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ASU and Surveillance Cameras

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ASU and Surveillance Cameras

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    1. ASU and Surveillance Cameras Vaughn Eames JUS 494 Fall 2004

    2. QUESTION: What is up with all the cameras in Parking Lot 59? There are over 2 dozen black spherical bubbles commonly associated with surveillance cameras throughout the parking lot. Ironically, non of these are near any of the blue light emergency call boxes.

    3. 1st Call: ASU Parking and Transit Services (These were my questions to get things started) What can you tell me about the cameras in the parking areas around campus? Ive noticed some black bubbles, which I assume are surveillance cameras in LOT 59, if I needed footage of someone vandalizing my car, how could I obtain it? Are these cameras video feeds monitored or stored for later reference? Have you ever stopped a crime in progress or solved one through the use of these surveillance cameras?

    4. PTS Judy response: There are No Cameras in Lot 59

    5. No Cameras huh?What are these then?

    6. Possible Explanations? Temperature Sensors? New Sleek Black Disco Balls For Kick-Ass Tailgate Parties? Solar Power Cells?

    7. So I asked Judy Come on, Ive seen those little black bubbleswe both know they are cameras.

    8. Wait a secondthey are cameras after all? Judy, I said, I thought you just told me there were no cameras out there. She quickly transferred me to someone in RISK MANAGEMENT(yikes)

    9. Ta Da!!!Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you ASU Department of Public Safety (Dont you just feel safer already?)

    10. 2nd Call: ASU DPS Non-Emergency Line Made a call to ASU DPS (Lets get to the bottom of this!) Operator told me that, there are no cameras in the parking lots.

    11. No Cameras in the parking lots. IF these are not cameras THEN what are they?... Theyre empty, says the DPS operator.

    12. Ohthey are empty!

    13. So they are empty black bubbles that make people believe there are surveillance cameras watching?

    14. So To Re-Cap ASU PTS Denies presence of surveillance cameras. Reluctantly admits they are there, but DPS is in charge of them. Provides no further information. ASU DPS Denies presence of surveillance cameras. Reluctantly admits they are there, but PTS is in charge of them. Informs me that the cameras are empty. Provides no further information

    15. Confused Yet?...Think someone is lying? Possible Explanations: There is no need to reveal ASU surveillance capabilities to the public. Miscommunication between departments. Lack of understanding within each department.

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