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  1. COMPANY PROFILE 12. Feb 2018

  2. Agenda About Procescom Product portfolio Our Clients Contacts

  3. About Procescom

  4. About Procescom Procescom is a privately owned company focused on providing innovative, market demand-driven and customized solutions for Telecom Industry players. Since its inception in 2006, the company has grown and matured into an industry-recognized authority in telecom technical platforms, value added services and micro transaction solutions. Our solutions are credited as high quality , reliable and cost optimal by many premium international telecom solution vendors and are frequently deployed under different brand names as white labeled products

  5. About Procescom We are enabling mobile and other telecom operators to maximize revenue potential and improve competitiveness in a highly competitive environment such as Telecom industry We offer turnkey solutions: onsite software and hardware deployment, product integration, project management, professional support and managed service throughout the product lifecycle.

  6. Product portfolio

  7. Product portfolio MVNE Platform VIRTUALSIM (OTT platform for MNO/MVNO) PPDP - Packages promotion and delivery platform IN Platform/Services Self Care portal SMSC/SMPP Gateway USSD Gateway Electronic Airtime Topup solution (e-voucher)

  8. Product portfolio MVNE platform Procescom MVNE is state of the art Telecommunications platform designed to enable cost efficient and fast startup of a new MVNO It enables new MVNOs to combine two modes for provisioning of customer services : traditional SIM based approach and SIM-less (OTT approach).

  9. Product portfolio MVNE platform Our MVNE platform incorporates all necessary BSS/OSS systems for seamless integration with MVNO host network and provisioning of native services (Voice, SMS , 2/3/4G Data) as well as additional VAS services

  10. Product portfolio MVNE platform The platform also incorporates powerful OTT solution with all components and features of a modern Rich communication system (RCS): Super Rich Text Messaging (with Emoticons, Photos, Videos , Documents , Location sharing and dictation – speech to text) , Voice calls and Video calls

  11. Product portfolio • MVNEplatform consists of : • 1. Core system with following functionalities: • Soft switch HLR • VLR • HSS • SMSC • SMPP gateway • USSD gateway • IN Gateway • STP (SS7/SIGTRAN signaling)

  12. Product portfolio • MVNEplatform consists of : • 2. Prepaid/Postpaid Billing system (OCS) • 3. OTT/RCS system (IM , APP to APP) • 4. TV & VIDEO On Demand module (with billing) • 5. Realtime monitoring system • 6. Lawful Intercept system (LI) – for regulatory compliance


  14. Product portfolio • VIRTUALSIM (OTT platform for MNO/MVNO) • Procescom VIRTUALSIM provides mobile-to-IP and IP-to-mobile telecom services (Voice/Video calls and Rich messaging) • It enables mobile operators to capture subscribers who are looking for Viber/Whatsapp type of user experience • VIRTUALSIM is genuine digital transformation tool for Telecom operators who which to expand their services into the Application layer of OSI. It can be deployed in multiple service scenarios : Roaming number, Diaspora line, Hosted PBX replacement, NUVO, Beta brand and others in order to deliver different service flavors to end customers.

  15. Product portfolio • VIRTUALSIM (OTT platform for MNO/MVNO) • VIRTUALSIM can be configured to work in VoWIFI or VoLTE mode for redirection of native GSM calls to VOIP/SIP channels as per subscriber selection • VIRTUALSIM client is an smart terminal Application (for Android and IOS operating devices) which offers rich user interface with plethora of features like :Voice&Video calls, SMS , Rich instant messaging, Location sharing, Photo & Video Sharing and others • VIRTUALSIM is an excellent tool for monetization of NON SIM terminals (tablets , Ipods, Media players) , which could serve as source of VOICE and SMS income to the MNO

  16. Product portfolio • PPDP - Packages promotion and delivery platform • Procescom’s PPDP platform is enabling MNO/MVNOs to quickly and efficiently launch, offer and deliver customized products to its customers for the purpose of Upselling , ARPU boosting and retention. • The platform is interconnected with Billing , CRM and other BSS/OSS nodes of MNO/MVNO and it is able to segment the customer base based on certain configurable criteria and offer customized products to each segment. • PPDP platform offers friendly graphical user interface to products promotion administrator, who can define huge number of different product packages and different criteria for customer base segmentation in short time

  17. Product portfolio • PPDP - Packages promotion and delivery platform • PPDP Platform is also able to perform promotion conflict management, where administrator has the ability to prevent simultaneous usage of multiple promotional packages or bonus bundles by one subscriber • PPDP platform takes a special care about promotion package validity periods and recurrent billing and renewal cycles for product subscriptions. • Once configured ,the package promotions offering , activation and subscription renewal processes are fully automated.

