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Why Schools should Be Less Sport-Crazed PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Schools should Be Less Sport-Crazed

Why Schools should Be Less Sport-Crazed

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Why Schools should Be Less Sport-Crazed

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  1. Why Schools should Be Less Sport-Crazed

  2. Sport at School Sport is great, and people love it. That’s why we play it a lot. But since people love it so much, they forget about the other things such as art and music. This is what my talk is about.

  3. Why Are we Forgetting About Art? Art is wonderful and boosts creativity. People can get very skilled and it’s a very rewarding hobby. Art competitions are a good idea because if you’re visiting another school, you actually have time to make friends and meet people whereas if you go for sport, you don’t have any spare time and it can get very competitive. With paintings, you can keep them all your life. Once you have kicked a football, the moment is gone in a flash.

  4. What About Photography? Like art, photography is a very popular subject and is easy to get into. As well as learning about art, you can learn technical skills and more. It inspires you to go out to places and take photos of it, and you can start to like something you didn’t like or found boring before like animals or trees. It can improve computer skills at the same time as having fun.

  5. Perhaps cooking? CBBC have started their own show on baking where children compete to see who is the best baker. You might like to try your own experiments making desserts, salads, kebabs or even jelly! Cooking can inspire you to do more than sport, such as growing your own vegetables or doing something helpful for your parents like cooking dinner one night a week.

  6. Music and beyond! Since the Stone age humans have loved music. From the very first coconut-and-stone-bonking-on-rocks method, to the new modern electronic, music has been with humans for ages.