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Inspiration. Why?. Ideas are the Focus. Visual. Plan, Process and Prioritize. Convert to Outlines for writing. Organize, Update or Change. Brainstorming KWL Charts What you K now What you W ant to Know What was L earned Pre-Writing Research Paper Planning

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  1. Inspiration

  2. Why? Ideas are the Focus Visual Plan, Process and Prioritize Convert to Outlines for writing Organize, Update or Change

  3. Brainstorming • KWL Charts • What you Know • What you Want to Know • What was Learned • Pre-Writing • Research Paper • Planning • Concept Mapping • Classification • Analogies • Comparisons Uses U S E S

  4. Brainstorming New Idea New Idea New Idea Rapid Fire New Idea New Idea

  5. KWL Charts

  6. Pre-writing…

  7. Paragraphs

  8. Higher level thinking skills Brainstorm Organize Evaluate Students Synthesize Analyze Produce

  9. Language Arts Language Arts

  10. Book Similarities and Differences

  11. Comparing two books

  12. Compare/Contrast

  13. Visualize Poetry

  14. Vocabulary

  15. Writing a biography

  16. Social Studies Social Studies

  17. Comparison of French and American Revolutions

  18. Eleanor Roosevelt

  19. Inventions

  20. Science Science

  21. Scientific Process

  22. Forms of energy

  23. mixtures M I X T U R E S

  24. Math Math

  25. P R O B A B I L I T Y Probability

  26. Multiplication

  27. Prime Factoring

  28. Planning Planning

  29. Research paper

  30. Outline projects for your class

  31. Flow charts Decision Box (always an answer of yes or no) Operation Box (do something) Start or Stop

  32. Flow charts Start 1 2 HOW TO KNOCK ON A DOOR Steps 1. Walk to the door 2. Raise hand 3. Make fist 4. Knock on the door three times 5. Wait 6. Does anyone answer? Yes - go to step 7 No - go to step 4 7. Say “hello” 3 4 5 NO GO TO STEP 4 6 7 Stop

  33. Flow chart Ideas How to polish a car How to set the dining room table How to keep score in tennis How to average your grades How to measure the distance around a circle How to make a cake How to use the potter’s wheel

  34. Analogies

  35. RESOURCES www.inspiration.com conference.merlot.org/conference/ 2004/presentations/merlotInspiration.ppt A.C.T. Affective Cognitive Thinking Classroom Instruction that Works

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