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International Chamber Of Commerce PowerPoint Presentation
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International Chamber Of Commerce

International Chamber Of Commerce

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International Chamber Of Commerce

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  1. International Chamber Of Commerce

  2. Purpose of the Organization • Largest and most representative business organization in the world • ICC was founded to serve world business by promoting trade and investment, open markets for goods and services and the free flow of capital

  3. Membership • There are two ways to become a member of ICC • Through affiliation with an ICC national committee or group • By direct membership with the ICC International Secretariat when a national committee/group has not been established in your country or territory • The ICC periodically has meetings of its various international members. Some include: 1967 Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1963 Mexico City, Mexico, 1955 Tokyo, Japan, etc. • The ICC is made up of several of governing groups: • World Council • Executive Board • International Secretariat • National Committees • Finance Committee

  4. Policies and Business Practices • ICC policies, rules and standards are prepared by specialized working bodies • Normal procedure requires policy statements first to be adopted by a commission, in consultation with national committees, and then approved by the Executive Board, before they can be regarded as official and public ICC positions • Commissions examine major policy issues of interest to world business • Each national committee (NC) or group may appoint delegates to represent it at meetings • Officers are appointed by the Chairman and Secretary General in consultation with NCs • Meetings of commissions are normally held twice a year.

  5. History of the ICC • The International Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1919 • The organization's international secretariat was established in Paris and the ICC's International Court of Arbitration was created in 1923 • The ICC's first chairman was 20th-century French Minister of Finance Etienne Clémentel • ICC's current chairman is Gerard Worms

  6. Role Today • Staged all over the world, ICC events range from large topical conferences to training sessions for small groups. These smaller seminars and courses share ICC’s expertise on commercial arbitration, dispute resolution mechanisms like mediation, Incoterms, uniform customs and practice for documentary credits (UCP) and others • ICC Publications is the publishing arm of the International Chamber of Commerce providing business with essential resources in three broad categories: ICC rules and guidelines, practical commentaries, and reference works. The content of ICC’s publications is derived from the work of ICC commissions, institutions and individual international experts • ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS) provides the world business community with a centralized crime-fighting body. It draws on the worldwide resources of its members in the fight against commercial crime on many fronts.

  7. ICC Special Projects • ICC established Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP) to take a leading role in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy • BASCAP unites the global business community to more effectively identify and address intellectual property rights issues and petition for greater commitments by local, national and international officials in the enforcement and protection of IPR • BASCAP speaks out on the damage caused by counterfeiting and piracy, including: • Harm to the economy, loss of employment prospects • Danger to consumer health and safety • Loss of innovation and poor quality products • Financial links to organized crime • Erosion of technology transfer

  8. ICC Canada • The ICC International Court of Arbitration is one of the oldest and most respected venues for international arbitration. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, operating as ICC Canada, is the national committee to the ICC International Court of Arbitration. ICC Canada’s Arbitration Committee includes many of Canada’s (and in many cases, the world’s) leading practitioners of international arbitration. This group includes arbitrators who are familiar with all manner of legal systems, reside in over 10 different international locations and speak more than a dozen languages. Please see our list of Canadian Arbitrators for further details as to their individual qualifications.