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Saint Louis University PowerPoint Presentation
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Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University

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Saint Louis University

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  1. Saint Louis University COMMUNITY OUTREACH Off Campus 30+ Finaid 101 Workshops 10+ FAFSA Workshops (to date) On Campus 6 FAFSA Workshops (January & February) 3 FAFSA Chat Evenings

  2. Saint Louis University SLU COMMUNITY SLU 101 FRESHMAN/TRANSFER ORIENTATION Late May through Early July One-on-one Appointments With Freshman and Transfer Families

  3. Saint Louis University SLU COMMUNITY Colleges & Groups School for Professional Studies (Adults) New Graduate Orientation Executive Masters of International Business Social Work – Orientation & Exit OT, AT, PT, PA Study Abroad Accelerated Nursing Billiken Bridge to Success (at risk students) Student Educational Services (TRIO, first Generation) Live Exit Interview Sessions

  4. Saint Louis University SLU COMMUNITY Admissions Preview Days High School Counselor Luncheon High School Counselor Workshops New Student Coordinator (liaison w/Admissions) Financial Aid Training for Admission Staff Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Orientation

  5. Metropolitan Community College Default Prevention/Aversion Grace Period Letters and Emails Delinquency Letters and Emails Entrance Counseling On-campus group or individual entrance counseling sessions Repayment Form

  6. Metropolitan Community College Financial Literacy COLL 100 Freshmen Orientation Class On-campus sessions Target cohorts High-risk borrowers Students in high cost programs Partnering with external organizations

  7. Metropolitan Community College Implementation & Challenges Cross Functional District-wide Advisory Team Develop a Default Prevention Plan Upper Level Buy-in MDHE Grant

  8. ONGOING EFFORTS • Collaboration with the Office for Financial Success • Debt management appointments • Develop monthly budgets • Exit Counseling • 24% of Mizzou’s spring 2013 graduates received in-person counseling

  9. Redesigned Award Letter GuideINVEST IN YOU Publication date: March 2013 Mailed to FTC with their official award letter. Highlighted the Mizzou graduation rate, loan default rate and median total borrowing.

  10. MDHE Grant Proposal Submitted May 2013, Acceptance July 1, 2013 • Providing funds for a Graduate Assistant • Primary responsibilities include the analysis of the characteristics of defaulters to assist in identifying the at-risk population and excessive borrowers. • Development of additional financial guides to educate students on debt management and loan repayment.

  11. PATH TO SUCCESSA Road Map to Smart Student Borrowing Publication date: November 2013 To be distributed to our current student borrowers identified as at-risk. Includes statistics to capture student’s attention. List of available on and off campus resources. Step by step journey to the goal of financial success.

  12. RepayAwayStrategies for Repaying Student Loans • Publication date: late November 2013 • To be distributed to students leaving Mizzou. • Emphasis on educating the borrower.


  14. Bryan UniversityDebt Manager and Cohort Default Rates • Debt Manager • Manage default management plan • MDHE Grant • Bryan University Task Force • Provisional Period • Reduced Programs • Reduced Tuition • Borrower Connect and Internal Student Information System • Cohort Default Rates • CDR Challenge • CDR Appeal • CDR: Who are our defaulters??? • CDR Projections

  15. Bryan UniversityFinancial Literacy and Default Prevention • Financial Literacy • Quarterly Lunch and Learn Events • Monthly Financial Literacy Newsletter • Social Media Financial Literacy Tips • Battle of the Campuses • Loan Advancement Process • Withdrawn Student Focus • Graduate Student Focus • Grace Period Letters • Student Tracking • Default Prevention • Contacting Delinquent Borrowers: Phone, Mail, Email, Social Media, References • Borrower Connect: NSLDS and Servicer Reports • WISS

  16. Bryan UniversityDefault Aversion and Future Goals • Default Aversion • Contacting Defaulted Borrowers: Phone, Mail, Email, Social Media, References • WISS • Skip Tracing • Future Goals • Improve Exit Counseling Procedure (Withdraw Student Focus and Graduate Student Focus) • Continue to research default and delinquent borrowers to help identify trends and create policy and procedures • Continue to incorporate campus-wide involvement • Research correlations between delinquent and defaulted students and program retention, program graduation and program placement rates

  17. Questions David Rice Associate Director, Counseling & Outreach Student Financial Services - Saint Louis University (314) 977-2337 Dena Norris Director of Student Financial Services Metropolitan Community College (816) 604-1527 Susie Facklam University of Missouri Financial Aid Office (573) 882-7590 Jody Castillo Systems Director of Financial Assistance Bryan University 417.862.0098