10 sexy new men s cologne fragrances n.
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10 Sexy New Men’s Cologne & Fragrances to Try in 2017 PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Sexy New Men’s Cologne & Fragrances to Try in 2017

10 Sexy New Men’s Cologne & Fragrances to Try in 2017

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10 Sexy New Men’s Cologne & Fragrances to Try in 2017

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  1. 10 Sexy New Men’s Cologne & Fragrances to Try in 2017

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  3. 10. Gucci Intense Oud • Now it wouldn’t be a top fragrance guide without an intensely woody perfume or something from Gucci. • If you are into woody, heady aromas, you’ll love the intense blend of incense, leather, agarwood, olibanum (aka Frankincense) and amber.

  4. 9. Amen Pure Tonka Thierry Mugler for Men • Created by perfumer Jacques Huclier, this fragrance by the Thierry Mugler brand certainly has oriental dimensions, but its base notes make it more complex than other spicy scents. • Consider this a confection-inspired concoction that will turn heads and noses alike.

  5. 8. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Fraiche Issey Miyake • Apart from having a very fancy sounding name (say that quickly ten times), Issey Miyake’s latest perfume for men is a minimalist scent with its classy, simple undertones. • Head notes of grapefruit, bergamot, mint and rosemary are combined with middle notes of pink pepper and may rose. • Additionally, the base notes include musk and patchouli, rounding out this scent with warmth and spice. 

  6. 7. Bvlgari Man in Black • A heady, complex aroma is what you’ll get if you decide to opt for Bvlgari’s latest potion which combines a whole lot of citrus and a healthy dose of rum liquor. • The added elements of musk, sandalwood and amber make for a sophisticated scent worth trying. • Something you should note about this perfume is that there is a playfully unexpected mixing of notes that leave a very distinct smell.

  7. 6. Acqua di Parma Cedro di Taormina • An aquamarine toned bottle and a cobalt cap give this fragrance the perfect flash of blue, reminiscent of deep sea diving. • What about the scent, you ask? Well, it’s fruity and citrusy with a warm floral twist. • Top notes of petit grain, citruses and basil make for a promising introduction, and it is carried out with middle notes of black pepper and lavender.

  8. 5. Colonia Quercia Acqua di Parma • This scent was intended to transport you to Piedmont and harnesses woody and delicate notes to do so. • A lemony, timber toned fragrance begins with citrus, bergamot, pink pepper and petitgrain. 

  9. 4. Paco Rabanne InvictusAqua Eau de Toilette • Paco Rabanne has turned to the ocean as the inspiration for this 2016 scent. • Yuzu, grapefruit and pink pepper open it up for a lemony essence, but violet leaf, seawater, ambergris, amber wood and Guaiac wood linger as the middle and base notes

  10. 3. Jimmy Choo Man Intense • The ingenious Jimmy Choo team weren’t lying when they entitled this concoction ‘intense’. • While it is strong, it may not be in the way that you would expect. • Sure it’s a powerful scent, but this fragrance isn’t just another masculine scent that will remind you of everything else you own.

  11. 2. Yves Saint Laurent L’hommeUltime For Men • You will never be disappointed with a fragrance from YSL; no one does men’s scents quite like this brand. • An extension of the L’Homme range, Ultime is powerful, commanding and the perfect companion for the modern man.

  12. 1. 1 Million Prive Paco Rabanne for Men • Paco Rabanne’sPrive is a revived version of the original 1 Million Eau de Toilette. • Tobacco and myrrh make for a richer palette, alongside the leathery elements as well as patchouli and tonka bean. • There is something oriental about this pick, particularly from the blood mandarin and cinnamon combination for this perfume’s top notes, lending a familiar smell like many other masculine fragrances.

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