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Target Audience!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Target Audience!!!

Target Audience!!!

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Target Audience!!!

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  1. Target Audience!!! What it is? How do you identify it? Why is it needed?

  2. Target audience is a very important concept, as it is the group of people at whom a product is aimed. • For a general product, such as a type of food eaten by a wide range of people, there would be a very large target audience.

  3. Target audiences are usually defined by the group that a product is aimed at. There are many ways to describe a target audience, here are some:

  4. geography • a local newsletter will appeal to a small group of people who, for example, live in a certain area

  5. Age some products are aimed at people of a certain age. Teenage magazines are a good example of this

  6. Gender products may be aimed at either females or males or both Vs.

  7. Income This can be a very influential factor on who buys a product. This is not only a question of the cost of a product but also what the product says about the wealth and income of the person

  8. Cost £875,000

  9. educational background • a person’s level of education can influence how and what they buy. This is not always as clear cut as, say, the geographical factor, but can still be influential.

  10. Right Quick Test • You are going to see 6 different web sites each will be on screen for 3 minutes, you are going to write down, what is the target audience and why you believe this to be so………GO!

  11. Recycle GB wants the website to perform the following functions: • to inform people what they should recycle in each bin/box • to encourage people to recycle more of their rubbish • to involve young people early so they are more environmentally aware • to seek feedback from people about the website and how it could be improved.