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Types of Medical Practice PowerPoint Presentation
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Types of Medical Practice

Types of Medical Practice

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Types of Medical Practice

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  1. 2 Types of Medical Practice

  2. Learning Outcomes 2.1 Describe medical specialties and specialists. 2.2 Explain the purpose of the American Board of Medical Specialties. 2.3 Describe the duties of several types of allied health professionals with whom medical assistants may work. 2.4 Name professional associations that may help advance a medical assistant’s career.

  3. Introduction • Medical assistants are an integral part of the health-care team • A working knowledge of specialties and allied health professionals enables the MA to function better as a member of the health-care team

  4. Cardiology Pediatrics Adult Medical Specialties • Approximately 22 major medical specialties exist • Specialized medical care is driven by advances in diagnosing and treating various diseases Note: Cardiology = specialty Pediatrics and Adult = subspecialty

  5. Bachelor’s Degree Graduate from an Accredited Medical School Pass the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam Physician Education and Licensure Complete 2–6 Years of Residency

  6. Medical Specialists

  7. Medical Specialists (cont.)

  8. Medical Specialists (cont.)

  9. Medical Specialists (cont.)

  10. Medical Specialists (cont.)

  11. Medical Specialists (cont.)

  12. Medical Specialists (cont.)

  13. Medical Specialists (cont.)

  14. Apply Your Knowledge Name the medical specialists who would be involved in the care of a 6-month-old infant with massive burns over 90% of the body and indicate how each specialist would contribute to the care for this situation. • ANSWER: The following specialists would be involved in the care of this patient: • Pediatrician because of the age of the infant • Plastic surgeon to perform skin grafting • Dermatologist for skin, hair, and nail repair • Emergency medicine for treatment during medical crisis Correct!

  15. Health-Care Team Doctors Nurses PATIENT Specialists Medical Assistants Knowing the duties of other health-care team members will help you be a more effective team member.

  16. Allied Health Professionals

  17. Allied Health Professionals (cont.)

  18. Allied Health Professionals (cont.)

  19. Allied Health Professionals (cont.)

  20. Allied Health Professionals (cont.) HCPCS CPT ICD-9

  21. Allied Health Professionals (cont.)

  22. Allied Health Professionals (cont.)

  23. Allied Health Professionals (cont.)

  24. Allied Health Professionals (cont.)

  25. Allied Health Professionals (cont.)

  26. Allied Health Professionals (cont.)

  27. Allied Health Professionals (cont.)

  28. Allied Health Professionals (cont.)

  29. Allied Health Professionals (cont.)

  30. Allied Health Professionals (cont.)

  31. Allied Health Professionals (cont.)

  32. Allied Health Professionals (cont.)

  33. Nursing Careers

  34. Registered Nurse (RN)

  35. Nursing Careers (cont.)

  36. Nursing Careers (cont.)

  37. Apply Your Knowledge If you had to choose other health-care team members to plan the care for a 68-year-old patient recently diagnosed with a stroke, who has a history of seizure disorders, which would you choose, and why? • ANSWER: The health-care team members that might participate in this patient’s care are: • Physical therapist for decreased mobility due to stroke • Pharmacist to review medications • Nutritionist for dietary evaluation and possible modifications • EEG technician to perform EEG for brain electrical activity • Nursing staff (RN, LPN, CNA) • Other health-care professionals will also be part of the team! Good Job!

  38. Specialty Career Options for MAs • Require additional education or training • Many options available – check: • Local and medical college libraries • State employment agencies • Health career opportunities in local newspapers • Directly with companies where you might seek employment

  39. Specialty Career Options (cont.)

  40. Specialty Career Options (cont.)

  41. Specialty Career Options (cont.)

  42. Specialty Career Options (cont.)

  43. Specialty Career Options (cont.)

  44. Specialty Career Options (cont.)

  45. Specialty Career Options (cont.)

  46. Professional Associations • Involvement in issues and activities relevant to your profession • Opportunities for continuingeducation

  47. Professional Associations (cont.) American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) American College of Physicians (ACP) American Hospital Association (AHA)

  48. Professional Associations (cont.) American Medical Association (AMA) American Medical Technologists (AMT) American Pharmacists Association American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPI)

  49. TJC • Formerly The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations • Non-profit organization • Goal is to maintain and elevate the standards of health-care delivery by health-care organizations • Evaluation • Accreditation • Accreditation is significant factor in gaining reimbursement from Medicare and managed care organizations

  50. Council of Ethical and Judicial Affairs (CEJA) • Develops policy for the AMA • Addresses timely ethical issues • Maintains and updates the AMA Code of Ethics • Comprehensive ethics guide for physicians