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Seamless Services Across Fixed & Mobile Networks PowerPoint Presentation
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Seamless Services Across Fixed & Mobile Networks

Seamless Services Across Fixed & Mobile Networks

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Seamless Services Across Fixed & Mobile Networks

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  1. Seamless Services Across Fixed & Mobile Networks Everything over IP (Finally) Matt Lukens VP & GM Comverse CIPC Americas

  2. Customer Perspective – One Supplier Customers want service from one supplier 86% of customers would prefer to have a single supplier for both fixed and mobile 70% would prefer to have a single bill and a single customer support 30% expect a discount to subscribe to a convergent service Source : ADL, Exane 2007

  3. Customer perspective: What Customers want • Customer Insights • Customers (Consumer Segment) don’t know what Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) is nor what Fixed Mobile Substitution (FMS) means (and they don’t care) • They only distinguish between “at home”, “at work” and “out and about” offerings • Customers • …prefer using their mobile phones but want an alternative to Fixed line that saves on their phone bill • “If I had the choice and if it wouldn‘t be for cost, reasons, I would prefer to communicate only via mobile phone, even from home” • …are being offered Converged bundles: • “ 6% of consumers are willing to move to converged bundles for a minimal discount, while 50% require discounts greater than 30% to switch to bundles” • …love their IP communities • “Customers are increasingly using “IP communities” to meet their daily communication needs (21% are IM users, 47% are Email users)” • And as a consequence implicitly require ubiquitous access to Broadband • Must be able to access services of service providers that don’t own the transport infrastructure

  4. “NGN IP Operator” Services • Residential Primary Line • Video Communications • Network Address Book • Presence • Converged Billing Phone TV PC Mobile • IPTV & VoD • VoIP on TV • Click to Dial on TV • Visual Voice Mail on TV • Messaging on TV • Video Communications • Control Phone Services on TV • Network Address Book • Presence • Converged Billing • TV on PC • Mobile Phone on PC • VoIP on PC • Visual Voice Mail on PC • Messaging on PC • Video Communications • Control TV cPVR on PC • Network Address Book • Presence • Converged Billing • TV on Mobile • VoIP on Mobile • Visual Voice Mail on Mobile • Messaging on Mobile • Video Communications • Control TV cPVR on Mobile • Network Address Book • Presence • Converged Billing What You Want, Where You Want It, & When You Want It 3 Screens For: Video Entertainment, Phone Calling & Messaging Single: Identity, Inbox, Address Book & Bill; Cross Devices With Presence


  6. Broadband penetration drives PC adoption • The proportion of households who own a PC but lack Internet access was 9% at the end of 2005; it will fall to just four percent by 2011 (Source: Jupiter)

  7. Time Spent Online is Increasing Dramatically! • The average online consumer spends 14 hours a week online, which is the same amount of time they watch TV (Source: Jupiter Research 2006, American Households) • Online broadband users spend 27% of their time on leisure, 27% for communication, 9% on information searches, 15% on personal productivity, and 12% on shopping • Broadband users spend an average of 48% of their free time online on a typical weekday • (Source: Media-Screen, 2007)

  8. Converged Operator Opportunity • Leverage operator assets • Subscriber base, established brand, control of customers • Create value and differentiation by adding FMC services • Converged telephony, Messaging, Entertainment • Increase ARPU & loyalty by providing multi-play service bundles • Fixed Line + broadband access • fixed IP telephony / PC-based telephony + broadband access • Triple Play (broadband access + fixed IP / PC-based telephony + IPTV) • Quad Play (Mobile+ BA + Fixed IP/PC telephony+IPTV)

  9. Extend SMS reach to fixed environment (PC-based SMS in and SMS out) Converged messaging Messaging Enable access and use of the address book in all environments Address book synchronization / back-up & restore Address Book Seamless networks – ‘New’ services Old services offered across new networks = New service + more ARPU Re-use of the number for personal communication in fixed environment (PC), and Mobile One Phone Number Converged single voice mail for fixed mobile telephony Voice Mail Billing Converged Billing, mobile, fixed, broadband, etc.

  10. Residential Broadband THE ENABLER! Residential IP telephony Primary line or secondary line TV-based telephony: address book and click-to-dial on TV, caller ID on TV IPTV Live and interactive TV Video on demand service, pay-per-view Electronic program guide TV on demand: nPVR, time-shift TV, program restart Automatic PVR synchronization with call pick-up Fixed line services

  11. Synergy Between Services • Between telephony and IPTV • Caller ID on TV • Divert call on mobile/voicemail • Message waiting indication on TV • TV-based voice mail • Call history • TV-based click-to-talk from address book • Between video and IPTV • TV-based video communication & video mail • TV-based video conferencing • TV-based video call • Video 3G interconnection

  12. Seamless Services Across Mobile networks • View electronic program guide (EPG) from mobile handset • Select a program to record • Set NPVR recordings • Set reminders Select Channel Select Program Record program Program is recorded !

