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Music Video Pitch

Music Video Pitch

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Music Video Pitch

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  1. Music Video Pitch James Jackson Luke Newell Josh Goodes

  2. Song Choice • Madeon – Finale • Released 2012 • Used in FIFA13 & PS VITA Adverts • Reached Top 10 iTunes Dance Chart • No Music Video as of yet • Run Time : 3:24 • Genre : House/Club

  3. Story • The overall idea that we have for the music video is in essence a large chase between a thief and members of a record label/mysterious firm with high authority in masks. • The intro will consist of an unknown man moving slyly around a shop/market whilst unknowingly being watched by the two characters through cctv. • This man then steals an object such as an unreleased record/private information about the record label/something of great value to another character and run off. • You will then see the two anonymous mask characters leaving their seats at the cctv security office to chase this unknown man. This will then lead in to the main lyrics of the song.

  4. Story • The story then progresses with the thief running into a car park. Hiding behind a pillar, he catches his breath whilst peeking round the corner to see if he has been followed. • Slow Motion shot is then used with the 2 men turning the corner looking for the thief. • The chase then continues throughout London/ Dartford/ Thamesmead through various locations. • Towards the end of the chase, the thief will be cornered by the two men. We have two possible endings...

  5. Story • He will stand there looking at the two men and both will remove their masks (although their faces will not be shown in shot). We will then see the thief looking astonished and a fade to black. • The two men will approach with multiple others in masks and then be surrounded. The CD/Briefcase/Prop will then drop to the ground and then this will be the last shot and then fade to black.

  6. Actors/Artist • Daniel Hillier • Ryan Cheale • Philip Cross • We are unsure as to the role of each individual at this point (Thief or one of the masked men). We are intending on auditioning each one in the various roles and then from this deciding which we feel would best suit the individual role.

  7. Location Southbank Skatepark • We have looked at many different locations for the various shots we will need to film and selected the following for the music video: Deluxe 142 Wardour Street Dartford Underground Walkway

  8. BluewaterCarpark Westfield Carpark Temple Hill, Dartford London Southbank Southmere Lake

  9. Anonymous Masks Costume • For the 2 characters that will be in pursuit, we have chosen for them to wear anonymous (v for vendetta) masks to add a sense of mysteriousness. They will be dressed in either grey suits or black suits (this comes down to availability) with a white shirt and black tie. What we want them to look like Suits

  10. Costume Grey Hoodie • For the thief we decided that we would have him looking as casual as possible. A grey hoodie is repeatedly used in many chase scenes and we feel this would be a good choice of attire for the thief. Along with this, a light blue pair of jeans to really identify the thief with a casual look and this will be topped off with trainers. Light Blue Jeans Adidas Trainers

  11. Props/Aids • We are planning on using either a CD Case (with CD) or a silver briefcase as the item that is stolen by the thief (seen across) • For filming we are also intending on attempting to create a merricam, which is basically a home-made glidecam. It is done using a tripod with a few alterations and will let us film some fast paced shots without the fear of jolting in the footage.