navy league of the united states youth medal n.
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Navy League of the United States Youth Medal PowerPoint Presentation
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Navy League of the United States Youth Medal

Navy League of the United States Youth Medal

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Navy League of the United States Youth Medal

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  1. Navy League of the United States Youth Medal

  2. About the Award The Navy League Youth Medal was established to recognize the outstanding NJROTC/MCJROTC Cadet in a unit or school, sponsored by a Navy League council.

  3. Eligibility The Cadet Candidate must be a High School Junior and must have: • Completed a minimum of one year in NJROTC/MJROTC • Attained a minimum grade of 3.0 GPA in Naval Science during the current school year • Attained a minimum grade of B in overall academics during the current school year. • Participated in extra-curricular activities, e.g. debate team, community service, etc.

  4. Eligibility cont’d… (e) Attained a grade of A in leadership (f) Achieved overall performance reflecting the highest standards of the NJROTC/MJROTC program in academics, leadership, attitude and appearance.

  5. Selection The Naval Science Instructor (NSI) will select the recipient with final approval by the local council.

  6. Description The award includes: Blue and gold ribbon with hanging bronze medal (the reverse side provides space for inscribing the recipient’s name and year awarded) Ribbon bar Certificate Pamphlet

  7. Presentation • The presentation of the award should be made by a member of the NLUS council. • If a council representative is not available then the presentation may be made by the area president or if necessary the region president.

  8. Council Support & Participation Unfortunately HQ does not have the ability to fund requests for Youth Medals, therefore Councils are encouraged to support local schools and present the awards to deserving cadets.

  9. Procuring the Award Order online at Call the Navy League Ship Store at (866) 640-6586 Contact HQ for an official catalogue