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Fantasy. Rachel Pugh. Fantasy.

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  1. Fantasy Rachel Pugh

  2. Fantasy Fantasy is a genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary element of plot, theme, or setting. Many works within the genre take place in imaginary worlds where magic is common. Fantasy is generally distinguished from science fiction and horror by the expectation that it steers clear of (pseudo-)scientific and macabre themes, respectively, though there is a great deal of overlap between the three, all of which are subgenres of speculative fiction. – (Quoted from Wikipedia.org)

  3. Fantasy films Harry Potter Alice in Wonderland Peter Pan Lord of the Rings Zathura Narnia The Wizard of Oz Donnie Darko Shrek Spiderman Pirates of the Caribbean Hellboy Batman Begins Click Pan’s Labyrinth Stardust Hancock Twilight

  4. FANTASY Locations Typically fantasy films take place in supernatural magic worlds for example Narnia in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ in which they enter the world through the back of a magical wardrobe. These kind of settings can include mystical and lush forests home to make-believe creatures, snowy wonderlands and enchanted kingdoms. Peter Pan took Wendy, Peter and George to Neverland because it’s magical powers prevented aging. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’s chocolate river inside the factory setting. Shrek was set in a magical kingdom full of forests and swamps.

  5. Fantasy Characters In The Wizard of Oz the characters include a Tin Man, a Lion and a scarecrow along with a wicked witch. Edward from the Twilight saga is a vampire who fights the rival werewolf characters. Typically fantasy films include young characters especially younger girls, for example, Alice in Wonderland or Lucy in The Chronicles of Narnia along with her brothers and sisters.

  6. FANTASY TIMELINE 1963 – Jason and the Argonauts 1946 – Beauty and the Beast 1971 – Bedknobs and Broomsticks 1951 – Alice in Wonderland 1939 - The Wizard of Oz

  7. FANTASY TIMELINE 2005 – The Chronicles of Narnia 1995 - Jumanji 1988 – Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2010 – Clash of the Titans Harry Potter (Series) 2001 - 2011

  8. Alice in wonderland Alice in Wonderland involves a little girl following a rabbit down a hole into a magical ‘Wonderland’. Alice in Wonderland is iconic in terms of the fantasy film genre. It includes made-up characters that have never been used before for example the Queen of Hearts or the Cheshire Cat who interact with Alice throughout the story. The world Alice explores features extravagant settings such as a talking garden of flowers, a tea party in the forest with walking teapots and kingdom for living playing cards. Alice in Wonderland inspired us to use a young, innocent and naïve girl to play our main character. She also follows a another magical character into a magical world which is very similar to the plot in Alice in Wonderland also.

  9. MOOD BOARD My mood board consists of the inspirations from other films influencing my ideas on what to include in my own fantasy film trailer. It also looks directly at animals and settings which may be shown in the final trailer for example the stag and the forest.

  10. The appearance of fantasy films In most fantasy films the lighting is over exposed to enhance the sense of magic or mystery involved in the scene or in the world the characters are in. The characters are usually colourful and vibrant to enhance a sense of weird and wonderful life within possibly inanimate objects or animals. We wish to use this lighting and video colour editing to make our film more stereotypically fantastical and reinforce our chosen genre to our audience immersing them in our own fantasy world.

  11. LUCY PEVENSIE Lucy Pevensie is the youngest character our of the four children in The Chronicles of Narnia. She is young and curious to see what is behind the wardrobe and to explore Narnia and help the people overthrow the evil White Witch. She is a young heroine and we wish to make our main character similar to Lucy as she is a typically unsuspected hero within her story.

  12. INKHEART Inkheart is a story about stories coming to life. A young girl discovers her father has an amazing talent to bring characters out of their books and must try to stop a freed villain from destroying them all, with the help of her father, her aunt, and a storybook's hero. This film has quite a similar concept as Inkheart is about a real story book coming to life and in our film Sophia’s drawings in a book show her a fantasy world.

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