orientation for students fall 2009 e komo mai welcome n.
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Orientation for Students Fall 2009 E KOMO MAI - WELCOME PowerPoint Presentation
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Orientation for Students Fall 2009 E KOMO MAI - WELCOME

Orientation for Students Fall 2009 E KOMO MAI - WELCOME

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Orientation for Students Fall 2009 E KOMO MAI - WELCOME

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  1. Hawai`i Community College Orientation for Students Fall 2009 E KOMO MAI - WELCOME

  2. Hawai`i Community CollegeMission • Hawai`i Community College promotes student learning by embracing our unique Hawai`i Island culture and inspiring growth in the spirit of E `Imi Pono. • Aligned with the UH Community Colleges system’s mission, we are committed to serving all segments of our Hawai`i Island community.

  3. Congratulations On Your Decision to Pursue Higher Education at Hawai`i Community College! We believe higher education at HawCC can benefit you in many ways… • Open doors to more job opportunities • Increase your self confidence • Enhance your earning potential

  4. Start off RIGHTNavigate Through an Orientation before the semester begins Why is Orientation Important? So You Will Know--- • What HawCC Expects of You • The Resources Available at HawCC

  5. What Does Hawai`i Community College Expect From You? • Attend Classes • Complete the Assignments • Meet with Teachers to Ask Questions • Get Free Tutoring in the Learning Center • Access Computers (available in the Learning Center or Testing Center) • Use the Web to Register for Classes • Check MyUH Emails for scholarship info, messages from counselors, important announcements, etc

  6. More Expectations For Success • Develop Study Skills • Read with a Purpose • Set Goals • Manage Time, $$$ and Stress • Be Willing to Ask for Assistance • Learn about and Use Resources • Know Your Catalog

  7. Remember…College Expectations Differ From High School Expectations High School • Required to Enroll • Free/Low Cost • Bus Service • Long Day in Classes • Schedule Provided • Not Much Freedom • No Financial Aid College • Your Choice • Tuition & Book Costs • You Transport Yourself • Less Class Time--More Study Time • You Schedule Online • More Freedom & Responsibility • You Can Apply for Financial Aid

  8. NO WORRIES With All These Expectations Comes….. Lots of Support and Many Resources at Hawai`i Community College to Assist You!

  9. Support You Can Expect From Hawai`i Community College Manono (Lower) Campus Resources • Career Center • Counseling Center • Financial Aid • Ha`awi Kokua Lab • Disability Services • Hale Kea Center (Computers) • Job Placement • Student Life • Cafeteria Upper (Main) Campus Resources • Bookstore • Campus Housing • Health Services • Learning Center (Computers) • Library • Parking Office • Women’s Center • Campus Center



  12. What Can These Resources Do For You? Learning Center(Main Campus) • Receive Free Tutoring • Use Computers Hale Kea Testing Center (Manono Campus) • Use Computers • Use Testing Services Counseling Center(Manono) • Navigate HawCC • Get Academic Counseling • Get Personal Counseling • Get Transfer Advising • Receive Financial Aid Advising • Learn Student Success Strategies • Call 974-7741 for Info

  13. Counseling, Advising and Support Services Center The Counselors, Advisors and Support Services Center will help you… • Identify barriers to your success and strategies to overcome them • Develop an understanding of information needed to navigate through college • Formulate and apply problem-solving decision-making skills • Further refine and/or adjust values and goals • Engage in meaningful employment HELP ME PLEASE…

  14. Career Center Manono Campus The Career Center can help you with… • Decide Which Major is Best for You • Decide Which Career is a Good Match for You • Get a Job (On-Campus or Off-Campus) • Learn Job Readiness Skills • Resume Writing • Interviewing • Job Search • Plan Further Education Call 974-7741 for an appt with: Career Counselor : Karen Leialoha Job Placement Counselor: Helen Nishimoto

  15. Ha`awi Kokua ProgramServices For Students With Disabilities Support Services are Available for Students With: • Disabilities (Emotional, Learning, Physical) • SPED High School Experience • Chapter 31 Veterans’ or Workers’ Comp Status • Situations Involving Rehab or Incarceration Kokua Lab Resources in Bldg 388--Room 104 • Adaptive Equipment • Computers w/ Assistive Technology Call or See Karen Kane, Counselor BLDG 388, RM 106 (Manono Campus) 808-933-0702 Karen Kane

