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  1. Geography Which capital belongs to the non- contiguous region? Sacramento Tallahassee Honolulu Richmond

  2. Geography Which group of famous cities would you find in the Northeastern part of the United States? San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit New York, Boston, Pittsburgh Atlanta, Washington D.C., New Orleans

  3. Geography What United States city is known for their steel plants? Pittsburgh Detroit Chicago Philadelphia

  4. Geography If you were an African American in the 1920’s, where would you live in order to have a better standard of living? Montgomery, Alabama Nashville, Tennessee Boston, Massachusetts Atlanta, Georgia

  5. Geography The textile industry in the United States is associated with what area? New England Pacific Region Detroit Los Angeles

  6. Geography What states are located in the southwest region of the United States? Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico Alaska, California, Hawaii Maryland, Delaware, Virginia

  7. Geography Which group of cities is located in the southwestern region of the United States? Honolulu, Juneau Atlanta, New Orleans San Antonio, Santa Fe Boston, Philadelphia

  8. Westward Expansion Chief Joseph led the Nez Perce Indians toward Canada, but finally decided he must - Enjoy life on a reservation Surrender to the army Live in Mexico Continue to fight

  9. Westward Movement After the Civil War, what two valuable minerals were discovered in the West? coal and silver copper and coal gold and coal silver and gold

  10. Westward Expansion What was the result of prospectors moving to new mining sites? Homesteads Boom towns Indian reservations Ghost towns

  11. Westward Expansion How did the invention of barbed wire and the steel plow influence the westward movement? It allowed people to move to more challenging environments. It improved tobacco farming in Virginia. It improved railroad construction. It allowed farmers to plant more crops.

  12. Westward Expansion Due to low rainfall on the Great Plains, farmers adapted their techniques by using which of the following? Sod homes Dry farming Railroads Barbed wire

  13. Westward Expansion What form of shelter did settlers use because of the scarcity of trees on the Great Plains? Teepee Grass hut Log cabin Sod house

  14. Westward Expansion What new invention allowed wheat farmers to harvest their crops more quickly? Steel plow Windmill Barbed wire Railroads

  15. Westward Expansion Which best describes the features and climate of the Great Plains? Flatlands that rise gradually from east to west. Land eroded by dust storms and water Low rainfall All of the above

  16. Westward Expansion What reason caused people to expand westward? Opportunities for land ownership Transcontinental railroad Gold and silver All of the above

  17. Westward Expansion The idea of Manifest Destiny meant what? Native Americans had an equal claim to the lands in the west. Slavery should be allowed in the west. No more European colonies would be allowed in America. The United States had the right to expand to the Pacific Ocean.

  18. Westward Expansion The completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869 contributed to the settlement of what region of the United States? Northeast Southeast Western Rocky Mountains Non-contiguous

  19. Westward Expansion What was the impact of the westward movement on the Native Americans? Reservations Gold Homestead Act Civil War

  20. Westward Expansion Which of the following was a provision of the Homestead Act? Gold Transcontinental Railroad 160 acres of land Cattle drives

  21. Westward Expansion Which of the following men fought in the Battle of Little Big Horn? George Custer Teddy Roosevelt Chief Joseph Abraham Lincoln

  22. Westward Expansion The Transcontinental Railroad helped to link the following? Arctic Ocean to the Indian Ocean Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean

  23. Westward Expansion An Indian reservation is? Hunting ground for all Americans A national park for Indians Land set aside for Indians Land set aside for buffalo

  24. Westward Expansion The Homestead Act of 1862 helped the development of the West by? Granting land for the construction of the transcontinental railroad Allowing slavery to spread through the territories Providing free land to settlers Placing Native Americans on reservations

  25. Immigration In the late 1800’s, the increase for tenement building was a direct result of ____? Changing roles for women during war Rapid growth of cities due to immigrants Westward expansion by Americans Young children working in factories

  26. Immigration Which of the following BEST describes a tenement? Cramped quarters on a ship Place to go for food and shelter A run-down apartment building A suburb of the city

  27. Immigration Hull House, a famous settlement house in Chicago, was founded by which of the following? Jane Addams Susan B. Anthony Bessie Smith Eleanor Roosevelt

  28. Immigration During the 1800’s/ early 1900’s, working conditions were _____? • Good, with an 8-hour day, good wages, and safe conditions. • Okay, with high wages, and fairly safe conditions. • Poor, with long hours, low wages, and unsafe conditions. • Poor, with short hours, low wages, and safe conditions.

  29. Immigration What product was most responsible for the growth of the major industrial area in Detroit, Michigan? Oil industry Textile industry Automobile industry Steel industry

  30. Immigration After the Civil War, what city became the center of the meat packing industry? Sacramento Kansas City Pittsburgh Chicago

  31. Immigration Which of the following is NOT a reason immigrants came to the United States following the Civil War? For a new adventure To begin an oppressive government Hope for a better opportunity Religious freedom

  32. Immigration Alexander Graham Bell invented the - Cotton gin Telephone Light bulb Steam boat

  33. Immigration Which is the correct combination? Cotton gin - Carnegie Telephone - Rockefeller Lighting and Electricity - Edison Railroads - Bell

  34. Industrialization Which was NOT a result of affordable automobiles? Growth of cities Greater mobility Creation of jobs Suburban developments

  35. Industrialization Andrew Carnegie is most associated with - Railroads Steel Mining Oil

  36. Industrialization John D. Rockefeller formed a monopoly in - Steel Railroads Oil Cattle

  37. Industrialization All of the following are matched correctly EXCEPT? John D. Rockefeller – oil Andrew Carnegie – steel Henry Ford – automobile David Sarnoff - railroads

  38. Industrialization The assembly line increased? The need for skilled workers The quality of products while increasing costs The quantity of products while decreasing costs Worker safety on the job

  39. Industrialization Labor unions formed to help workers - Work longer hours for lower pay Child labor laws Encourage the use of more child labor Stop government interference in the workplace

  40. Industrialization When labor union workers protested low pay or working conditions, they used - Monopolies Child labor laws Strikes Trusts

  41. Industrialization The Homestead Strike of 1892 involved- Standard Oil employees Workers from McCormick Carnegie’s steel workers Pullman’s railway employees

  42. Industrialization One of the most important improvements in transportation in the early twentieth century was the - Railroad Automobile Ships Steam engine

  43. Industrialization Which of the following was most responsible for the decrease in the use of railroads for transporting goods? Internet Satellites Interstate highways telecommunications

  44. Industrialization John needs to research information about diabetes. Which modern technology would be the most useful? Cell phone Pager Telegraph Internet

  45. Industrialization Which of the following was accomplished by the space program in 1970? Put a man on the moon Create a city on the moon Travel to the sun Put a man on Mars

  46. Reform Movements What corrupt organizations controlled local government in many cities during the Progressive Era? Muckrakers Progressives Political machines Suffragists

  47. Progressive Era What is Jane Addams mainly known for? The creation of the American Federation of Labor The work of Hull House Her work in the women’s suffrage movement Writing a history of the Standard Oil Company

  48. Industrialization Why did Henry Ford use the assembly line? To increase the number of cars and decrease the price To decrease the number of cars and increase the price To create a wider variety of cars To pay his employees less

  49. Industrialization The creation of stocks, corporations, and trusts are most closely connected with - Rise of big business Development of the factory system Formation of labor unions Invention of the automobile

  50. Industrialization Who used the assembly line in the automobile industry? John D. Rockefeller Andrew Carnegie Henry Ford J.P. Morgan