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CNAP Training Webinar PowerPoint Presentation
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CNAP Training Webinar

CNAP Training Webinar

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CNAP Training Webinar

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  1. CNAP Training Webinar CO-HOSTED BY: Thursday, November 8th 1-3 PM *This Webinar is being recorded for future use

  2. Your Webinar Organizer….The face behind the voice Rebecca Tryon, MSProgram CoordinatorCCLHDN You are muted during this webinar If you have questions, use the chat function in the dashboard.

  3. Today’s Team of Presenters: Amy DeLisio, MPH, RDCalifornia Department of Public Health David Ginsburg, MPHUC CalFresh Nutrition Education Myrna Ramos and Patricia AvilaTulare County Health Department Gwenn White, MA and Maria Padilla, MPAContra Costa County Heath Services Amanda Nelson, MAS, RD, CLEYolo County Rebecca Tryon, MSCCLHDN

  4. Today’s agenda • CNAP Purpose and CDPH Expectations in FY13 • Partnering with Cooperative Extension • The LHD staff experience with CNAP – tips, tricks, lessons learned, and successes/challenges • CCLHDN support for CNAP Brief Q&A opportunities will occur between speakers and at the end of the webinar

  5. And Now, Let’s Hear From The Audience

  6. Amy DeLisio, MPH, RD Chief, Community Development Unit B The Network for a Healthy CaliforniaCalifornia Department of Public Health

  7. David Ginsburg, MPHDirector, UC CalFresh Nutrition EducationUniversity of California, Davis

  8. Myrna Ramos&Patricia AvilaPublic Health DivisionTulare County Health and Human Services AgencyVisalia, CA

  9. Maria Padilla, MPASenior Health EducatorGwenn White, MAHealth EducatorContra Costa County Health Services

  10. Amanda Nelson, RDSupervising Public Health NutritionistYolo County WIC Program


  12. HAVE YOU USED OUR RESOURCES? Survey The Audience……


  14. ONLINE RESOURCES If you have a CNAP document to share, please email or


  16. CCLHDN CNAP TOOLKIT • A Comprehensive document that describes the ‘How-To’ of CNAP creation in a step-by-step format • Based upon input from LHD staffwho have previously worked on CNAP • CNAP Template document included • Now Available on the CCLHDN Website!!

  17. CCLHDN PEER EXCHANGE PROGRAM • WHAT: Nutrition program staff travel to host site to learn best practices, discuss ‘how-to’s of program development/implementation, and get CNAP support • CNAP support can include review/discussion of your CNAP, brainstorming on how to bring partners to the table (and who to bring), discussion of what CNAP has accomplished at host site, etc. • Ongoing support from host site after exchange is complete • Priority given to members in planning exchanges. Goal of 9 exchanges (18 counties) in FY13.

  18. THANK YOU! CCLHDN CONTACT INFORMATIONPHONE: 530-759-0829STAFF:Melody Steeples, MPH, Rebecca Tryon, OR Lacey OR conference@cclhdn.orgCCLHDN ANNUAL MEETING MARCH 19-20th, 2013UC Davis Alumni Center, Davis CAregistration information coming soon!

  19. Final Q&A from the audience