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I Want College Credit! PowerPoint Presentation
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I Want College Credit!

I Want College Credit!

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I Want College Credit!

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  1. I Want College Credit!

  2. College Credit - Option 1 Dual Enrollment This option includes the courses that are offered at the high school as dual enrollment with YAVAPAI COLLEGE. • College English 101/102 6 Total Credits • College Math/College Algebra 6 Total Credits • Pre-Calculus 3 Total Credits • Computer Networking I/II 15 Total Credits • *It is important to note that these credits are considered Yavapai College credits. These credits will not necessarily transfer to all colleges and universities.

  3. College Credit - Option 2 Mountain Institute This option includes the courses that are offered through Mountain Institute JTED. • Education Professions I/II 6 College Credits • Nursing Services 5 College Credits • Transportation Technologies 16 College Credits • Welding Technologies 12 College Credits • Pre-Engineering 24 College Credits It is important to note that these credits are considered Yavapai College credits. These credits will may not transfer to all college and universities.

  4. College Credit – Option 3 Articulation The following courses are articulated courses with colleges. This means that if a student completes these courses AND attends the college of articulation, they will receive credits for those courses. • Marketing I 3 College Credits (Yavapai College) • Intro to Business 3 College Credits (Yavapai College) • Entrepreneurship 3 College Credits (Yavapai College) • CNA Fundamentals/ 5 College Credits (Yavapai College) • CNA Advanced Applications • Audio-Visual Production 3 College Credits (Zaki Gordon Institute) • Production Studio 3 College Credits (Zaki Gordon Institute)/ • and 2 College Credits (Yavapai College)

  5. College Credit – Option 4 Summer Bridge This YAVAPAI COLLEGE program allows students at the end of their junior or senior years to receive a Summer Bridge Grant. This includes up to 3 credit hours each summer (6 Total) to be taken at Yavapai College based on availability. This grant does not include lab fees or books.

  6. College Credit – Option 5 Upward Bound This is an agreement with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in which BMHS students meet bi-monthly with an ERAU representative and attend ERAU during the summer months receiving ERAU credit. This includes a 5-week summer session consisting of high school and college credit courses. Courses are offered on a rotating basis. • College Spanish , LSP 101 • Aerospace Science , AS 120 • Global Security Intelligence Studies , GSIS 120 • College Chinese, LCH 195 • Computer & Electrical Engineering , CE/EE 101 • Space Physics , PS 195P • College English, COM 122 (English, 1st semester) • College Algebra, MA 140 • College Arabic , LAR 195  All summer college courses are offered to Upward Bound participants at no cost to the student.  The courses and credits are transferrable to other colleges and universities for the purpose of fulfilling degree requirements and university graduation requirements.   

  7. College Credit – Option 6 Advanced Placement This includes courses offered through BMHS as AP courses. When complete, students pay a fee to take an AP Test and will receive college credit based on their score on this test. Most college give college credit when a student scores a 4 or 5 on the test. Some colleges will provide college credit for 3 on the test. The courses offered at BMHS include:   AP Statistics AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC AP World History AP US History AP Studio Art AP Language AP Literature AP Psychology Courses planned for the future include: AP Government AP Economics AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Spanish It is important to note that students may take AP Tests in content areas not offered at the high school. Many students fail to realize that Yavapai College gives credit based on AP scores as well.

  8. College Credit – Option 7 CLEP Testing This option is not unique to BMHS. The College Board offers 33 different CLEP tests that students may pay to take in an effort to receive college credit. There are 2,900 different colleges and universities that currently accept CLEP scores for credit. As stated , this is not necessarily unique to BMHS but it is worth noting as a 2011 Bradshaw graduate receive 36 hours of college credit based on CLEP tests. This is most common in foreign languages.