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A Good Heart To Lean On PowerPoint Presentation
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A Good Heart To Lean On

A Good Heart To Lean On

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A Good Heart To Lean On

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  1. A Good Heart To Lean On

  2. I. Objectives II. Preview III. Leading-in IV. Section A-Text V. Answers to Exercises VI. Extensive Tasks VII. Testing Yourself VIII. Homework

  3. Objectives Students would: 1. be able to successfully finish listening, speaking, reading and writing tasks related to the theme of “parental love”, with the help of theme vocabulary. 2. improve the accuracy of their spoken and written output, thanks to theme words and expressions. 3. improve the fluency of their spoken output during the completion of the chains of tasks. 4. understand the great love, and gain insight into their own parental love.

  4. 1.Tell the story entitled “The apple tree and the boy” Chop off branch root trunk

  5. The Boy and the Apple Tree • (cartoon story) 这就是我们每个人的故事。这颗树就是我们的父母。小时候,我们喜欢和爸爸妈妈玩……长大后,我们就离开他们,只在需要什么东西或者遇到麻烦的时候,才回到他们身边。无论如何,父母永远都在那儿,倾其所有使你快乐。

  6. Somebody calls for the society to raise fund for a poor college graduate who wants to have further study as a postgraduate while his 90-year old grandma has to work to support his study. 2. News Response • Will you give money in this case? Why or why not? • If you were the boy, what would be your choice?

  7. 1) Difficult circumstances serve as a textbook of life for people. 困难坎坷是人们的生活教科书。 2) Man is man and master of his fate. 人就是人,是自己命运的主人。 3) A strong man will struggle with the storms of fate. (Thomas Addison) 强者能同命运的风暴抗争。--爱迪生 4) Man struggles upwards; water flows downwards. 人往高处走,水往低处流 5) Actions speak louder than word. 行动胜于言语 3. Proverbs

  8. 6) While there is life there is hope. 一息若存,希望不灭。 7)You have to believe in yourself. That's the secret of success. (Charles Chaplin) 人必须有自信,这是成功的秘密。 (卓别林 ) 8)Cease to struggle and you cease to live. (Thomas Carlyle ) 生命不止,奋斗不息。 ( 卡莱尔) 9) Energy and persistence conquer all things. (Benjamin Franklin) 能量加毅力可以征服一切。 (富兰克林 )

  9. A Good Heart To Lean On

  10. 1. Talk about Your Father What kind of father is your father?

  11. Tips He is persistent. Once he sets a goal, he will not give it up easily. muscular manly persistent brave diligent liberal generous strong-willed mild gentle kind solemn able intelligent talented resourceful frank honest competent eloquent humorous insightful warm-hearted sincere ambitious wise learned hot-tempered role model

  12. 2. How do people treat crippled people? What about you?

  13. Tips A wise man once said every society is judged by how it treats it's least fortunate amongst them. the disabled / handicapped / crippled, normal, abnormal, weird, lower, equal, fair, optimistic, pessimistic disability, prejudice, bias, unwanted attention, goodwill, good intention, ill will, ill intention treat sb. as..., look down upon, stare and point, regard fairly, unfairly, unequally

  14. A Good Heart To Lean On

  15. 1. Structure of Text I was embarrassed to seen with my father. Para.1-2 How my father went to work. Para. 3-4 What my father looked for was a good heart, not pity. Para. 5-7 My father participated in some things in some way. Para.8-11 I miss my father very much. Para.12-13

  16. 2. Questions to Comprehension Q: 1) How did the writer feel to be seen with his father when he was young? Why? (Para. 1) Reference Words: embarrassed; crippled, inwardly struggle, unwanted attention

  17. Q: 2) What did the father always say when he started out with his son? (Para. 2) Reference Words: set the pace, adjust to

  18. Q: 3) How did the writer’s father treat his work? (Para. 3) Reference Words: subway, nasty, sick, make it to, a matter of pride

