the 2011 nercomp annual conference n.
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The 2011 NERCOMP Annual Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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The 2011 NERCOMP Annual Conference

The 2011 NERCOMP Annual Conference

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The 2011 NERCOMP Annual Conference

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  1. The 2011 NERCOMPAnnual Conference Tips for Speakers Thursday, March 17, 4:00 p.m. ET Lida Larsen and Leslie DeGrassi

  2. WELCOME An Overview of Today’s Program • Welcome from NERCOMP program chair • EDUCAUSE & Regional Strategy • About the Conference • Attendee Snapshot • Conference Experience • Speaker Key Facts • Track Tips • Poster Tips • BOF LunchtimeRoundtable Tips

  3. NERCOMP 2011 • Welcome from NERCOMPprogram committee chairGina Siesing

  4. NERCOMP 2011 Speaker Key Facts • Conference dates March 28 – 30 • Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence • Speakers are responsible for registration, travel, and hotel • Dress is business casual • Speaker ribbons • Need help? Registration deskand EDUCAUSE staff ribbons

  5. NERCOMP 2011 Speaker Information Web Page • • Detailed information for track and poster session presenters • Upload your presentation • Conference PowerPoint template • Speaker Resource Hub

  6. Faculty Librarians Administrators IT Professionals EDUCAUSE and NERCOMP are…communities of higher education professionals Spanning institutions, organizations, corporations, and geographic borders.

  7. EDUCAUSE Regional Strategy and NERCOMP Collaboration NERCOMP 2011: Providence, RI EDUCAUSE Midwest Regional Conference 2011: Chicago, IL EDUCAUSE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2011: Baltimore, MD EDUCAUSE West/Southwest Regional Conference 2011: Austin, TX EDUCAUSE Southeast Regional Conference 2011: Charlotte, NC EDUCAUSE Mission: To advance higher education through the intelligent use of information technology.

  8. NERCOMP 2011Attendee Snapshot This conference brings professional development to more people at a lower cost and provides opportunities for regional networking. We've been successful: • The conference continues to attract 600+ institutional and corporate attendees each year • Many are "first-timers" to this conference - 47% so far this year. • .

  9. NERCOMP 2011 Attendee Snapshot While it is a Northeast regional conference – this conference attracts individuals from other regions. This year (so far) we have representation from 26 states, (nearly half from Massachusetts) and Canada, Ireland, and Japan. And attendees come from every type of institution from the very large public research universities to small private colleges = 170 institutions .

  10. NERCOMP 2011 Attendee Snapshot • 19% are from large research institutions • 29% are from master's institutions • 7% are from community colleges • 22% are from Baccalaureate institutions • Others: art, medical & business schools, organizations, tribal colleges, systemoffices, etc. (23%)

  11. NERCOMP 2011 Attendee Snapshot • 8% CIOs or other IT leaders—significantly higher than in past years • 23% Unit Directors and Managers • 22% Support IT Staff • 13% Instructional Technologists or Designers, Faculty, Deans, Academic Officers • 7% Librarians • Others include administrators, vendors, students, etc. Who are this year's attendees and the people you will see in yoursessions?

  12. NERCOMP 2011 Attendee Expectations • Practical Take-Aways • Scalable Ideas • Inspiration • New Trends • Pulse of the Profession • Networking Opportunities

  13. How do attendees learn best?

  14. NERCOMP 2011 Conference Experience • General Sessions • Track Sessions • Poster Sessions • Networking Reception • Lunchtime Roundtables • Discussion Sessions • Exhibit Hall • Corporate and Campus Solutions Sessions • and more

  15. TRACK SESSIONSSession Logistics • Room Set: theater-style seating • Attendance: Typically 40-80 attendees. • A/V and technology • Projector and screen (no laptop) • Ethernet Internet access • Sound patch for computer audio • Two microphones (1 podium and 1 wireless lavaliere) in most meeting rooms • Make sure to come to your meeting room 15 minutes before your session start time so that technology staff can check in with you.

  16. TRACK SESSIONS Conveners • Conveners volunteer to serve a session by: • introducing speakers • session evaluation reminder • keeping time • Your session MAY or MAY NOT have a volunteer convener. • On March 21 I’ll tell you who your convener is, OR send instructions on self-convening.

