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Selection Process PowerPoint Presentation
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Selection Process

Selection Process

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Selection Process

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  1. PROJECT SEMINAR forArchitectural Firms and At Risk Construction Management Firms forINSTITUTE FOR AGRICULTURE BIOSCIENCES FACILITY Ardmore, OklahomaSeptember 7, 2007

  2. A.      Receive approval to proceed from the Board of Regents.B.Solicit Qualified Firms: Send Project Notification to each firm on the list received from the Department of Central services (DCS). Notification to include project information, seminar date, instructions and a Project Notification Questionnaire (CMs only) to be completed by interested firms; all per the requirements listed in the Project Notification.Project Notification Mailed: August 24, 2007Receive Letter of Interest (manuals with Qualification Questionnaire completed by CMs), by 5:00p, September 18, 2007 at Architecture Services Office, 122 PPA, StillwaterOK 74078. By letter; faxes will not be accepted. CEstablish a Screening Committee. Architecture Services Representative. School of Architecture Representative, College of Engrg/Construction Management Representative, Two Representatives from College of Agriculture, Student,  Alumni,  Others, as Designated. Selection Process

  3. DInitial Screening Committee to recommend, from the total submittals, three to five qualified Architectural firms and three to five At Risk Construction Management firms.  Overall Experience (30%) - Experience of the firm in the management of capital construction projects for university campuses for a variety of new buildings and renovations. Include all facets of a project from design inception through closeout and post-construction follow-up issues, with emphasis on project building type similar to advertised project. Management Team (30%) - Qualifications of proposed individual team members for the types of work described in the Project Notification. Budget, Cost, and Schedule Management (30%) - Ability to maintain projects within time and monetary constraints. Oklahoma/ OSU System/ A&M Colleges Presence (5%)  Feedback (5%) - Results of feedback received from firm’s references. Screening tentatively scheduled to be complete by September 20, 2007, with letters sent to interviewees. Two weeks will be provided for the firms to prepare for the Interview. Selection Process (continued)

  4. EFinal Screening (Interview): Each firm should bring key personnel, including but not limited to, the Project Director, Design Phase Manager, Key Personnel, Plan Reviewer/Cost Estimator/Scheduler, as may be appropriate, and others as deemed appropriate by the Architectural firm and the At-Risk Construction Management firm. Specific evaluation criterion shall be established.Interviews to tentatively occur early in week of October 8, 2007.F.Selection of Finalists: Each member of the committee evaluates each firm based upon interview criteria on the scales determined for the project. As a result of the initial screening and interview stages, and any supporting information, the Committee shall compile a list of at least three qualified Architectural firms and a list of at least three qualified At Risk Construction Management firms. That list will be forwarded to the institution’s President, or designee, for consideration to be presented to the Board.G.Presentation of recommendation to the Board: The institution’s President, or designee, will present the acceptable Architectural and At Risk Construction Management firms to the Board in the order of receipt of their letters of interest.Selection to occur at the October 23, 2007 Board of Regents meeting. Selection Process (continued)

  5. SUMITTAL (LETTER OF INTEREST) REQUIREMENTS NOTICE OF INTEREST: Each Architect and each At Risk Construction Management firm must submit a letter of interest with a copy of their applicable DSC/CAP form, in addition to the other items listed within the Project Notification. Send all information to Architecture Services, Physical Plant, 122 PPA, Stillwater, OK 74078 no later than 5:00 p.m., September 18, 2007. No faxed information will be accepted. OKLAHOMA PRESENCE: Provide percentage of employees of your firm or applicable branch office that are based in Oklahoma vs. those based outside the state as well as their ability to manage the project from an Oklahoma established base of operation. Provide percentage of employees of your firm or applicable branch office that are OSU system and/or A&M college graduates. MINORITY INCLUSION PLAN: Include the options, strategies and goals to promote and encourage the participation of small businesses and businesses owned by women and minorities in the project(s). FEEDBACK: ● For CMs: Provide list of owners, sub-contractors, and architects who have been involved in your firm’s work during the past three to five years, but not to exceed 20 references. List names, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail contacts. ● For Architects: Provide list of owners, sub-consultants, contractors and CMs who have been involved in your firm’s work during the past three to five years, but not to exceed 20 references. List names, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail contacts. It is the University’s intent to solicit feedback from the references for the purpose of determining the degree of overall satisfaction. OTHER SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS: Completed CM Questionnaire, including Fees. Refer to Project Notification letter for Questionnaire requirements.

  6. Selection Process (continued) H. Project Schedule Schedule:   Architect & CM Selection Complete October 23, 2007 Construction Documents Complete August 2008 Complete Construction February 2010

  7. Research Programs Primary emphasis • Plant improvement and development to support livestock production Secondary emphasis • Biomass, bioenergy and bioproduct production

  8. Research Programs Livestock nutrition production • Improved animal nutrition, forage, digestibility and introduction of desired agronomic/performance traits in target species Biomass/bioenergy • Improved feedstock conversion efficiency, increased carbohydrate yield, and introduction of desired agronomic/performance traits in target species

  9. Proposed Institute Facility • 20,000 square feet • Two-story building • Mixed lab and offices • Exterior to be consistent with Sam Noble Foundation buildings

  10. Facility Space Needs • Approximately 50/50 mix of office to lab space • Auditorium seats approximately 100-150 persons • Conference rooms • 1 large (25 persons) • 1 small (10 persons) • Administrative areas • Office/support staff

  11. Facilities Design & Construction • Professionally landscaped • IT compatibility • Connectivity with OSU main campus • Connectivity with Noble via conference rooms • Supportive of educational needs • Conference rooms, auditorium • 100-150 persons

  12. Facilities Design & Construction • Greenhouse/growth chamber support • Molecular biology laboratories • DNA sequencing, forage analysis, etc. • Plant/soil lab preparation areas • (“dirty” space)

  13. Facilities Design & Construction • Flexibility of lab space • Open/modular • Faculty, staff, and graduate student offices

  14. SAM NOBLE FOUNDATION BUILDINGS & LABORATORIES • Attached images depict buildings at the adjacent Sam Noble Foundation campus and example laboratories.  The images are not a design directive, but are intended as examples of the architecture to which we want to complement with this project and to indicate the laboratory flexibility we desire to achieve.  The attached images are intended to clarify the project scope and are not intended to limit/restrict the creativity of any potential Architectural or CM At Risk firm.

  15. Thank You Contact Information Arlene Lanman, Director OSU / Architecture Services 122 PPA Stillwater OK. Tele: 405.744.7133 E-mail