coordinated early intervening services ceis n.
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Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS) PowerPoint Presentation
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Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS)

Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS)

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Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS)

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  1. Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS) Leslie Pyper, OSPI, Learning Improvement Beth Harrington, Richland School District

  2. What is CEIS? How can funds be used for CEIS? How do we plan & report on CEIS? How can CEIS be woven into a system of instructional support?

  3. IDEA Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS)§ 613(f) of IDEA;34 CFR § 300.226(a) CEIS is a set of coordinated services for students in kindergarten through Grade 12 (with a particular emphasis on students in K-3) who are notcurrently identified as needing special education or related services, but who need additional academic and behavioral supportto succeed in a general education environment.

  4. CEIS VOLUNTARY • Voluntary - use up to 15% of IDEA, Part B funds. • Calculated as % of total IDEA, Part B allocation.  • District may choose to spend from either 611 or 619. • If voluntary, and district doesn’t use all funds planned, those funds can be reallocated back to other IDEA-allowable expenses so it is necessary to track where the funds came from so they can return to the correct “pot”.

  5. CEIS MANDATORY 34 CFR 300.646 • “Significantly Disproportionate” • Mandatory – must use 15% of Part B funds. • Calculated as 15% of their total Part B allocation.  …to serve children in the district, particularly, but not exclusively, children in those groups that were significantly over-identified…

  6. IDEA-Use of CEIS Funds§ 613(f) of IDEA; 34 CFR § 300.226(b) CEIS funds may be used for: • Professional development for teachers and other school staff to enable personnel to deliver scientifically-based academic and behavioral interventions…and…instruction on the use of adaptive and instructional software. • Direct interventions, such as educational and behavioral evaluations, services, and supports. • Services aligned with activities funded by and carried out under the ESEA, if IDEA funds are used to supplement, and not supplant, funds made available under the ESEA for those activities.

  7. T o whom can we provide PD? • All personnel responsible for students who need additional academic/behavioral supports to succeed in the gen ed environment • Others on a limited basis… as long as… • Cost does not increase • Quality of PD does not decrease • Including them would not exclude others who are responsible for students who need additional support

  8. I want to provide training to all of our staff on PBIS. Can I fund it with CEIS $$? Is the PD to support teachers and staff who are responsible for students who need additional support to succeed in the gen ed environment? Generally, a “whole school” or “whole district” initiative could not be funded with CEIS.++ Could use several funding sources to fund a school-wide effort…. If you do include everyone in the district, does that increase the cost of the training? Trainer fees? Substitute time? etc?

  9. How can we provide evaluations using funds designated for CEIS? Evaluations are to determine appropriate instruction -- NOT eligibility for special education

  10. How can we provide services and supports using CEIS funds? Examples academic tutoring dropout prevention strategies behavioral “counseling” case management

  11. Paying with federal funds?? Must use research-based curricula or evidence-based practices for instruction paid for with federal funds. • What Works Clearinghouse: • Reviews of screening and progress monitoring tools and instructional interventions: • Center on Instruction • The Learning Port (PD library) • OSPI RTI website: • OSPI Teaching and Learning website:

  12. “supplement not supplant” requirement that affects the use of funds In general, the “supplement not supplant” requirement is intended to ensure that services provided with federal funds are in addition to, anddo not replace or supplant, services that students would otherwise receive.

  13. IDEA: CEIS Reporting Requirement34 CFR § 300.226(d)(2) • Each district that implements CEIS must report to the State on the number of children who received CEIS and the number who subsequently receive special education and related services under Part B of IDEA within two years after receiving CEIS. • Also, must track kids who received services from a teacher/staff who received professional development from CEIS funds.

  14. From iGrants package 267: • NOTE: Districts using funds for CEIS are required to annually submit the CEIS Planning and Reporting Form (located below) to OSPI. This document combines the plan for CEIS for the coming year and the report on previous implementation. Click on the document below for specific instructions. In general, the plan includes: • area of need, • population served, and • proposed budget and activities. • The report includes: • the amount expended for approved activities during the previous school year, • the number of students served under CEIS, and • the number of students served under CEIS who subsequently receive special education and related services.

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  16. Click the maximize button so you can see the tabs How do you know if you need to report?

  17. Do you have empty blocks?

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  19. Eligible Students under CEIS • CEIS funds may only be used to provide interventions to students who need additional academic or behavioral support to succeed in the general education environment. • CEIS funds may not be used to provide interventions to students who are currently identified as needing special education and related services.

  20. How are CEIS dollars different than IDEA dollars??

  21. A Conceptual Framework for RTI High Need Increasingly Intensive Instructional Interventions Level of need for student to be successful in core instruction Services for Students with IEPs Core Instruction Low Need Students may receive services in all areas of the pyramid at any one point in time

  22. Resources: Topic Brief from OSEP 10-4-06 Early Intervening Services Memo from OSEP July 28, 2008 CEIS FAQ IDEA / CEIS table - OSPI 2010 Monthly Bulletin (what month?)

  23. For more information: OSPI Learning Improvement 360-725-6075