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ITER Instrumentation and Control - Status and Plans

ITER Instrumentation and Control - Status and Plans. Anders Wallander 1 , Lana Abadie 1 , Haresh Dave 1 , Franck Di Maio 1 , Hitesh Kumar Gulati 1 , Chandresh Hansalia 1 , Didier Joonekindt 2 , Jean-Yves Journeaux 1 , Wolf-Dieter Klotz 1 ,

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ITER Instrumentation and Control - Status and Plans

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  1. ITER Instrumentation and Control-Status and Plans Anders Wallander1, Lana Abadie1, Haresh Dave1, Franck Di Maio1, Hitesh Kumar Gulati1, Chandresh Hansalia1, Didier Joonekindt2, Jean-Yves Journeaux1, Wolf-Dieter Klotz1, Kirti Mahajan1, Petri Makijarvi1, Luigi Scibile1, Denis Stepanov1, Nadine Utzel1, Izuru Yonekawa1 1ITER Organization, 13067 St. Paul lez Durance, France 2ATOS Origin, 38243 Meylan, France

  2. Outline • Mission Statement • Brief History • Global Architecture • Main Challenges • Standards • Instrumentation & Control Integrated Product Team • CODAC Core Systems • Plant System I&C Identification • Interfaces • Infrastructure • Interlock and Safety • Implementation Plan

  3. Goal for ITER Instrumentation & Control System Mission Statement Ensure all ITER Plant Systems Instrumentation & Control are designed, implemented and integrated such that ITER can be operated as a fully integrated and automated system. Successful integration = higher reliability Economy of scale Minimize operator human errors Few required operators Minimize required maintenance crew Reuse plant system I&C design recipes Only standard cables entering control room Only standard equipment in control room One control room

  4. Brief History • CODAC conceptual design developed by Jo Lister, with support from the fusion community, in 2006 and 2007 • This conceptual design was reviewed in Nov 2007 • A CODAC group started to form at ITER Organization in 2007-2008 ITER is not anymore a paper project It is a real project

  5. Conceptual Architecture Conceptual Architecture I&C structure Segregation of ITER I&C into 3 vertical tiers and 2 horizontal layers Control Control and monitor all ITER Plant Systems Interlock Protect the investment Independent network and I&C Safety Protects personnel, and environment Independent network and I&C Two train systems

  6. Scope and Definitions ITER Instrumentation & Control System All hardware and software required to operate the ITER machine. Comprises Plant System I&C and Central I&C Systems. Central I&C Systems All hardware and software required to coordinate and orchestrate all Plant Systems I&C and provide the human machine interface. Comprise CODAC System, Central Interlock System and Central Safety System. Plant Systems I&C All hardware and software required to control a Plant System stand-alone and autonomously.

  7. CODAC Human Machine Interface System Central Safety Central Interlock System Plant System Host System interface Networks Networks Networks Plant Systems I&C 161 Black Hole Actuators and sensors Plant Systems I&C IN FUND by WBS 4.5, 4.6 and 4.8 Like all large projects I&C has low priority in the early phase Project focus is on costly items (mechanics) There are no I&C specifications and no one is working on them Responsibility boundaries are not clear nor accepted IN KIND by WBS 1.*, 2.*, 3.*, 4.*, 5.*, 6,* I&C Standards (Plant Control Design Handbook)

  8. Our main challenge is the Black Hole.What are we doing about it ? • Standardization (Plant Control Design Handbook) • Engaging parties in defining standards and prototyping • Instrumentation & Control Integrated Product Team • Plant System I&C identifications (plant profile database) • Interface definitions (S-ICD, IS, interviews) • Early delivery of CODAC Core System

  9. Objectives of Plant Control Design Handbook The Plant Control Design Handbook (PCDH) defines methodology, standards, specifications and interfaces applicable to all ITER Plant Systems Instrumentation & Control (I&C) • I&C standards are essential for ITER to • Integrate all Plant Systems into one integrated control system • Maintain all Plant Systems after delivery acceptance • Contain cost by economy of scale (spare parts, expertise) The PCDH is applicable to all Procurement Arrangements • ITER Organization (IO) • Develop • Support • Maintain • Enforce • these standards • Living document • Latest release May 2009 • Publicly available • http://www.iter.org/org/team/chd/cid/codac/Pages/default.aspx

  10. Well defined checkpoints Well defined deliverables Plant System I&C Life Cycle Chapter 3, PCDH v 4.1

  11. February 1, 2009 “The CODAC group announces that EPICS will be used as the baseline for the software environment for the ITER control system within the scope of PCDH” May 7, 2009 “ITER Plant Systems Instrumentation & Control shall use Siemens Simatic S7 product line of Programmable Logical Controllers for industrial control and SIL-3 applications” Contracts and Tasks 2008-2009 Three independent contracts to establish CODAC software environment Programmable Logic Controller (slow control) selection process Cubicle selection process Two independent tasks to explore existing EPICS client applications Detail design and production of Plant System Host and prototype Mini-CODAC Support functional analysis and interface definitions for CIS Support preparation of technical specs for next wave of contracts Build a Central Safety System (CSS) simulator Two contracts to prototype High Performance Networks Three contracts to survey and prototype Fast Controllers Two contracts to prototype CODAC High Level Applications

