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Omar Todd

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Omar Todd

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  1. Omar Todd A Cyber Security Expert Omar Todd is a cyber security expert in Los Angeles, California. He is a Council Member of the International Cyber Threat Task Force and has provided has provided his cyber security expertise to corporations and organizations for years. He is the founder of the Internet Society of Australia and a leading voice in the global cyber security conversation. He is currently employed by Sea Shepherd Global as their Global Technical Director.

  2. Omar Todd An Experienced Social MediaConsultant Omar Todd is a social media consultant who has worked with non-profits, organizations, corporations, and individuals ranging from celebrities to authors to people looking to increase their online presence. He helps attract customers, grow brands, increase online visibility, and positions his clients prominently on the Internet. He is currently the Global Technical Director of Sea Shepherd Global and has increased their social media presence with almost no budget.

  3. Omar Todd An Active Marine Wildlife Conservationist Omar Todd is passionate about animal welfare. In 2008, he began volunteering with Sea Shepherd Global, a marine wildlife conservation organization that fights illegal activities on the open waters and educates people on how they can contribute to preserving marine wildlife. He is now the Global Technical Director of Sea Shepherd and he hopes his efforts will preserve marine life for generations to come.

  4. Omar Todd Co-Founder of The WikiLeaks Party Omar Todd is the Deputy Chairman, the Director, and a Co-Founder of The WikiLeaks Party in Australia. The WikiLeaks Party is a former political party that ran in the national Australian elections in 2013. The party ran in an attempt to get Julian Assange elected as an Australian Senator.

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