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Marianne’s Vocabulary Words PowerPoint Presentation
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Marianne’s Vocabulary Words

Marianne’s Vocabulary Words

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Marianne’s Vocabulary Words

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  1. Marianne’s Vocabulary Words Date:

  2. Word: Appoint Definition: to choose someone for a job Part of speech: verb Synonyms: name ,choose ,nominate Antonyms: discharge ,fire ,dismiss Original sentence: All my friends appoint her to sit at our table.

  3. Word: astonished Definition: to surprise very much Part of speech: verb Synonyms: astound ,amaze ,surprise Antonyms: tire ,bore Original sentence: my family astonished my grandmother by giving her a surprise party.

  4. Word: calculate Definition: to find out or measure Part of speech: verb Synonyms: count ,figure ,estimate Antonyms: guess ,assume ,miscalculate Original sentence: I calculate all of my money and it added up to $50 dollars.

  5. Word: challenge Definition: something that tests your skills Part of speech: noun Synonyms: question ,dare ,call Antonyms: Collocations: Face a challenge; meet a challenge Original sentence: I challenged my sister to a race in the backyard.

  6. Word: concept Definition: an idea Part of speech: noun Synonyms: fancy ,image ,idea Antonyms: thing ,matter ,entity Original sentence: my friend had a concept of owning a pet store.

  7. Word: drag Definition: to pull Part of speech: verb Synonyms: pull ,tug ,heave Antonyms: Collocations: drag oneself away; drag somebody into something Original sentence: I dragged my back pack all over the school because it was too heavy.

  8. Word : extend Definition: to continue for a distance Part of speech : verb Synonyms: stretch ,increase ,grant Antonyms: abbreviate ,shorten ,curtail Collocations: extended family Original sentence: we extended our bowling time because we were having fun.

  9. Word: extreme Definition: very great Part of speech : adjective Synonyms: excessive ,overdone ,limit Antonyms: reasonable ,modest Original sentence: This video is extreme and has explosions and fireworks the whole time.

  10. Word : mere Definition: small Part of speech : adjective Synonyms: only ,simple ,scant Antonyms: substantial ,considerable Original sentence: Wow this is a mere mouse that scared me half to death.

  11. Word: passage Definition: a narrow path Part of speech: noun Synonyms: section passageway ,tour Antonyms: Collocations: Book passage Original sentence: This passage in the book is so cool: a dog is talking in that party.