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Maximizing Corrosion Resistance… PowerPoint Presentation
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Maximizing Corrosion Resistance…

Maximizing Corrosion Resistance…

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Maximizing Corrosion Resistance…

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  1. Heat Tru Maximizing Corrosion Resistance…

  2. TruHeat, Hot Tub Heating Solutions TruHeat has been manufacturing titanium heating Assemblies for the Spa Industry since 1998. Combining titanium heating elements with plastic housings has set TruHeat apart from the competition by offering maximum corrosion resistance. TruHeat’s dominance in the North American and European Spa Market has enabled them to manufacture over 120 different spa heating assembly designs in the past twenty years. From stainless steel to titanium, TruHeat offers an array of options to heat spas. Traditional “flow-thru” designs range from total titanium assemblies to incoloy heaters in stainless steel tubes.

  3. TruHeat, Hot Tub Heating Solutions “From Stainless Steel to Titanium, TruHeat offers an array of options to heat spas” * Above average corrosion resistance ** Good corrosion resistance *** Better corrosion resistance **** Great corrosion resistance ***** Maximum corrosion resistance

  4. TruHeat, Hot Tub Heating Solutions All Titanium “Flow-Thru”… Titanium unlike other metals has the unique tendency the shed the lime scale build up it incurs during normal spa use. TruHeat not only offers Titanium heating elements, they also offer an entire Titanium Assembly, making it the most corrosion resistant heating assembly today…

  5. TruHeat, Hot Tub Heating Solutions TruHeat Tube Heaters… TruHeat offers tube heaters in virtually any conceivable configuration. Unique tubular immersion elements are offered in Incoloy or Titanium & the flow tubes are either 316L Stainless or Titanium, again offering an all Titanium Heating Assembly for Maximum Corrosion Resistance availability.

  6. TruHeat, Hot Tub Heating Solutions Titanium & Plastic… A Match Made in Heaven! TruHeat has been manufacturing Titanium Heating Solutions using plastic housings since 1998. Injection molded glass-filled polypropylene in union with Titanium offers Great Corrosion resistance as well as versatility in the housing design & function.

  7. TruHeat, Hot Tub Heating Solutions Space Conscious Titanium Assemblies… In an effort to design a Titanium Tube Heater within a confined space, TruHeat designed a tube heater with glass-filled polypropylene turn-a-round manifolds. Titanium elements within the Titanium flow tubes offers Maximum corrosion resistance.

  8. TruHeat, Hot Tub Heating Solutions Linked closely to TruHeat’s Hot Tub Assemblies are the Jetted Tub Assemblies… Compact (TruHeat patented) electronic controls offer five levels of safety maximizing consumer protection.If water is circulating the factory programmed controller, utilizing either an internal pressure or vacuum switch, will turn the unit on and maintain the factory set point (103 degrees Fahrenheit) within 1 degree.

  9. Heat Tru TruHeat, Hot Tub Heating Solutions With over 120 unique Hot Tub design options ranging from 120 Volt, 1000 Watt Assemblies to 240Volt, 6000 Watt Assemblies, TruHeat has the heating solution for EVERY Hot Tub… Temperature Rise / Hour / Kilowatt

  10. Heat Tru TruHeat, Hot Tub Heating Solutions Value enhanced heating assemblies showcase TruHeat designed pressure switches and/or electronic controls. • Electronic PCB Controls • Internal/External Pressure Switches • Internal/External Vacuum Switches • Intelligent High Limit Switches • Precision Thermal Cutoffs

  11. Heat Tru TruHeat, Hot Tub Heating Solutions The most elite Spa & Spa Pack Manufacturers in the World use TruHeat Heating Solutions… Hot Springs Sundance Gecko Electronics Thermo Spa Emerald Nordic Marquis just to name a few…

  12. Heat Tru TruHeat, Hot Tub Heating Solutions TruHeat understands spa chemistry, and applies research and development to continuously improve product and processes. Continued R&D efforts keep TruHeat on the edge of new technology, ever promoting safe, energy efficient heating solutions. Titanium Heating Solutions not only offer Maximum Corrosion Resistance, they in doing so promote the safest most energy efficient heating solutions available to the spa industry to date…

  13. Heat Tru TruHeat, Hot Tub Heating Solutions TruHeat LLC PO Box 190 Allegan, Michigan 49010-0190 1-800-879-6199 Facsimile # - 1-269-673-7219