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  2. Keeping in view of unflinching desires and aspirations of thousands of students and the citizens of this unprivileged and neglected region of Palamu division, Hon’ble Governor-cum-Chancellor of the State of Jharkhand, His Excellency, Sri Syed Sibte Razi has been kind enough with his historical declaration by creating Nilamber-Pitamber University on 17th of January, 2009 in Medininagar Palamu under the provision of State legislation and Jharkhand State University Act, 2000 as amended up to date, to fulfill the long cherished ambitions of the students for higher education.

  3. At present, there are four constituent college, eight affiliated college, two engineering college, one dental college and two college of education under the geographical jurisdiction of the newly created Nilamber-Pitamber University. In addition to these, the University has received proposals of five other colleges for affiliation from Ranchi University Office, which are pending as yet. Further four proposals for Medical College, Ayurvedic Collge, Homeopathic College and Nursing College from Vananchal Educational and Welfare Trust, Garhwa have been received by the University and the appraisal of these four proposal has been carried out by the University.

  4. List of Colleges/Institutes under Nilamber-Pitamber University A. Constituent Colleges • G.L.A. College, Medininagar • J.S. College, Medininagar • Y.S.N.M. College, Medininagar • S.S.J.S.N. College, Garhwa

  5. B. Affiliated Colleges • S.P.D. College, Garhwa • G.N.S. Mahila College, Garhwa • B.S.M. College, Bhawnathpur • B.S. College, Latehar • M.K. College, Panki • A.K.S. College, Japla • Laxmi Chandravanshi College, Rehla, Palamu • B.N. College, Medininagar

  6. C. Professional / Technical Colleges • Vananchal Dental College, Garhwa • R.C.C. Institute of Technology, Bishrampur • D.A.V. Institute of Engineering & Technology, Medininagar • Tetri Chandravanshi College of Education, Pindra, Garhwa • Shahdeo Chandravanshi College of Education, Bishrampur

  7. Progress made after the creation of Nilamber-Pitamber University, Medininagar on 17th Jan., 2009. • An official LOGO of the University has been developed. • To Implement Article 70(B) of JSU Act 2000 the meeting was held at HRD Deptt. on 20 Feb. 2009.The decision taken has been notified and is being implemented.

  8. Files and Funds have been received from Ranchi University related to registration, affiliation, vocational courses & superannuation of employees • Funds to the tune of Rs. 5-6 Lacs from A/c ‘A’ has been made available to the colleges for upgradation of laboratory, library, face lifting, toilet, reading room, bench-desk etc. • The district administration is cooperating for land demarcation, road construction, completion of stadium and drinking water. • 46.80 Acres of Land for establishment of Nilamber-Pitamber University has been demarketed by D.C. Palamu which has been intimated by his letter Dated 07-04-2009. This acheivement is again by the Grace of His Excellency Hon’ble Chancellor as per the order of your Lordship made earlier.

  9. The Registration of students and affiliation of old and new courses in colleges has been initiated. • Registration and affiliation with UGC and AIU has been initiated. • University has taken initiative to start B.Ed. and Law courses in constituent colleges. • The appointment of Registrar, Finance officer (In-Charge),DSW & Proctor has been made.

  10. University has initiated the appointment process for Finance officer, Controller of Examination, Deputy Registrar and Asst. Registrar through JPSC, Ranchi. • The appointment of 22 University Professors, 44 Readers and 66 Lecturers has been initiated by the University. • Transfer and deputation of teachers have been made on the basis of immediate requirement for better academic environment.

  11. Transfer and deputation of Grade-III and Grade-IV Staff have been made to meet the requirement of University office and colleges. • Rs. 50.00 Lacs has been provided by HRD Department Govt. of Jharkhand to establish the University. • Rs. 35.00 Lacs has been provided by Ranchi University as part of implementation of Article 70(B) of JSU Act 2000.

  12. The registration fee of Rs. 5,51,945 /- of students admitted in session 2008-09 has been received from Ranchi University. • University is utilizing the funds as per budgetary provision against the sanctioned amount of Rs. 50.00 Lacs by HRD Department. No deviation is being made from the estimated budget. • Two vehicles have been purchased for the use of the University Officials.

  13. Renovation of existing building of earlier branch office has been done with some new constructions like toilet etc. • University office requirements like Almirah, Table, Chair, Invertors, Cell Phones, Stationeries etc. has been purchased. • The Vice Chancellor’s residence provided by district administration has been moderately furnished.

  14. Advisory committee, Purchase and sales Committee, Appraisal Committee at University level and Disciplinary Committee at the college level have been constituted as per Art. 75 (d). • Proposals of Financial Assistance of Y.S.N.M. College, Medininagar, G.N.S.M. College,Garhwa, B.S. College, Latehar have been recommended and forwarded to HRD.

  15. UGC Research grant of minor research project of teachers has been released by the University. • The new regulation for Ph.D., D.Sc. & D.Litt. will be enforced from the new academic session 2009-10. No registration is being entertained at present. • Research council is to be notified after starting P.G. Department in the academic session 2009-10.

  16. The process for settling Retiral benefits to teaching and non teaching staff has been initiated. The cases of two teachers are pending, who have retired on or after 28th Feb. 2009. • Corpus Fund : approx. 20% of the fund available in A/c ‘A’ of the colleges have been taken by the University in its general fund account to create Corpus Fund. The amount is Rs. 90.00 Lacs.

  17. Registration with UGC and AIU is pending which is under process. • Budget for 2009-10 has been submitted to HRD Department, Govt. of Jharkhand and sanction is awaited. • Nomination of members to Senate / Syndicate by the Hon’ble Chancellor and State Government is still awaited. The proposal has been submitted.

  18. Pending appointment by JPSC the University requests Hon’ble Chancellor for making alternative arrangement of Controller of Examination / OSD Examination to meet the immediate need. Proposal is with Hon’ble Chancellor’s Secretariat. • University will go for out sourcing to meet the immediate requirement of examination through computerization system.

  19. The number of students admitted in 2008-09 is approx. 15 thousand. • The total number of students in all the faculties is approx. 30 thousand in the University apart from Intermediate students. • Domain for University Web site : has been registered with 100 MB web space. Web site designing is in process to incorporate profile of the Officials & faculty members,informations of the colleges, rules & regulations, leaving sufficient spaces for the details of ensuing Bachelors & Post Graduate Examinations of the students registered for session 2008-09. • A few pictorial representations of the University and college buildings are presented here.

  20. SHORT TERM MISSION • To construct administrative building for immediate need. • To establish University examination section in the existing building of G.L.A. College occupied by IGNOU. • To develop computer and tabulation center. • To develop a central library with internet access. • To construct multi purpose examination hall.

  21. To construct building for 22 P.G. Departments of Science, Social Science, Humanities & Commerce Faculties. • To prepare Master Plan for developing G.L.A. College campus as an academic center of the University. • To introduce Vocational / Self Financing courses in the colleges in addition to the existing courses.

  22. Under the able leadership and guidance of Hon’ble Chancellor, the University is determined to march forward in the field of Higher Education to bring this University in the map of education. Thank You