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Facebook Rebooted PowerPoint Presentation
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Facebook Rebooted

Facebook Rebooted

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Facebook Rebooted

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Facebook Rebooted Michael Newman Consulting

  2. In this Session… • Content techniques and examples • Facebook ad changes and new strategies • New tips and tools • PowerPoint available on NAMM U Online later

  3. Facebook by the Numbers • 1.11 Billion active users (June 2013) • 680 million mobile users • Half of all users log in every day • 48% of 18 – 34 year olds check Facebook when the wake up Source:

  4. A Content Plan is Critical • THE biggest missed opportunity because it’s hard to switch from selling to “publishing” • The concept: Grow a fan base that is currently not looking to purchase – but you are front-of-mind when they are ready to buy • Don’t ditch your sales strategies – just add content planning to your current efforts

  5. Which Would You Click On While Browsing? ONLY interesting if the person is ready to purchase today This is interesting to MANY guitarists Purchase requires the awareness and interest phases

  6. first blog • Don’t think of it as a blog if you get hung up with that term – try “News” or “Resources” instead

  7. 600 -1,000 word article on your site Send “teasers” with emails and social posts Drive them to site to read full story

  8. Create Content that can be compiled into larger documents • Require the Page Like and/or an email address

  9. Guidelines for Mixing In-Ear Monitors • Their first blog • 158 FB Shares • Repurpose your content

  10. Tactics to Facilitate Content Production • Many excellent writers and graphic artists that need work • Get employees involved – make it a fun competition • Have employee content idea prizes, motivate for recommendations • Always keep content planning front of mind • Message your store, sales and products but also interweave content that grows community

  11. Improved Facebook Insights • Study Insights frequently – check this week vs. last week

  12. Visually see posts driving interaction – drill down

  13. At a glance metrics makes data analysis easier

  14. Put Call to Actions in Your Cover Photo

  15. Add a link in the description setting

  16. Feedly • Easy to manage RSS Reader • Mobile app to read your content on the go • iPad Pocket Support • Power is in the integration with Buffer

  17. Buffer • Send Feedly content to Buffer • Versatile scheduler, set independent post time for each day of week • Quickly post to social from your web browser

  18. Use BuzzSpice to Find Content • Set up filtering and pull in specific content Turn off auto posting!

  19. Facebook Ads for Precise Targeting

  20. Facebook Ads – Micro Targeting • Use the Power Editor from the Ad Center for extended features • Requires Chrome

  21. Facebook Ads – Micro Targeting • Target locally to bring in foot traffic (use cities or zip codes and extended areas)

  22. Facebook Ads – Micro Targeting • Create newsfeed ads for desktop and mobile • Newsfeed ads have 3 times performance of right hand column ads

  23. Facebook Ads – Microscopic Targeting • Create custom audiences for re-use

  24. Facebook Ads – Micro Targeting • Segment ads to refine your targeting

  25. Facebook Ads – Micro Targeting • Track sales & conversions directly from your ads • JavaScript code is placed on your conversion page

  26. Create Targeted Audiences from Other Sources • Enter emails (use to reduce newsletter opt-outs) • Enter phone numbers • Enter Facebook IDs (from sweeps)

  27. Facebook Re-Targeting Ads: Bring ‘em Back

  28. Monitor the Pages of Brands you Sell • Look for opportunities to post on your brands pages • Get approval first – always the best approach • Overseas shipment? No local dealer? • Send the lead a direct message in Facebook • Re-purpose brand content and post on your page

  29. Co-Promote Sweeps with Your Brands • Ask for products for prizes, share emails of entrants • Be sure to clearly state email sign ups in rules • Create bigger prize packages for more entrants • Ask your brands to mention your sweeps on their social sites

  30. Use TimeLine Sweeps • Encourage comments to win a prize • Increases reach and rewards your fans • Use posts and strategies that are geared for lots of engagement • Examples: “Caption this…” or trivia question

  31. Holiday “caption this” sweeps • First post had over 1,800 comments • Comments were very entertaining • Repurpose comments for more content later

  32. Encourage sweeps winners to send images • If you post them, they go to fans’ newsfeed

  33. Create a Google Hangout on Facebook • Google Hangout with 22Social App • Create live events for in store music, live instructional sessions, and more • Auto record them to YouTube

  34. Motivate your Promoters • Your promoters are like gold • Thank them for sharing • You can see those who shared your post • Click the link, and send them direct messages

  35. Wrap Up • A Content Plan creates a much larger community – drive them to your site once they are a fan • Motivate your employees to always look for content • Look for leads on your brands’ Facebook pages • Study Facebook Insights frequently • Use the deeper features of Facebook ads for reach and revenue growth

  36. Thank You! • Sign up for my newsletter • Resources & advice