  19. Q: 4) How did the father go to work when the weather was very bad? (Para. 4) Reference Words: Brooklyn→subway→Manhattan wagon, cling to, tunnel, basement

  20. Q: 5) Why do I now feel amazed at what my father did? (Para. 5) Reference Words: courage, subject to, shame, stress, bitterness, complaint

  21. Q: 6) According to the text, what is a proper standard to judge people? (Para. 6-11) Reference Words: a good heart

  22. Para.8 A general point: My father tried to participate in many activities in some way. Example1: Example2: keep the team going as a manager like to go to dances and parties

  23. Para.11 I now know he participated in some things through me, his only son. A general point: Example2: Example3: Example1: joined the Navy visited his office played ball

  24. Q: 7) Why does the writer often think of his father, now that his father has been dead for so many years? (Para. 12-13) Reference Words: sorry, unworthy, regret, trifles, fortune, be envious of, a good heart

  25. 8) “You set the pace. I’ll try to adjust to you” take appearance at both the beginning and the ending. Do they have the same meaning? (Para. 2, 13) Q: Reference: Who says this sentence respectively?

  26. adjust despite amaze subject engage 3. Key Words

  27. Translation 1) adjust: to change so that it fits or works better调整,适应 The soldiers quickly adjusted to the harsh circumstances. 士兵们很快就适应了这种艰苦的环境。 这个孤儿一直适应不了没有父母在身边照料的生活。 The orphan can’t adjusted to the life without parents’ care.

  28. Translation 2. despite: (+ n. / -ing) in spite of ; although尽管,虽然 Despite all our efforts to save the school, the authorities decided to close it. 虽然我们极力挽救,当局仍然决定要关闭这所学校。 Her voice was shaking despite all her efforts to control it. 虽然她竭力控制,但是声音仍然在发抖。

  29. Translation 3) amaze: fill sb. with great surprise or wonder使大为惊讶 The beauty of the area never ceases to amaze me. 这个地方的美丽风光总是让我大为惊讶。 孩子们听说她的奶奶就是那位白人老太太时大为吃惊。 The kids were amazed when they heard that her granny was that old white lady.

  30. Collocation be amazed at / by / to do sth. Most of the audience were amazed ____ his skillful performance. I was amazed ____ his strong will for money.

  31. Association amaze, frustrate, embarrass, upset, disgust, disturb, annoy In __________, he quitted from the club. Such ___________ noise made him awake for the whole night. The staff are quite ____________ by the manager’s endless instructions and so-called jokes. What a ____________ smell! I feel like throwing up now. The teacher felt quite ____________ when he couldn’t give a satisfactory answer to the boy. frustration annoying disturbed disgusting embarrassed

  32. Translation 4. subject: open to; cause to experience or suffer使遭受 The scientists subjected the product to a number of severe tests. 科学家对这种产品进行了数次严格的测试。 重灾区的人民受到了凝冻天气的考验。 People in the heavily stricken area were subjected to the test of icy weather.

  33. Translation 5. engage: to be doing or to become involved in an activity The toy didn't engage her interest for long. 这个玩具不能长时间吸引住她的注意力。 只有百分之十的美国成年人参与常规的体育锻炼。 Only 10% of American adults engage in regular exercise.

  34. engage in/on/uponMr Armstrong was engaged in prayer.engage in doing sthDespite her illness, she remains actively engaged in shaping policy.engage sb's interest/attentionThe toy didn't engage her interest for long.engage sb to do sthHer father engaged a tutor to improve her maths. Collocation

  35. 4. Useful Expressions keep / regain one’s balance lean on set the pace make it a matter of on one occasion on leave see (to it) that be envious of with reluctance in frustration in some way having a good time doing… complain about 保持/重新获得平衡 依靠 定步调 成功地做…… 一件……的事 有一次 休息 确保 嫉妒 有些勉强 沮丧中 用某种方式,在一定程度上 做……很愉快 抱怨

  36. Translation 1) lean on: depend on for support and encouragement 我们有困难时总寻求父母的支持。 We always lean on our parents when we are in trouble. They leaned heavily on their daughter’s talent in music. 他们主要依靠女儿在音乐方面的天份而生活。

  37. Translation 2) make it: ① to arrive somewhere in time for sth. ② to be successful in a particular activity 离火车开车还有些时间,我想如果抓紧,我们能赶上。 There’s some time before the train leaves. I think we shall make it if we hurry.