  18. Product portfolio • PPDP - Packages promotion and delivery platform • PPDP algorithm correlates information from multiple BSS/OSS network elements and data sources , and is able to provide excellent insight and awareness of customer behavior and potential needs • PPDP platform enables customized product/promotion delivery automation , which is resulting in increased operational efficiency and ultimately increase in ARPU • PPDP platform is integrated with self care channels (such as : self care APP, USSD menu, SMS and MNO website) for the purpose of customized products/promotion offering and activation.

  19. Product portfolio • IN Platform/Services • Procescom developed very capable IN platform which is able to deliver a wide portfolio of interesting services like : • Prepaid online charging system (OCS) • Missed call notification • Customer Not busy anymore notification • Mobile number portability • Smart call routing

  20. Product portfolio • Self care portal • Procescom has developed a powerful Self Care portal platform which enables User interaction and engagement through multiple communication channels : • Smart phone app (IOS and Android) • SMS • USSD • Website • The platform is able to interact with various BSS systems and present detailed customer account status and also enables customer to activate different products, promotions and services

  21. Product portfolio • SMSC/SMPP Gateway • Procescom SMSC platform combines a rich and proven feature set with the flexibility of rules-based service logic to provide a complete fulfillment of MNO’s messaging requirements • It has inbuilt content provider management features for automated interaction with SMS partners and various SMS traffic aggregators. • SMSC has dynamic SMS routing capability and state of the art traffic rating and billing module • It supports any combination of mobile network types and has strong alarming, monitoring and reporting capabilities. It is, also, an ideal solution for mass-volume text messaging applications such as mobile marketing and mobile promotion (Bulk SMS)

  22. Product portfolio • SMSC/SMPP Gateway • Procescom SMSC enables interworking between 2G, 3G and IP-based core networks, and conserves time and costs when it comes to network infrastructure. It is also future-proof, as it enables operators to converge the traditional messaging services towards the 4G LTE networks. • Key benefits : • Provides high messaging capacity and quality of service • CAPEX and OPEX reduction • Easy deployment of new services • Enables the management and promotion of SMS voting and marketing campaigns

  23. Product portfolio • USSD Gateway • Procescom USSD Gateway helps operators to minimize Opex costs, protect existing and grow new customers by equipping them with a fully scalable and expandable platform that each mobile operator can adapt according to its specific needs and targeted market segment • Our USSD Gateway is one of the first fully modular USSD Gateways available on the market. It is suitable for all mobile network technologies and carrier sizes, it enables interworking between 2G, 3G and IP-based core networks, and is fully 4G LTE compliant. It complies for GSM phase 1 and phase 2 standards for push and pull session-based USSD services. • Procescom USSD Gateway follows “pay-as-you-grow” approach, as our platform may be scaled both horizontally and vertically so to be able to cope with increased traffic loads. MNO can purchase only the infrastructure needed for existing operation levels, as it can add additional software and/or hardware components at a later time as the increased traffic needs appeal

  24. Product portfolio • USSD Gateway • Procescom USSD Gateway makes use of HTTP, SMPP, XML, SS7/Sigtran and other industry-standard protocols available to enable complete and unrestrained communication between the Gateway and additional service modules. How this works is that incoming requests from customer mobile stations are received through a MSC, HLR or VLR connections by using SS7/Sigtran protocol, are then processed on the Gateway itself, translated to • HTTP, SMPP, XML or any other industry-standard protocol necessary, and finally handed over to additional service modules over the IP network. • Procescom USSD Gateway has been constructed with flexibility in mind. It’s open design enables it to seamlessly combine and connect with various platforms supplied by different vendors. This enables operators to combine USSD service with other types of mobile services, like text messaging services, collect call/SMS services, mobile banking services, etc. to create unique service offerings no other operators have in their portfolios. Integration with Procescom USSD Gateway is easy and straightforward and significantly shortens the Time-to-Market.

  25. Product portfolio • Electronic Airtime Topup solution (e-voucher) • Procescom E-TopUp platform offers a cost-effective and highly configurable solution that enables operators to bring versatile prepaid credit recharge methods to their subscribers. • Subscribers that have registered their debit or credit card with the service can easily recharge their prepaid accounts by sending a simple text message in predefined format, or additionally, over an USSD menu session • E-vouchers and scratch-cards can also be used as a means to recharge prepaid accounts • Extensive USSD integration makes it possible for subscribers to recharge their prepaid accounts without hidden costs even when roaming

  26. Our Clients

  27. Our Clients • Procescom has delivered Mobile Solutions and Services to Telecom operations in over 20 countries in the world • Most recent solutions and services were delivered to : Telenor, T-Mobile, MTS Serbia, VIP, MTEL Bosnia, BH telecom, Tel ONE Zimbabwe, Globaltel, Alfa Lebanon

  28. Contacts

  29. Contacts Business Development Director Goran Markovic Gsm: +381 677 100 101 Email: • Website : • Linkedin:

  30. THE END