  16. Student Life CenterBuilding 379 – Manono Campus What Can You Do There? • Join or Create a RISO (Registered Independent Student Organization) • Volunteer to be a HawCC Partner • Participate in Student Body Gov’t • Be a Part of the Student Life Council (SLiC) • Use the Center for Relaxation, Meetings, Events, Socializing or Coffee Break • Collaborate on Community Partnerships/Events • Watch DVD’s (movies) ErnelleDowns Student Government Interim Advisor 808-974-7611 Kaleo Quintana Student Life Council Interim Advisor 808-974-7741 Kelly Lau Student Life Assistant 808-933-1105

  17. Student Government at Hawai`i Communtiy College ASUH—HawCC Associated Students of University of Hawai`i--HawCC • WHO? - Elected students of HawCC • WHAT? - Represent students of HawCC • WHERE? - Office: Campus Center- Room 308 974-7480 & Info available at Student Life Center – Bldg 379 • WHY? - To help you make this college be all it can be for you Let your student voice be heard!

  18. More Resources to Know About LSK Classes - Learning Skills to Help You • Improve Test Taking Skills • Enhance Time Management • Plan Career and Educational Goals • Develop Study Skills Financial Aid- $2 to $3 Million Dispersed Each Year • Apply each year using the FAFSA (online version recommended) • Go to and click on Financial Aid, then click on the box labeled “Start Here Go Further” • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress while a student • Apply for Scholarships (info in Counseling Center & FA Website) • Peer Advisor Assistance with FAFSA available in FA Office • Workshops Available to Assist You --- Call 974-7663 Sheryl Lundberg-Sprague Financial Aid Officer

  19. Resources to Know About Bookstore(upper campus) • Take your registration form or class schedule to find out which books you need or • Access book information on the HawCC website, (click on UH Hilo Bookstore, then click on Bookstore web site • Used and new books are available

  20. Another Resource You’ll Need Student ID Card • Get a photo ID made at the Campus Center, • Show your paid registration and a photo ID (cost= $10) • Show it to use Library and Learning Center resources, attend college events free and get student discounts

  21. The CatalogVery Useful Resource • Academic Calendar.......................................pages 2-3 • Find Deadline Dates for Adding Classes, Withdrawing from Classes, Applying to Graduate • Find Dates for Non-Instructional Days & Holidays • Academic Policies.........................................pages 22-26 • General Policies............................................pages 30-34 • Academic Grievances • Student Conduct Regulations • Policy on Sexual Harassment • Financial Aid and Scholarships.......................pages 35-38 • Course Requirements for Degrees & Certificates...pages 39-64 • Course Descriptions and Prerequisites............pages 67-111

  22. MyUH is a Resource • You need a MyUH Account to Register for Classes (Click on MyUH on our websitewww.hawcc.hawaii.eduto set up your account) • Other benefits of a MyUH Account include • A free email account • Able to check your grades, financial aid, transcripts and STAR (an online tool that shows what courses you need to graduate) • Receiving informational emails from HawCC Remember your Username and Password!! WRITE IT DOWN!

  23. MyUH Website

  24. Why is the Catalog Important It Lists the Courses Required for You to Earn Your Degree or Certificate • If you are continuously enrolled, you don’t have to complete additional or new requirements to graduate, should program requirements change later • Provides a description about the programs and courses offered by the college It includes current Campus Maps • The Catalog is available via: • HawCC’s Website ( • The Bookstore ($2.25) • On Campus Orientations

  25. Registration Information Booklet Each Semester It Provides You With...... • The Semester Calendar • Due Date for Fees • Refund & Withdrawal Information • Start Date for Classes • A List of Courses Offered • Pre-Requisites for Each Course • Tuition and Fees Information • Registration Dates • The No Show Policy • If you miss the first two class sessions you could be dropped • A List of “Writing Intensive” Courses • Distance Education Information • Final Exam Schedule

  26. Helpful Definitions • Semester = 16 weeks plus a final exam week (Fall Semester = Late Aug to Mid-Dec) (Spring Semester = Mid-Jan to Mid-May) • Full Time =12 credits or more You will be in a classroom approximately 12 hours per week and need about 24 hours of weekly preparation time. Labs usually meet for 3 hours. • Part Time =Less than 12 credits • Add/Drop Week = The 1st week of school-- you can change your schedule online if the classes are open and you’ve got the pre-reqs. You can change your schedule at A & R with a form & $5 • Late Registration = The 1st week of school If you haven’t registered for classes before then you will be charged a Late Registration Fee of $30 when you register during late registration

  27. More Definitions • Majors Advising Sheets • These are helpful checklists for each Program or Major • Available at Orientation or Counseling Center • STAR • A Degree Audit Page On MyUH • Helps You See Your Academic Progress & Courses Needed • Parking Decal • A must to Park on Upper Campus • Available for a Fee at Auxiliary Services on Upper Campus (Bldg 300) • No Show Policy • In the first week of school, if you don’t attend, your teachers can drop you from classes

