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Meditech 6x

Meditech 6x

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Meditech 6x

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  1. Meditech 6x Pharmacy Medication Stock Charges

  2. What is a Stock Charge? The Enter Stock Orders routine in Pharmacy allows you to enter the doses for medications that a patient received but for which the patient was not charged. This allows the system to deduct the specific medications from inventory and update charges on the patient’s record. Enter Pharmacy application > click Stock Orders. You will be asked to select a patient. Search by partial name, or Medical Record number.

  3. The patient you have selected will display in the top header. Verify this information. Be sure to click on Stock Meds button. This will allow only order types that are MED-type. This routine does NOT check for interactions or dosage warnings.

  4. REQUIRED FIELDS:1. The Inventory will default in, you can accept the default or change it to your department. Typically this should be from your facilities MAIN. 2. Ordering Doctor3. Order Source: Choose BILL (Billing Pharmacy ONLY)4. Order Type: Choose MED5. Service Date: Enter the date medication was received by patient. 6. Service Time: Enter the time medication was received by patient.

  5. ENTER ALL MEDICATIONS GIVEN TO THE PATIENT1. In the Medication field you can type a partial name and hit your F9 key or click on the drop down arrow to select the correct medication.2. Number Forms: How many were given? Type in the number.3. Charge Type: If it does not default in, select MED4. Charge/Dose: System will calculate, can not be edited.5. SAVE

  6. Patient Profile .STK- MED ONE Discontinued Billing Summary View Billing Inquiry PHARMACY APPLICATION

  7. Stock Order send to EMR but do NOT send to the eMAR.

  8. Stock Orders – Tips to Remember Charge a patient for Medications that have already been taken. Document medications to the patients record, view in Pharmacy and EMR. Remember to enter the correct Inventory and date the patient received medication. All users through the Pharmacy module will have a default access group that allows entering stock orders. Thank you!