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watch the short movie

watch the short movie

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watch the short movie

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  1. watch the short movie

  2. Topic • The social security problems!

  3. Fun with Dick and Jane

  4. Jim Carry and Tea leoni

  5. Just leaving the front door on the latch at night? • Unbelivable !!

  6. Chains • Electronic alarm systems Dead-blot lock

  7. Gun!!!!

  8. Nothing but dangerous!

  9. rape Broken in

  10. How can we stay without doing anything!?

  11. Oh yh,there are so many robberies in our lives,and the tranquil life has been far away from us.

  12. Look at the pictures, they are terrors I found last weekend

  13. In the past…….

  14. But now!!!

  15. Why??? The reasons are……

  16. Learning women self-defence is becoming more and more popular

  17. how can we especially girls protect ourselfs???

  18. Some fundamantal skills you should learrn

  19. Can we still leave the door on the latch

  20. robbery theft insecure situations…… not




  24. look back on,be bathed in, close up , barricade off , build in, take the plunge,hold/keep …at bay,stand for, hook up to 1.The rapid development of information technology make it possible to let most of computers ___________websites around the world. 2.Lily_________the bandit_________ with her boxing movement. 3.Our library was_____________ the place facing the main entrance of campus. 4.Four years later when we gratuate and ______________our university time,can we find some unforgetable experiences to aftertaste?. 5.You’ll find that our campus ______________the brilliant sunshine if you stop walking hurriedly and observate for a while. hook up to at bay held/kept built in look back on is bathed in

  25. look back on,be bathed in, close up , barricade off, build in, take the plunge,hold/keep …at bay,stand for, hook up to 6.No one can _________________such insolence again and again. 7.The police __________________ the entrance to the square to limit the number of cars. 8.She hug ___________to him tightly for being afraidof his leaving. 9.The manager asked his man to_____________ even there is a certain degree of risk. stand for barricaded off close up take the plunge

  26. Thank you for your listening~ Group members: 廖小璐 Diane 林莉莉 廖晓霞 刘孟文 林凡超