  28. What Does Hawai`i Community College Offer? • HawCC offers --3 types of Degrees --2 types of Certificates --26 different credit programs • Each can prepare you for employment • Many can prepare you for further college education **The Career Center can assist you with choosing the major that is best for you (808-974-7741).**

  29. Hawai`i Community CollegeAssociates of Arts (A.A.) A.A. Degree (Associate in Arts) Liberal Arts Major • Prepares you for your 3rd year in a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree • Prepares you for a general career in the work world • You learn employable skills including-- -- Communication -- Goal-setting -- Time-management -- Problem solving -- Team work

  30. Hawai`i Community CollegeAssociates in Science (A.S.) A.S. Degree (Associate in Science) Prepares you for a Specific Career • Majors include-- --Administration of Justice --Early Childhood Education --Information Technology --RN-Nursing --Tropical Forest Management • Courses are transferable towards a Bachelors Degree

  31. Hawai`i Community CollegeAssociates in Applied Science (A.A.S) The A.A.S. Degree… • Technical-Occupational-Professional courses and hands-on preparation for gainful employment in 17 different specialties • Many of these specialties are offered in certificates, which can take half the time

  32. A.A.S. Majors at Hawai`i Communtiy College • Accounting • Agriculture • Architectural, Engineering and CAD Tech • Auto Body Repair and Painting • Automotive Mechanics Technology • Business Technology • Carpentry • Diesel Mechanics • Electrical Installation and Maintenance Technology • Electronics Technology • Food Service • Hawaiian Lifestyles • Hula Option • Lawai`a Option • Mahi`ai Option • Hospitality and Tourism • Machine, Welding and Industrial Mechanics Technologies • Marketing

  33. Hawai`i Community College Certificates of Completion (C.C.) Certificates of Completion (C.C.) • Can be completed in 1 or 2 semesters-- • Business Technology • Digital Media Arts* • Early Childhood Education • Food Service • Hospitality and Tourism • Human Services* • Machine, Welding and Industrial Mechanics Tech • Care Home Operator* • Substance Abuse Counseling* * = only available as CC’s

  34. Hawai`i Community CollegeCertificate of Achievement (C.A.) Certificate of Achievement (C.A.) Can be completed in 2 to 3 semesters • Accounting • Agriculture • Auto Body Repair and Painting • Automotive Mechanics Technology • Business Technology • Carpentry • Diesel Mechanics • Early Childhood Education • Food Service • Hospitality and Tourism • Information Technology • Machine, Welding and Industrial Mechanics Tech • Marketing • Practical Nursing • Tropical Forest Ecosystem and Agroforestry Management

  35. Articulation Agreement UH System Colleges— • A student who earns an AA Degree from HawCC will be accepted as having fulfilled the general education core requirements at all other UH campuses • Other courses may be required to enter some BA or BS Degree Programs (See a counselor for more info) Oregon State University— • Students who complete an AA Degree at HawCC will be guaranteed junior standing at OSU • HawCC students will be able to co-enroll in OSU online courses through OSU’s Extended Campus

  36. Transfer Information Transferring Into HawCC • Arrange for your official transcripts to be sent to HawCC’s Records Dept. • Your transcripts will be evaluated during your first semester Transferring Out of HawCC • If you want credits earned from HawCC to count at another college in the future, you will need to complete a Request for Transcript form (a fee may be charged)

  37. How to Choose Your Classes 1. Your Major and Courses Required for it See Catalog, Majors Sheets, STAR, or Counselor/Advisor 2. Your COMPASS Test Results, Transcripts & Pre-Reqs Start with Reading/Writing or Math You are Eligible For SAT (550)/ACT (24) for Eng 100 placement 3. Your Time Available to Attend Classes Check Schedule of Classes or SOC (Class Availability) On Our Website 4. Your Available Funds to Pay Fees/Books Be aware of the tuition payment deadline and purchase your books from the booksrore 5. Your Transportation Situation Purchase a Parking Decal for Upper/Main Campus Be Able to Get to Classes on time

  38. Scheduling Your Classes • To access the schedule go to our website: www.hawcc.hawaii.eduand click on Check Class Availability • Next, Click on Schedule of Classes • Click onFall 2009(available April 1, 2009) • Click on the Course Subject You Want • Notice the headings CRN, Days, Seats Available and Room Campus for each class • Write down the CRN # for the open class that fits your schedule (you’ll need to enter the CRN# when you register online)

