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Things you should know about England PowerPoint Presentation
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Things you should know about England

Things you should know about England

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Things you should know about England

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  1. Things you should know about England Jane Austen’s 1800s

  2. Student Objectives: Evaluate the influence of historical context on the form, style, and point of view of a written work Think critically about what they read and apply background knowledge. Consider the similarities and differences between the beliefs and habits of Jane Austen’s time and their lives now

  3. Derbyshire Map of England in 1800 Hertfordshire Look at the Difference Now! London Brighton

  4. Points of Attraction • Brighton: Where the Militia stay when deployed • London: The city • Hertfordshire: Where Longbourn (the Bennet home) is in the country • Derbyshire: Where Pemberley (Mr. Darcy’s estate) is Activity!

  5. Activity! Money • 500 pounds a year is roughly enough for a single women to live on modestly • Each Bennet daughter gets 40 pounds a year to live on after the death of their mother and father • Yearly allowance is determines by ( total in government bonds * .05 ) = pounds per year

  6. Carriages Learn the Parts • Barouche - closed carriage, 4 people, the most luxurious • Reserved for the wealthy • Coach -enclosed, 4 people, less flashy, comfortable and dull • Average income families • Curricle - open, 2 horses, 2 people, fast, like a bachelor sports car, tips easily, dangerous. • Most affordable

  7. Possible Professions for Men Nobleman Tradesman Clergyman Militia

  8. Activity Nobleman and Tradesman Tradesman Nobleman • Old money • Do not have to work for income • Income (money and property) comes from inheritance • New money • Earned money through trade and business • Rising occupation in society

  9. Clergyman and Militia Militia Clergyman • Formally selected • Ordained at 23 years old • 80% from middle class • Incomes from parishioner, the land, charging a fee for weddings, funerals etc. • Military Position • Volunteer • Often for men of little fortune • One way to rise your status in society

  10. Rural Activities Jane Austen’s 1800 Walking Horseback Riding Card Playing Dancing/ Balls

  11. Activity!! See More Walking • The best source of exercise, especially for families with fewer horses at their disposal. • Focus on walking, not running! • To be pale was attractive, so women covered as much as possible. This means wearing: • Bonnets • Gloves • Jackets with long sleeves

  12. Horseback Riding Horseback was one of the best way for women in higher society to exercise. In Jane Austen’s time it was considered vulgar for women to straddle a horse. So, women were forced to ride side saddle! Intrigued? Learn More

  13. Card Playing Want to Play? Learn How Here • Whist—Most played game • 4 players, 2 person teams • Partners face each other • Goal is to win a “trick” by getting the highest triumph or playing the highest card in the suit Activity: Tell me how it went

  14. Learn More Dancing/ Balls Watch it happen! • There are private dances and public • The difference is in the invitation list • Dancing was one of the few time it was appropriate for the opposite sex to touch

  15. Have you clicked on every possible Link? Tell me a little about what you learned What did you find MOST interesting? What did you find LEAST interesting?