  13. 3 Screen Clients: Voice, Messaging & Video PC Client TV Client Mobile Client

  14. Converged Clients • Communicator PC, TV & mobile clients • Personalizes communication experience • Accesses users to their IP communities of interest • Intuitive easy-to-use user interface • Converges communications across 4 screens • VoIP & video • Messaging, SMS, MMS, IM and Presence • Access Network Address Book • Users pick service to talk with friends at the time PC & TV Clients Mobile Client

  15. Example of a PC Communicator

  16. PC Communicator Overview • Single bill • Shared credit between Cell and PC • Voice & video telephony • PC to PC and PC to Fixed or Mobile • Single address book • synchronized between Cell and PC • Cross device messaging • SMS, MMS, IM • Single voicemail • between Cell and PC Extend the mobile experience into the PC

  17. SMS, MMS, Voice, Video • Buddy List + Presence + IM

  18. Example of Multi-Play Bundle:Quad Play STRATEGY : First-mover advantage with Quad Play Simplicity in tariff structure rather than jumping on the ‘Free' services bandwagon (Orange, Carphone Warehouse and Sky)

  19. Latest Bundling Trends: Music

  20. Latest Bundling Trends: Games + Console

  21. Latest Bundling Trends: iPhone

  22. Communication + Entertainment Everywhere

  23. The Effect of Multi-play on Orange…

  24. Messaging AS IM SMS / MMS CA/DRM Address Book Middleware TVOD Telephony AS Voice Video Billing CRM Presence STB Manager FMC Services Service delivery Overview Ingestion Encoders DTA Walled Garden IP Network GW Cellular Network IP Telephony PC Client Mobile Dual Mode IPTV Mobile Communicator PC Communicator

  25. HLR Converging dissimilar voice networks SCP IN protocol Mobile network Mobile user MSIN MSRN VMSC PSTN network GW GMSC GW Telephony AS Dual mode IP network Residential user PC Communicator

  26. STB cPVR IAD / RG IPTV Delivery Network National Channels Appli- cations Internet IPTV Middle- Ware Real Time Encryption Applications IPTV Admin Global Channels OTA Tuners STB Boot Server Super HeadEnd IPTV Platform Operator Network IRDs DB Ad Insertion Manager Mosaic DRM Key Server Encoders & Transcoders FTTN Neighborhood DSLAM FTTH 2.4 GPON FTTH FE & GE AON VoD CDN Manager NOC CRM Pricing/Rating/Messaging Converged Billing Local Channels Content Ingestion NGN-IP Core Network Offline Encryption Offline Encoding Real Time Encryption Off-Line Content Repository Ingest Station Video POP/Hub/SWC National & Regional Ad Insertion Local & Targeted Ad Insertion Distributed Video Servers Access Network On Demand Master Library VoD Video Servers LU / Home Last Mile Video Hub / Serving Office Super HeadEnd

  27. Converged Service Delivery Common OSS/BSS Messaging AS IM SMS/MMS Telephony AS Voice Video FMC AS Single Id Associated Devices Handover Address Book Presence OSE CCBS Embedded IMS Core NGVM IP Network Cellular network Dual Mode PC Client MW Client IP Telephony Mobile PC Communicator TV Communicator Mobile Communicator

  28. Service Domain Network Domain PSTN Video Headend Regional Video Headend User Domain CMS / Work Flow Content Domain Regional VoIP Gateway IRDs MiddleWare nPVR Video Encoder Ad Insertion Linear TV Content Ingest VoIP / IMS Control Plane STB Boot Server VoD CA/DRM Mosaic IMS Core TAS SoftSwitch Media Servers RF Tuners Voice & Fixed VAS SBC Peering Gateways Residential VoIP Business IP Centrex IP Trunking STB cPVR Fiber Network(s) Communicator Network Address Book Presence VoD Content Ingestion Stations Access Aggregation Core Mobile VAS Messaging SMS, IM, MMS Notifications NG Voice Mail Mobile TV BRAS RT/COT DSLAM Int’l GWs WWW GWs Routers IAD / ATA Mobile Registrar Handover Identity Avatars Switches xDSL ONT RG OLT BSS & OSS Real-Time Billing Mediation CRM Inventory Content Catalog Workforce Management NMS Service Monitoring Cyclical Billing Product Catalog Order Management Provisioning Pricing Rating User Profile Statistics & Reports Display Screens Multiplay Service Elements User Domain Satellite DTV OTA Operator Network Components Basic IPTV System Components Value Added Components

  29. Typical Platform Integrations

  30. Thank You • Matt Lukens • Vice President and General manager • Comverse Converged IP Communications Americas • 401-885-7764 •