  17. NERCOMP 2011 General Tips • Come early and welcome attendees • Keep it informal • “Work” the audience • Synthesize main points • Note “Aha!” moments • Encourage conversation

  18. TRACK SESSIONS 7 Tips for Your Session • You too can be boring. Take time to plan your remarks and plan for interaction. Consider polling the audience, breaking into discussion, or encouraging post-session interaction on a wiki. 1

  19. TRACK SESSIONS 7 Tips for Your Session • You have 10 minutes. According to John Medina, people consume information in 10-15 minute packets.Plan to “chunk” your presentation into pieces and plan for interaction between. 2

  20. TRACK SESSIONS 7 Tips for Your Session • Avoid Power Pointless. Create slides that are complementary to your remarks, not identical. Use slides to illustrate your points – bring in images, charts, and multimedia.More tips on the Speaker Resource Page 3

  21. TRACK SESSIONS 7 Tips for Your Session • Keep it simple. Know your main points and make sure the audience knows them, too. Consider adding background readings and additional information to your session abstract. 4

  22. TRACK SESSIONS 7 Tips for Your Session • Plan with the audience in mind. Create slides and content that can be viewed from the back of the room. Develop a story arc that is easy to follow. Plan for interaction and engagement. 5

  23. TRACK SESSIONS 7 Tips for Your Session • Be Heard. Even if the room is small, use your microphone. Repeat any questions from the back of the room. 6

  24. TRACK SESSIONS 7 Tips for Your Session • Practice, practice, practice. There is no substitute for good preparation.Consider “trying out” your presentation on colleagues. 7

  25. TRACK SESSIONS Questions? Please post track session questions in the chat!

  26. POSTER SESSIONSSession Logistics • Attendees will experience posters during a dessert break from 1:15 – 2:15 p.m. • Standard Set: 6-foot skirted table • High table for laptop • Wireless Internet • Poster boards and easels UPON REQUEST • No electrical power!

  27. POSTER SESSIONSSession Logistics • Set up from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday. • Tables are pre-assigned. • Easels will be at your table. • Posters will be in the supply area. • Extra mounting supplies available. • Don’t leave laptop or other valuables unsecured!

  28. POSTER SESSIONS Tips for Your Session • Prepare remarks. Plan a short introduction to yourself and your content.Keep it short to leave plenty of time for discussion and questions.

  29. POSTER SESSIONS Tips for Your Session • Know your crowd. Ask participants to introduce themselves, their institution, and their background. Gear your remarks toward your audience.

  30. POSTER SESSIONS Tips for Your Session • Prepare a handout. Create a one-page summarization of your poster with URLs for further information and background.Upload a digital copy to the EDUCAUSE website after your session.

  31. POSTER SESSIONS Tips for Your Session • Keep it simple. Keep your poster simple and uncluttered.Make sure your poster is readable from 5 feet away.

  32. POSTER SESSIONS Tips for Your Session • Consider digital. Consider using a laptop to demo any digital tools or explore any websites. Make sure any digital content is easy to read and see from a distance.

  33. POSTER SESSIONS Please post questions about poster sessions in the chat!

  34. Birds-of-a-Feather Facilitators • Called roundtable discussions in the print program • BoFs during lunch on Tuesday 12:20 - 1:10 p.m. • East Prefunction Area and Rotunda • Look for table signs withyour topic.

  35. Birds-of-a-Feather FacilitatorsEffective BoF Facilitation Techniques • Prepare a conversation starter ahead of time. • Facilitate a round of brief introductions (name, institution, role at the institution). • Start with a topic you'veprepared or a topic that seems ofsignificant interest to the group.

  36. Birds-of-a-Feather FacilitatorsBoF Conversation Flow • If the group has identified multiple topics of interest, keep an eye on the time and facilitate shifts from one topic to the next. • Encourage all community members at the table to share their thoughts. • If a sales pitch emerges, gently remind participants that the purpose of the BoF is for higher ed colleagues to talk informally about common interests and solutions, not for vendor/sales pitches

  37. Birds-of-a-Feather Facilitators Please post questions about BoF facilitating in the chat!

  38. Questions? • Lida Larsen, • Leslie DeGrassi, • Danielle Groover, (Corporate Sessions) THANK YOU!