  39. Scheduling Your Classes • CRN=(Course Registration Number)the number you will enter when you register online for each class(be sure to record it accurately) • Days: T=Tuesday and R=Thursday • Seats Available=Openings in the class (remember you must meet class pre-requisites, too) • Room:Campus, Bldg., and Room Info -- Be aware that WESTHI means Kona and Manono means lower campus in Hilo

  40. Course Pre-Requisites • The Registration Booklet & Catalog list pre-requisites needed to enroll in classes • Pre-requisites can be met by Compass Placement Test scores or completion of classes • You will be blocked from registering for courses if you have not met the pre-requisites • If you have taken pre-requisite courses at other colleges transcripts will need to be evaluated by our Records Dept. • See next slides for English and Math course sequencing

  41. AA/AS - Liberal Arts Math Progression AAS -Vocational Math Progression DOE/FIRWM MATH 1ABCD DOE/FIRWM MATH 1ABCD or MATH 22 MATH 50 MATH 22 MATH 24X MATH 26 MATH 55 MATH 51 MATH 66 MATH 25X MATH 120 MATH 100, MATH 115 MATH 27 107, 108 MATH 110 MATH 135 MATH 140 MATH 205 Revised 2/08 COMPASS – Math Progression Chart

  42. Writing Progression DOE/FIRWM ENG 20W ESL Progression Chart ENG22 ENG 55 ENG 60 ( DOE/FIRWM/IEP) ENG100 Reading Listening/Speaking Writing ENG 204 ENG 255 - 7 ESL 25 ESL 11 ESL 7 Reading Progression ESL 9 ESL 13 DOE/FIRWM ENG 21 ESL 15 ENG 51 ENG 18 ENG 20R ENG 102 ENG 103 ENG 100 ENG 21 ENG 102 ENG 103 Revised 10/05 COMPASS – English Progression Chart

  43. What Happens if College Doesn’t Work Out for You This Semester? If problems arise during the semester • See a counselor and/or your teachers (right away) about the challenges that are causing you to consider dropping out • Take the actions necessary before deadlines to avoid F grades • Understand the effect on your Financial Aid • Make a plan to overcome the challenges • If you plan to return to HawCC visit the Admissions office

  44. Things You Should Know About Dropping a Class • You can drop your classes online--except your last class(to drop your last class you need to use a Complete Withdrawal form, get signatures, & turn it in to Admissions Office by a deadline) • You can drop a class or part of your classes& get “W” grades(Please review your catalog for appropriate deadline) “W” grades won’t lower your GPA but may effect Fin Aid • You can drop all classes& get “W” gradesup untilthe last day of the semester—Dec 09(unless a part-term class has been completed)

  45. Important Deadlines CAUTION: • To withdraw from all classes on or after the first day of instruction for the semester, the student must complete and submit the Complete Withdrawal Form. A student cannot do a complete withdrawal online. • A student who does not attend and does not withdraw from a class will receive an “F” grade at the end of the semester. If a student withdraws by the end of the third week, no class and grade will show. If the student withdraws after that, a “W” grade will show. • Deadline for partial withdrawal is March 20, 2009. Deadline for complete withdrawal for HawCC classes is the last day of instruction (May 6, 2009) unless a part of term course has been completed. • Although an instructor may use the “No Show Policy” to drop an absent student to give the seat to another student during thefirst week of instruction, the absent student who decides not to attend is responsible for dropping/withdrawing. • A student who has received a financial aid payment may have a financial aid obligation if he/she drops classes.

  46. Changing Your ScheduleTuition You Are Expected to Pay

  47. More About Schedule Changes and Tuition to Pay Words to the Wise: Dropping & adding classes should occur only during the 1st week of instruction to avoid additional tuition costs.

  48. Steps to Registering for Classes at Hawai`i Community College? 1. Complete the Admissions Process --Submit a Complete Application by August 1 --Receive a letter of acceptance 2. Provide Health Clearance Documents to the Admissions Office --Required before you can register for classes 3. Take the (free) COMPASS Placement Test --Call 933-3219 to schedule 4. Apply early for Financial Aid (months before the semester begins) if you are seeking Financial Aid -- Call 974-7663 for assistance with FAFSA forms or -- Visit the Fin Aid website:

  49. Steps to Registering for Classes at Hawai`i Community College? 5. Set up your MyUH Account • Click on MyUH on the HawCC website 6. Get Oriented to HawCC • Attend a Live Orientation (call 974-7741 to reserve a seat) & receive a printed Catalog, Reg Booklet & Majors Sheet or • View this Online Orientation (view the Catalog online and print Orientation handouts from website) 7. Make an Appointment to See A Counselor

  50. MyUH (