  12. Distribution of contracts and tasks among parties Strategy: Engage and involve all parties in order to maximize acceptance of standards

  13. A Plant System I&C has one and only one Plant System Host Plant System I&C identification

  14. Identify plant systems I&C Develop S-ICD and interface sheets Maintain information in plant system I&C profile database CODAC, CIS and CSS interfaces to everyone (almost) We are starting to identify the interfaces to Plant System I&C Interface definition

  15. Instrumentation & Control Integrated Product Team • IO Management requests CODAC & IT Division to create an Integrated Product Team for Instrumentation & Control. • The objective is to improve communication and collaboration between the I&C stakeholders • CODAC Group • Plant System Responsible Officers • Domestic Agencies involved in Procurement Arrangements • Industries implementing Plant Systems • The Instrumentation & Control IPT provides an excellent opportunity to streamline the I&C development methodology and to promote PCDH. • A proposal was presented to ITER governing body on March 9 and Kick-off meeting held on May 15.

  16. Instrumentation & Control IPT Produce I&C specifications 1 Get to a standard Built to Print Design 2 3 Get to a standard Factory Acceptance Tests Get to a standard Site Acceptance Tests 4 IPT SCOPE

  17. Instrumentation & Control IPT 27 PBS packages bundled in 10 Plant System Groups totaling 161 Plant Systems  Staged implementation! What is most urgent?

  18. Instrumentation & Control IPT Coordination between Plant Systems I&C • STANDARDS • (PCDH) • Development lifecycle with deliverables • Components (hardware and software) • Interfaces Coordination between DA and IO I&C Coordination between Plant System I&C and Industry Coordination between Plant System I&C and Process

  19. CODAC Core Systems CODAC Core Systems is a well defined product to be exported to all Plant System I&C developers CODAC Core Systems comprise the hardware and software required to develop, interface and test plant systems I&C. The hardware platforms are Plant System Host (PSH) and Mini-CODAC. The software comprises communication middleware, plant system self description schemas and tools and SCADA functionalities; logging, alarming, error handling, reporting, configuration, database and HMI. CODAC Core Systems will be released on a yearly bases with the first release planned for February 2010.

  20. CODAC Core Systems Strategy: Promote use of CODAC Core Systems as early as possible to create large user community and acceptance of standards • Mini-CODAC • Plant System Host (PSH) • Alarm Handling (AH) • Error & Trace Logging (EL) • Live Database (LD) • Data Archiving (DA) • Data Retrieval (DR) • Testing Tools (TT) • Communication Middleware (CM) • Generic Plant System Software (PS) • Visualization Builder (VB) • Plant System self description (SD) Strategy: Discourage use of private SCADA system below PSH for ease of integration

  21. CODAC Core Systems CODAC Core Systems v.1 - Feb 2010 Scope, EPICS clients, deployment

  22. Main Star Points CODAC Networks CODAC Network Hutches Network Infrastructure • Network infrastructure • Location of network connection points • Cable trenches • Cable diagrams

  23. Central Interlock and Safety Systems • Functional analysis of Central Interlock System well advanced • Interface definitions for Central Interlock System and Central Safety System progressing • A simulator of Central Safety System, based on input from Safety Group, is close to completion

  24. Central I&C Implementation Plan Work for CODAC, CIS and CSS has been divided in ten tasks Each task has • Description • Deliverables (in form of PBS level 3 products) • Schedule (linked to ITER Integrated Project Schedule) • Resources (human resources and contracts)

  25. Central I&C Implementation Plan CODAC Core Systems Design and procure hardware and software required to develop, interface and test Plant Systems I&C Interface Plant Systems I&C Develop, support, maintain and enforce standards. Factory and site acceptance tests. Network Infrastructure Design and procure network infrastructure (cables, hutches, switches,…) CODAC Servers Define and procure CODAC servers Central Interlock System Design and procure hardware and software required for inter plant system interlocks CODAC Application System Design and procure application software (scheduling, supervision, plasma control,…) Central Safety System Design and procure hardware and software for central safety system Control Room Define and procure all equipments in the control room Integration and Verification of Plant Systems I&C, CODAC, CIS and CSS Commissioning of Plant Systems I&C, CODAC, CIS and CSS

  26. Conclusions • Ensure all ITER Plant Systems Instrumentation & Control are designed, implemented and integrated such that ITER can be operated as a fully integrated and automated system. • The main challenge currently is the “Black Hole” • Standardization • Engaging parties • I&C IPT • Plant system I&C identification • Interface definition • Early delivery of CODAC Core Systems • A detailed implementation plan up to first plasma is being developed We invite everyone to join in the effort to build the ITER I&C System

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