the scope of contribution n.
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The Scope of Contribution PowerPoint Presentation
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The Scope of Contribution

The Scope of Contribution

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The Scope of Contribution

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  1. The Scope of Contribution Contribution to Self, Organization, and Society Project Goal: To identify the “contribution possibilities” within a Job Role.

  2. In Our Group we have: • Patel Deep • Patel Anup • Patel Jay

  3. The job role that we are interested in taking up in our future career is: “CIVIL ENGINEERING”

  4. What is Civil Engineering? • Civil Engineering is broad field of engineering, which deals with the planning, construction and maintenance of structures or public works as they are related earth, water or in space.

  5. Why to become a Civil Engineer? • For money? • For comfort? • For satisfaction • To achieve ‘something’ in life

  6. Pre-requisite? • Strong common sense • Positive attitude • Vision • Honesty and dedication • Ethics: ‘Chalata hain… nahi chalega…!’ • Management skills and teamwork • Courage to face challenges. • Good health: Physical capabilities • Extraordinary Brilliant: NOT necessary…!

  7. Formula for success Success= (Intelligence) × (Hard work) × (Attitude) × (1+ ‘Smartness’)

  8. The Construction Engineer’s duties and responsibilities are as follows:  Maintain compliance with the safety-assurance plan so that work is accomplished in an environmentally sound manner using safe work practices;  Conduct safety observations and conversations (SOCs) to help achieve a zero-incident culture;  Lead the “authorization to proceed” process for contractors;  Support the off-site project leaders through the stage-gated process of projects;

  9.  Encourage construction and operations personnel to review design packages early in the course of projects to eliminate rework and optimize construction;  Ensure work is performed per plans and specifications via coordination with the Quality Assurance (QA) and Functional Checkout (FCO) groups;  Coordinate with clients to ensure proposed construction and work methods are clearly understood and accepted and ensure agreement on environmental and safety work plans for permitting;

  10. We have taken some interviews of few people in civil engineering field: Question1: Why the big buildings are build outside India? Ex.:BurjKhalifa(Dubai)-Height=818 m,2684ft Ex.:Petronas Tower(Malaysia)Height=452m,1483ft Answer: Because we don’t have equipments to build such a great buildings in India, another thing is that our people don’t take any opportunity to build such a buildings.

  11. Information about field • Kansai airport,Honkong built in water • Imperial tower-1,2 254 met/833fit tallest building in india • World one 442met/1450fit under constuction in mumbai • National express highway -1, ahmedabad to vadodrabuid by irb infra.

  12. There are 23 National express way, In which the NE-16 is Yamuna express way, which is longest express way & it is 165km. • 17 national express ways are under construction. • C-Link Bridge in Mumbai which connect Bandra and Worli. Actual distance is 70km, which is decrease to 5.6km & it is build by MSRD. • There are 96 bridges in Surat and so it is known as “Bridge City”.

  13. Conclusion: • By this presentation we have learnt that we should obey our role in particular field. • We should give our best to do any work or project. • We should don’t think of ourself because if we do some good work will we get encouragement to do new work and by our good work our company will also get good name in market

  14. And by good work of our company our local area and by local area to our state and by our state to our country.