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Module Assessment

Module Assessment. Kevin Martinez Shaughn McCormick Mason Payne Carlos Terminel Iberri. What is a module?.

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Module Assessment

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  1. Module Assessment Kevin Martinez Shaughn McCormick Mason Payne Carlos TerminelIberri

  2. What is a module? • A module is a collection of open-source coursework and material that enhances a student’s educational experience by teaching fundamental principles and building upon them by incorporating hands-on experience. • Modules work separately from the projects that make up the major/minor/certificate/etc. • Core vs. Topic modules

  3. How do they work? • Modules are designed by mentors to give students the foundation to develop their own projects and to give them the experience to use level 1-4 spaces. • Will not be graded, but rather given pass/fail credit. Success assessed by mentors (juniors/seniors/masters students/PhD students) • May also be used to bypass some of the introductory-level courses some might find too slow

  4. Anatomy of a Module • Watching TED talks • Reading Wiki articles • Reading a chapter from an online textbook • Reading articles from GOOD, Popular Science, etc. • Recreating experiments/projects from Instructables.com • Writing a short review of experiment/project and making connections to articles, TED talks, etc.

  5. Core vs. Topic Modules • Core modules • Cover broader topics • Greater breadth, less depth • Topic modules • Cover more specific topics • Greater depth, less breadth

  6. Example of a Solar Energy Topic Module • TED Talks • William Kamkwamba on Building a Windmill • Shai Agassi’s Bold Plan for Electrical Cars • In-depth online resources • www.pveducation.org • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_power • Articles • “Abound Solar Races to Beat the Market, With a Public Boost” (GOOD.is) • “13-Year-Old Designs Super-Efficient Solar Array Based on the Fibonacci Sequence” (Popular Science) • Educational videos • DIY MAKE YOUR OWN SOLAR PANEL/BUILD SOLAR PANELS (YouTube) • Make a Solar Cell - TiO2/Raspberry based (YouTube) • Instructables • “How to Make PV Solar Panels” • “Make a Handheld Solar Power Supply” • Short essay/write-up of experience

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