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Bahia Coyote, Mexico PowerPoint Presentation
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Bahia Coyote, Mexico

Bahia Coyote, Mexico

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Bahia Coyote, Mexico

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  1. Bahia Coyote, Mexico By Carlos Perez

  2. La Bahia Coyote “La Bahia Coyote” is a desert situated in northern Mexico, very close to US border. La Bahia Coyote has a beautiful beach and a nice and warm sea full of animals and interesting plants.

  3. Location Bahia Coyote is situated in northern Mexico just in the border of the US. Close to Tijuana and Guadalajara

  4. Animals Many animals are animals that are made for the desert. There is the sea next to it and some lakes so many of these. Many of those animals are really carnivores and use venom to kill preys. These animals live there because they don’t need a lot of water. These animals are made for these deserts. Mexican coyote, Harris Falcon, Tarantula Leopardo

  5. Plants It’s a desert zone so there are not many plants. Some of them are very rare. Plants around that zone don’t need a lot of water but are very use full like cactus plant is used for creams. Cactus, Aloe Vera and desert Bush

  6. Human effect It’s a zone that is not very affected by humans. It’s a zone were it has being used more for crossing the US border illegally. Many resources like cactus are used for things like body hydrants. This border is full of patrols.

  7. Temperature Being a desert its very hot temperature but at night time it can drop to -0. The approximate temperature during summer is 50 to 55. Its very rare to rain it might rain like twice a year.

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  9. Thanks for watching or how they say in Mexico “Gracias porescuchar amigos”