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  2. 9 8 1 2 7 3 4 6 5 General framework Process of UW UW Policy Risk classification UW commitment Material for UW Commission management UW authorithy UW conflict management Table of contents

  3. 1 2 3 Targeted activities Excluded activities Products and services General framework

  4. 1 3 2 Agro-food related industries Finance and banking Equipment and manufacturing Targeted activities

  5. 1 - Agro-Food related Industriesthe reasons of this choice • It is one of the major growing economic sector in China • China is , with 300 million farmers, the largest producer of agri-products. In the past ten years the average annual growth has reached 11 %. • We are already involved in API business and it is kind of logical to extend our activity to the whole chain of the agro-business from the farmer to the final consumer. • In addition , enter the agro food industry can also strengthen our position on API market since the same players are often involved. ( ex of the association of the major agrofoodindutries in Chengdu) • This sector have also a large need of insurance and particularly in product liability.

  6. 1 - Agro-Food related BusinessAt each step of the process there are specific needs and insurance solution

  7. 1 - Agro-Food related Industries Strengths of Groupama • The know how of Groupama in France • Groupama is one of the major player in this sector on the french market. • Thanks to this positionning we have developped suitable solutions in insurance as well as in risk management and risk prevention • Groupama Avic can take a great advantage by replicating the method based on the french experience , and build a suitable solution for the chinese market. • Our successful experience in API and our good connections in this sector. • A wide range of products that can match the main needs in this sector and particularly the product liability and product quality guarantee.

  8. 1 – Agro-Food related industriesA suitable range of product MRI WINE MRI CEREALS CATTLE MRI MILK MRI FRUITS MRI FOOD MANUFCATURING

  9. 2 – Equipment and manufactoringthe reasons of this choice 中国制造 MADE IN CHINA 机械设备制造占比很高 Equipment manufacture is a great part of manufacture industry 中国是个 制造业大国 China is a country of manufacture 中国政府在鼓励高附加值设备制造,有广阔前景 China government is encouraging the high value equipment manufacture and the business has a high potential. 机械设备制造风险 相对较低 The risk is comparatively low

  10. 2 – Equipment and manufactoringStrengths of Groupama 1 2 3 可以提供专业的风险防范建议 Provide professional prevention method 产品质量保证保险险 Product quality guarantee insurance 法国安盟 保险经验 Rich experience of Groupama

  11. 2 – Equipment and manufactoringA suitable range of product 财产险PAR 货运险 CARGO 机损险 MB 机械设备制造业 意健险 PA 利损险 BI 责任险 LIABILITY

  12. 3 – Finance and Bankingthe reasons of this choice • Important and promising market, • Consumer demand is increasing sharply and these activities play an important role in the economic life, • Besides, finance activity, especially bank, holds lots of clients. • Groupama can reach a lot of customers and have the opportunity to sell additional products.

  13. 2 – Finance and bankingthe strengths of Groupama • The experience of Groupama in France • Groupama is not only a major player for individuals and SME but has also created its own subsidiary for credit insurance. • Groupama got significant experience in this sector in Sichuan. • Groupama set up a successful partnership on bank loan in Sichuan with a major Bank • A suitable and flexible range of products

  14. 3 – Finance and Banking A suitable range of product for private or professional purpose Bank loan MRH Credit insurance MPI

  15. 2 4 3 5 6 1 Metro – tunnel Semi conductor industries wood, vine, bamboo furniture manufacture Oil and petroleum industries Nuclear power related industries mining property and PA Excluded activities

  16. 注:除外责任举例主要是说明除外业务有共同特点:易发生事故、事故损失很大、安全管理很难。注:除外责任举例主要是说明除外业务有共同特点:易发生事故、事故损失很大、安全管理很难。 Remarks: The examples try to illustrate that the excluded business are in common of: easy to suffer loss and the loss for one occurance is very huge and safty management is very techniqual and difficult. 矿下财产、人身伤亡mining property and PA 木、藤、竹制家具wood, vine, bamboo furniture manufature 半导体 semiconductor 石油化工oil and patrolium

  17. 2011年,在煤炭产量持续增长的情况下,全国煤矿发生事故1201起、死亡1973人,同比分别下降14.4%和19.0%。2011年,在煤炭产量持续增长的情况下,全国煤矿发生事故1201起、死亡1973人,同比分别下降14.4%和19.0%。 煤矿事故举例: “11.27”特别重大瓦斯煤尘爆炸事故,1996年11月27日12时9分,陕西大同东村煤矿井下发生瓦斯煤尘爆炸事故,死亡110人,4人下落不明,直接经济损失约976万元。 2005年12月7日15时14分,河北省唐山市恒源实业有限公司(原刘官屯煤矿,以下简称"刘官屯煤矿")发生一起特别重大瓦斯煤尘爆炸事故,造成108人死亡,29人受伤,直接经济损失4870.67万元。 2005年11月27日21时22分,龙煤矿业集团有限责任公司七台河分公司东风煤矿发生一起特别重大煤尘爆炸事故,死亡171人,伤48人,直接经济损失4293.1万元。 2011年10月 4日:7时55分,贵州荔波县立化镇安平煤矿发生煤与瓦斯突出事故,共造成17人遇难。 2011年10月11日:下午,黑龙江鸡西市1处煤矿发生透水事故,13人被困井下。 2011年10月16日:上午11时38分,陕西铜川市耀州区照金镇一煤矿发生井下瓦斯爆炸事故,致11人死。 2011年10月17日:13时20分,重庆奉节县大树镇富发煤矿发生瓦斯爆炸。致13人遇难。 2011年10月27日:0时36分,河南焦作九里山矿发生煤与瓦斯突出事故,致18人遇难。 2011年10月27日:19时许,广东肇庆市怀集县恰水镇深坑村一铁矿发生爆炸,致3死2伤。 2011年10月29日:18时10分,湖南衡山县长江镇霞流冲煤矿发生瓦斯爆炸事故,致29人遇难。 11月 3日:19时45分许,河南义煤集团千秋煤矿发生矿难,致8人遇难,67人获救。 2011年11月 7日:21时许,甘肃平凉市一煤矿在矿车下放过程发生事故,致3人死亡,2人受伤。 2011年11月10日:6时25分左右,云南师宗县私庄煤矿发生煤与瓦斯突出事故,造成34人死亡,9人失踪。 2011年11月13日:上午8时30分,云南保山市隆阳区瓦窑镇发生一起重大交通事故,致6死25伤。 2011年11月15日:14时许,湖北省宜昌市秭归县磨坪乡冷家湾煤矿发生瓦斯突出事故,致6人遇难。 煤矿事故 Mining

