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Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras. Greer Monahan. Viewpoint 1. Surveillance cameras are for are safety and help protect us. They help find criminals and make the U.S a safer place to live. Background Information.

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Surveillance Cameras

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  1. Surveillance Cameras Greer Monahan

  2. Viewpoint 1 • Surveillance cameras are for are safety and help protect us. They help find criminals and make the U.S a safer place to live.

  3. Background Information Stoplight cameras are used in over 100 communities in 20 states and the District of Columbia. Red-light cameras are supposed to make us safer by discouraging people from running red lights. For years, surveillance cameras have stared from banks, traffic intersections, stores and many other places. (Big Brother) But they have increased in recent years, with an estimated two million video surveillance systems in the U.S., according to the surveillance industry, police are turning more and more to the footage for helpful glances of crime. (CNN)

  4. Carlie Brucia • On February 1st 2004 11 year old Carlie Brucia was kidnapped after walking home from a sleepover. She was raped and murdered. The kidnapping case became famous after a surveillance video was showed of her and the kidnapper Joseph smith, grabbed her arm and lead her out. Sadly even though she died, the camera helped identify who Joseph Smith was. (Fox News)

  5. This is a picture of the surveillance camera of Carlie being taken. (caught on tape)

  6. Viewpoint 2 • Surveillance cameras are everywhere now. They give us no privacy. In some places they are in bathrooms or locker rooms.

  7. Facts • A study showed that more people got in accidents where there were cameras, because they would see the camera and slam on the brakes to make sure they would not get a ticket. Which caused many accidents.

  8. Tent Cities In Seattle • In Seattle, there are tent cities that the homeless created. However they are not welcomed by some neighbors of Seattle. The tent city moved to a parking lot of maple leaf Lutheran church. They were greeted with surveillance cameras on the outside of neighboring houses.

  9. Tent Cities Continued • "They watch us go in and out of the restrooms. Watch us eat. How would they feel if someone had a camera in their living room of their house doing that?" said Roger Franz, a tent city camp leader. • Church pastor Julie Blum says tent city is a safe community with its own security. She sees the cameras as an invasion of privacy.

  10. Tent Cities Continued • The tent city residents say they have an attorney to represent them. The attorney is sending a letter to the home owners asking them to remove the cameras. (king-5)

  11. Global Perspective • Surveillance cameras increased after 9/11 • Recently they have spent millions of dollars for putting surveillance cameras on stoplights • Today you can find a surveillance camera almost anywhere.

  12. My opinion • I think that safety is very important. It helps police and other authorities to find criminals and keeps the United states safe. Although there should be a boundary on where these surveillance cameras can look, privacy is important.

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