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How I ’ d Improve America

How I ’ d Improve America By: Ashley P Dear President Obama,

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How I ’ d Improve America

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  1. How I’d Improve America By: Ashley P

  2. Dear President Obama, • I would hope that you keep at least most ofthe promises you made to the American people. I also wonderhow you plan to deal with newly arisen problems.The issues that concern me mostare global warming, the three wars, the economy, car company troubles, and education.

  3. Global Warming • Our global warming condition is worsening with every passing day. We have unstable weather and are frequently making new weather records. • You have claimed throughout your campaign that you were supporting global warming reforms and even suggested making the American auto industry all hybrids. • However, President Obama, records show that you voted against the Kyoto Accords back in 1998. • So what made you change your mind?

  4. Is it the fact that you now had an election to run? • That you needed votes to win and thought no one remembers ten years ago? • Well, I’d hope that your change in view is due to your observations of our damaged and changing environment. Without your help our situation will only get worse. • Ask yourself this question. Do I support global warming reforms? The answer lies in the answer to this question. Is this the future world you want your children and grandchildren to live in?

  5. The Iraqi War • During your campaign you have repeatedly said that once you’re in office you plan to implement a plan that would bring the troops back home and end the war as soon as possible. • Many people support this while the people like me think about the possible consequences. • Pulling out of the war could make America appear weak and afraid and open the door for more devastating terrorist attacks. • It seems to be a lose lose situation and there’s nothing more we can do but trust your decisions.

  6. Mumbai Attacks • The attacksof Pakistani‘freedom fighters’ on the city ofMumbai, Indiahas definitely ripped the scabs off of old wounds. • History shows that therehas always been tensions between these two countries andthis was volunteered as amotivation for theambush. • India blames thePakistani government for the massacre of its peopleand is most likely seeking retribution. • This is another potential war years in the making. • I ask you Mr. President what are your plans to handle this situation?

  7. Gaza Strip Crisis • Another new war has emerged. For the past few days the Israelis have been bombing the Gaza Strip due to the expiration of a ceasefire. It has reached a point where the Arabs are retaliating and sending rockets into Israel. • The death tolls are beginning to climb and peace is seeming more and more impossible. • With the Arabs joining together because of their endurance of a modern holocaust, this poses a threat to Israel and the US. In a protest in Tehran there were shouts of “Death to Israel” and “Death to the USA”. • This definitely interferes with your plans of the Iraqi war what is your modified plan?

  8. Our Economy • The economy is very unstable and continues to be on a roller coaster. • The stock market has become more unpredictable than ever. • People are losing their jobs and homes and have nowhere to turn. • Prices continue to rise while people’s paychecks remain the same. • The cost of living has increased and services are being cut. • I know it will take more than one presidential term to get America back on its feet, but I hope you keep your promise and bring change.

  9. American Car Companies • Recently the American car companies were bailed outfrom looming bankruptcy. • You can infer that these companies would not have the funds to create those hybrid cars you planned to make. • Seeing that the sales of American cars are at an all time low and that was one of your key global warming plans, what do you intend to do now? • How do you plan to convince Americans to buy vehicles?

  10. Education • I have reached my final topic, education, and would like to address the continuous removal of funds from our schools. • As someone who has been educated through the public system, I have noted over the years that the first place to receive budget cuts is education. • Due to this we lose teachers, programs, and resources. We also have a larger group of inadequately educated students and this is our future. • You said that you plan to pay teachers more, but how can you do that from the remnants of our education funds? • Future president, I wish you luck. Bring CHANGE!

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