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Webinar: Business Intelligence 3.0: Social, Relevant, & Self-Service PowerPoint Presentation
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Webinar: Business Intelligence 3.0: Social, Relevant, & Self-Service

Webinar: Business Intelligence 3.0: Social, Relevant, & Self-Service

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Webinar: Business Intelligence 3.0: Social, Relevant, & Self-Service

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  1. Webinar:Business Intelligence 3.0: Social, Relevant, & Self-Service James G. Kobielus, Senior Analyst May 11, 2011

  2. Only a small proportion of the actionable intelligence • you will ever need is in data warehouses and marts. 1 Collaboration features are coming into the core enterprise BI user experience to help teams tap the intelligence within their organizations, partner ecosystems, and customer communities. 2 The emerging generation of self-service BI platforms will help users tap each others’ smarts, build sophisticated analytics, mine relevant information on social networks, and deploy reports, dashboards, and other guided views to social communities. 3 • BI: It’s evolving into a cloud of social intelligence

  3. Your companies’ most critical business intelligence may be in people’s heads. How do you unlock that precious social resource & deliver it on-demand wherever it’s needed?

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  5. Brilliance is the most powerful business asset • Brilliance is the ability to produce a steady stream of analytical, informed, practical insights. • Business intelligence (BI) is your brilliance infrastructure. • But BI is incomplete if it can’t “crowdsource” the brilliance of human communities. • Traditional BI squanders that social asset.

  6. Organized social intelligence: tackling big challenges GLOBAL CHALLENGES BUSINESS CHALLENGES • Cure cancer • Reverse global warming • Damp down wild and crazy swings in the macroeconomy • Harness biodiversity richness for food, fuel, pharmaceuticals, etc. • Predict the future with greater confidence and precision • [insert favorite utopian dream here] survival stay afloat efficiency do more with less optimization flex & adjust differentiation stay ahead

  7. Information power + Horsepower + Brainpower + Social power BI What powers organized social intelligence

  8. Social support for organized analytic brilliance Speedy answers ...and access to each other’s guidance and advice Single view of everything ...and a complete panorama of each other’s deep knowledge Single version of truth ...and a sure sense of who are the principal experts on which topics Self-service information exploration ...and the ability to explore big data and big problems collectively & interactively in real time

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  10. Self-Service Social BI: Empowerment Is the Goal From a decision-support perspective, the typical user is: Demanding, dynamic, omnivorous Their BI needs are ever-changing: New sources, new data, new models, new reports, new dashboards, new queries a never-ending stream of requests for changes to all the above They want the power to get all the intelligence they need.... Including access to the people with the most expertise in their problem area. And they want it all NOW!!!!!!!!! BI CRM XML ERP

  11. Traditional BI won’t cut it: bottleneck in intelligence flow Access to necessary content is difficult Diverse sources and formats; scattered, incompatible, redundant data sets; heterogeneous information silos; fixed data models, structures, and cubes Unified rollup is easier said than done Semantic mismatch of subject-specific data models; dynamic mergers, consolidations, and reorganizations of data sets IT backlogs frustrate users EDW often a bottleneck, as are short-staffed BI development teams; takes time/resources to add new sources, extend schemas, build new OLAP cubes, modify reports And none of this delivers social intelligence! Hey IT! Give us the power to get our jobs done--and stay out of our way!

  12. Self-Service BI Unclogs this Bottleneck Takes IT out of the loop, cuts costs, reduces development backlogs, speeds delivery of intelligence and analytics to decision makers BI SaaS, in-memory BI, personal OLAP, and BI guided search among the principal self-service approaches. Growing range of robust BI SaaS offerings

  13. What are the Core Self-Service BI Features? Source: Forrester Research,“Empower BI HEROes With Self-Service Tools,” October 2010

  14. Social adds muscle to self-service BI Puts BI power into collective hands of business users and subject matter experts • Self-service visual development of BI reports, dashboards, and analytic applications, leveraging browser, Web 2.0, rich Internet applications; • On-demand information retrieval with near-real-time refresh; • Personalized, role-tailored, context-sensitive views; • Unified model via semantic data virtualization; • User-centric publishing of fresh intelligence, plus rich collaborative development of shared analytics • As you pool more expert human intelligence, the more powerful a BI environment grows.

  15. Next-generation BI delivers pervasive intelligence

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  17. Social BI Architecture Legacy • Metadata, models, views, calculations, reports, rules, & other artifacts db db Business analyst BI, advanced analytics, content data warehouse, data integration, data management, governance, collaboration Subject-area social content marts db info CRM metadata Subject-area social content marts Social media experience, interaction, presentation and publishing (browser, visual, Web 2.0, in-memory) Subject matter expert events Creating, posting, & consuming, and posting social-mashed analytic apps & information BPM Subject-area social content marts db db Casual user ERP • Cloud, SaaS, on-demand, premises-based, appliance, etc. Finance db Power user Social BI platform Social BI users

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  19. Explore the growing range of commercial BI tools that support social, self-service, guided functionality Investigate your incumbent BI vendor’s support for this functionality. How to succeed in the long-term? How to get started? • Move toward enterprise-wide self-service social BI capabilities • Enhance your social BI implementation by adding user-friendly guided analytics tools • Evolve your social BI to support complex, real-time information, metadata, and events sourced from public and private social media

  20. James G. Kobielus +1 703.922.6829 Thank you