel sound inthe first syllable should be dividedafter the vowel. • Words with a short vowel sound should be divided after the consonant.

  16. Frequently misspelled words • favorite • before • pretty

  17. Spelling Paragraphs • Write a paragraph describing a place or an event. Students should use at least four spelling words. You will read your paragraphs aloud to the class.