  38. Translation 3) have a good time: (have a hard time, difficult time doing sth.) I had a difficult time getting adjusted to the campus life. 我很难适应学校生活。 我费了好大劲才拿到驾照。 I had a hard time getting the driving license.

  39. Association 4) in some way: in a certain manner in a way, in no way In a way __________, he is right in saying so. 在某种程度上,他这样说是对的。 You can __________allow this situation to continue. 你决不能允许这种情况再继续下去。 in no way

  40. Translation 5) be content to do/be content with sth.满足于做某事, 对……感到满足 你对目前的薪水满意吗? Are you content with your present salary? 现在的大学生不再满足英语课堂的听讲,他们要求能够参与的课堂。 Nowadays, the college students are no longer content to sit and listen English class. They want the kind of class they can participate in.

  41. Translation 6) see to it that…:一定要,注意到…… 一定要预习课文。 See to it that you preview the text. 请务必在流水下洗手三十秒钟以去除传染性病毒。 See to it that you wash your hands for 30 seconds under the spout to get rid of some infectious virus.

  42. And when I came home on leave, he saw to it that I visited his office. (L41) see to: take care; make sure see to it +that clause see + that clause e.g.注意不要再迟到。 See that you are not late again.

  43. 7) complain about: Translation to say that you are dissatisfied, or unhappy about sth. or someone 学生们经常抱怨食堂的伙食不好。 The students always complain about the poor food in the canteen.

  44. ever : a.常用于否定句、疑问句和表示条件的从句:从来 b.用于表示比较的从句中:曾经 c.用于特殊疑问句:究竟;到底;用任何方式 It is raining harder than ever. b Nothing ever makes him angry. a Who ever can it be? c 5. Key and Difficult Sentences 1) If he ever noticed or was bothered, he never let on. (L3) If he at any time noticed or felt troubled by this, he would never let anyone see or know how he felt. 如果他注意到这些或因此感到不安,他从不表露出来。

  45. 2) Once there, ①he would cling to hand-rail ② until he reached the lower steps ③that the warmer tunnel air kept free of ice. (L15) ①he would cling to hand-rail ②until he reached the lower steps ③that the warmer tunnel air kept free of ice 他就紧抓着地铁通道口的扶手/一直往下走/因为地铁空气暖和,下面几级台阶没有冰雪。

  46. 3) When I think of it now, I feel greatly surprised at how much courage it must have taken for my father to experience such shame and stress. (L20) key idea: I feel greatly surprised. (the key idea ) 介词at的宾语从句的正常语序是:it must have taken (how much) courage for my father to experience such shame and stress;其中不定式结构是该宾从的真正主语。

  47. 4) He never talked about himself as an object of pity, nor did he show any envy of the more fortunate or able. (L23) 他从不说自己可怜,也从不表现出对那些比他幸运 或健康的人的羡慕。 nor: used to introduce a second negative statement which is added to the first one. I have never been to Paris, nor ____ my wife. has He is not a football fan, nor_____ I . am

  48. 5). Now that I am older, I believe that is a proper standard by which to judge people... (L26) 现在我长大成人,开始相信这正是判断一个人的恰如其分的标准, …… which to judge: 疑问词 +不定式 e.g.我真不知道该说什么。 I really don’t know what to say. how to do; what to buy; where to go; when to begin

  49. 6) Unable to engage in many activities, my father still tried to participate in some way. (L29) unable to engage: a phrase showing concession. 那男孩乐意接受,点头表示同意。 Glad to accept, the boy nodded his agreement.

  50. 6. “Season in the Sun” by Westlife: • mp3 • lyric