the scope of pharmacy n.
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The Scope Of Pharmacy PowerPoint Presentation
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The Scope Of Pharmacy

The Scope Of Pharmacy

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The Scope Of Pharmacy

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  1. The Scope Of Pharmacy

  2. The Scope Of Pharmacy From ancient times Pharmacy is known as a branch associated with healthcare services. The word Pharmacy has been derived from the Greek word "pharmakon", meaning drug..
  3. The Scope Of Pharmacy Today, the discipline of Pharmacy has made enormous progress and has matured as a distinctly independent branch as pharmaceutical sciences, mainly through the acquisition of the wealth of knowledge, research and a vast array of drugs & therapeutic remedies. Unlike the other curricula Pharmacy is a product, as well as, service related discipline, increasing its scope two-fold
  4. It is involved in all the stages related to a drug, from its discovery, development, action, safety, formulation, use, quality control, packaging, storage, marketing, etc. Thus, today's pharmacy professional is a ''drug expert'' in the real sense. The profession of pharmacy evolved as a multidisciplinary curriculum.
  5. The Medication-Use Process Ordering Transcribing Reviewing/Approving/Consulting Dispensing Administering documenting Monitoring
  6. The Role of the Pharmacist Seven Essential Roles of the Pharmacist (World Health Organization) Care Giver Decision Maker Communicator Leader Manager and Entrepreneur Life-Long learner Teacher
  7. Five Essential Roles of the Pharmacist (Pfizer) Drug delivery and medication safety Patient education Monitoring drug therapy Teaming with other health care providers Research and clinical studies
  8. Career Opportunities Production & Manufacturing Research & Development Analysis & Testing Marketing Hospital Pharmacy Community Pharmacy
  9. Academics Regulatory Affairs Documentation, Library Information Services & Pharma. Journalism
  10. Production & Manufacturing A pharmacy professional can work as a production person, involved in the production of bulk drug & intermediates or formulations and dosage forms. Blood products Industries in the cosmetics, soaps, toiletries segment dental products like toothpaste, mouthwashes etc.
  11. Production of biological products, surgical dressings, medical devices & equipment, alternative medicines also involve the presence of pharmacy professionals in its production. Other areas where pharmacy professionals are required are in production of veterinary medicine, perfumery, nutraceuticals
  12. Research & Development This forms the heart of any industry, as it is the key to growth and sustenance. Mainly M Pharms & PhDs are in great demand in the various areas of Pharmaceutical R&D. Other areas where professionals are required are: New Drug Discovery Research (NDDR) Process Development (P&D) Formulation & Development (F&D)
  13. - Clinical Trials, Bioequivalence studies, Toxicological Studies: These are some of the areas of clinical research which are in high demand as they are involved in the systematic evaluation of potential drug substances prior to getting them approved by the authorities
  14. Analysis & Testing Any drug or dosage form for human use has to be of excellent quality and purity, free from any impurities. The permissible limits of impurities, which either occurs through the manufacturing process, equipment, raw materials, handling or storage, are very stringent.
  15. Analysis & Testing Therefore, Quality control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) are the most integral areas of the drug & pharmaceutical industry. Highly specialized and trained staff is required to handle sensitive analytical procedures & sophisticated equipment. MPharm & PhDs in Pharm Analysis /Q.A. are highly preferred for this job.
  16. Quality Assurance is process oriented and focuses on defect prevention Quality control is product oriented and focuses on defect identification.
  17. Marketing Any business is incomplete without the marketing & sales aspect, as the universal fact is that any thing produced has to be sold. The Pharma. Sales & Marketing is a highly technical field & offers excellent opportunities for the pharmacy graduates. Additional qualification like M.B.A. adds to your CV.
  18. Marketing An aspirant of a highly bright future can enter through various openings like starting his own retail or wholesale drug store or becoming a professional sales representative (known as medical Sales Representative or M.R.) to the levels of International Marketing & Exports. The rewards are the very good.
  19. Hospital Pharmacy Another opening for a Pharmacy professional is as a "Registered Pharmacist" in the hospitals or drug stores.
  20. This is a key position and the Pharmacist plays an important role form preparing prescription to the patient's medial history after the Medical doctor has diagnosed the disease. The Pharmacist is the best-informed qualified drug expert whose advice is sought by every body regarding the dosage, incompatibilities and side effects of drugs
  21. Community Pharmacy Through the services of community pharmacy a Pharmacist becomes a vital link between the patients and the products i.e., drugs. The pharmacist also serves a vital link between the patients and other healthcare professionals, especially the medical experts.
  22. Role of Pharmacist in Community Pharmacy Counseling the patients regarding the use of the drugs and dosage forms. Providing up-to-date information on drugs/dosage forms to the patients, as well as, medical staff. Maintaining patient records & history Involved in the usage of self-diagnostic kits by the patients for disorders like diabetes, hypertension etc. - Providing supply of Home care dosage forms.
  23. Academics Excellent opportunities for the professionals are available in teaching profession also. The minimum entry-level qualification as lecturer is M.Pharm. This is a profession associated with job satisfaction and social status as teaching is considered to be noble profession. The Rewards are satisfactory. Besides teaching Academic related opportunities involve positions on Research Posts and Training programs.
  24. Regulatory Affairs Locally the F.D.A. (Foods & Drugs Control Administration) is the main regulatory body governing and implementing the rules and regulations for the Drug & Pharma industry. The F.D.A. has state branches and sub-branches all over the country. The job opportunities for Pharmacy graduates are excellent Regulatory experts are thus in great demand. Since, the field is highly technical . Pharmacy professionals again fit in these positions.
  25. Documentation, Library Information Services & Pharma. Journalism The Regulatory Affairs as well as, Patenting Processes and Issues involve a lot of documentation work to be done and submitted to the concerned Regulatory Authorities, in a highly specialized and technical manner. Pharmacy professionals are again fitting in this field .
  26. - Similarly, the R & D & Q.C. Departments of the Pharma. Companies need a wealth of Technical information, which needs to be updated regularly, in order to match the pace of global competition. - Therefore, Library Information services is another field in much demand as far as the Pharma. industry is concerned.
  27. - Pharma- Journalism is another area filled with great potentialities. This requires specialist technical personnel like pharmacy graduates on the editorial staff to cover the various aspects. There is already a very good business in this field.
  28. The Evolution of the Role of the Pharmacist Transitions in Health Care: - Specialized Care → Primary Care - Cost Unaware → Cost Aware - Institution Based → Community Based - Acute Treatment → Chronic Mgmt. - Individual Patient → Pop. Perspective - Curative Care → Preventative Care - Individual Provider → Team Provider - Competition → Cooperation
  29. Specialties in Pharmacy Practice (Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties) 1- Nuclear Pharmacy (BCNP) 2- Pharmacotherapy (BCPS) 3- Nutrition Support Pharmacy (BCNSP) 4- Psychiatric Pharmacy (BCPP) 5- Oncology Pharmacy (BCOP)
  30. Pharmaceutical Care Pharmaceutical care is the responsible provision of drug therapy for the purpose of achieving definite outcomes that improve a patient's quality of life. these outcomes are: Cure of disease Elimination or reduction of a patient's symptoms Arresting or slowing of a disease process Preventing a disease or symptoms
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