  18. 家具厂wood furniture:主要材料都易燃,易引发火灾,并导致全损。 巢湖2011年11月10日电 11月8日14时10分左右,巢湖市城南巢庐路上一家家具厂发生大火,火借风势,展厅、材料库、海绵库、成品库千余平米地方瞬间被大火吞没。

  19. 半导体semiconductor,产品生产过程中易受各种因素影响,如断电、污染等等。半导体semiconductor,产品生产过程中易受各种因素影响,如断电、污染等等。 2007年8月,韩国三星电子公司位于首尔附近一座芯片厂的六条生产线因为停电而停止运作,断电是由于公司Kiheung厂一座变电所的变压器配电盘出现问题而导致,据公司估算,此次停电造成的损失将达到400亿韩元,折合4340万美元。

  20. 石油化工行业O&P:易燃易爆,价值集中,潜在损失巨大。2010年1月7日下午,中石油兰州石化公司316罐区发生爆炸事故,造成6人死亡,1人重伤、5人轻伤、9人留院观察。经济损失可达上千万。经分析,爆炸着火原因是由于罐体泄漏,致使现场可燃气体浓度达到爆炸极限,泄出的可燃气体产生静电,引发爆炸着火所致。石油化工行业O&P:易燃易爆,价值集中,潜在损失巨大。2010年1月7日下午,中石油兰州石化公司316罐区发生爆炸事故,造成6人死亡,1人重伤、5人轻伤、9人留院观察。经济损失可达上千万。经分析,爆炸着火原因是由于罐体泄漏,致使现场可燃气体浓度达到爆炸极限,泄出的可燃气体产生静电,引发爆炸着火所致。

  21. 1 2 Groupama’s unique global approach Exemple of MRI WINE Groupama Product offer structure


  23. Insurance Service VIP Advantages • Events : • DAMAGES : • Fire and annex covers • Electrical damages • Storm and natural events • Collapse of building • Vandalism • Theft • Water damages and frost • Glass breakage • Machine breakdown • Computer damages and data recovering • INDIRECT LOSSES • Necessary expenses bqck up , to clean up and remove the debris • Expenses for safekeeping • The rental fee in case of temporary relocation of the activity • Engineering expenses if necessary for reconstruction or fixing • BUSINESS INTERRUPTION • Gross profit margin loss due to an insured event • Temporary additional expenses engaged to limit the decrease of income • LIABILITIES • Basic liability • Professional liability • Employer’s liability • Tenant or landlord liability • RISK ASSESMENT • On demand Groupama can send a specialist to make a free and comprehensive risk assessment and provide advice in term of security and prevention • ANNUAL CHECKING • Each year, before the renewal of the policy, Groupama will propose a electricity check of the installation • PREVENTION GUIDELINE HANDBOOK • Groupama will give the customer a prevention guide adapted to his activity with a reminder and advices regarding the key point to pay attention to. • VIP CLAIM SERVICE • Specific claim number for call center • Fast handling process for the claims INFORMATION LETTER twice a year Groupama will issue a news letter to keep the customer informed on you’re the latest events and figures on the market DEDICATED WEBSITE Secured access to a dedicated website where VIP customer can fin a lot of information and studies on prevention and risk handling and insurance • Activity : wine production • WINE TANKS • Wine tank damage due to burst, impact, collapse,… • Wine and alcohol leakage • LOSS OF WINE AND ALCCOL IN BOTTLE • LOSS OF WINE AND ALCOHOL WHILE BEING PRODUCED • PRODUCT LIABILITY AND PRODUCT RECALL

  24. Example - targeting tool 业务分类意义the significance of classification 安盟业务分类the classification of Groupmama 3 4 1 Activity classification

  25. 业务分类意义The significance of classification • A reference in term of risk quqlity • Based on the experience and on an analysis of each activity , the classification give a first idea of the level of risk. • The first step of the underwriting process • A necessary reference to clarify and justify the risk selection

  26. Groupama’s classification • It consists of a six level scale : Level 6 activities belong to the rejected list of Groupama

  27. The targeting tool • Groupama’s classification has been applied to the CIRC list of activity. • A tool has been developed on excel that gives directly the classification level and the positioning on Groupama’s targeted activities . Two red lights = no underwriting

  28. Underwriting efficiency commitment

  29. Underwriting efficiency commitment

  30. Underwriting conflict managment