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It’s All About You!

It’s All About You!

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It’s All About You!

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  1. About our communities from our perspective It’s All About You! Bringing you positive news . . .

  2. "Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising."- Mark Twain

  3. Many Advertisers Need To Be Educated As To The Value Of Ethnic Media

  4. About The Washington Informer Established: 1964 by the late Dr. Calvin W. Rolark, a community activist and philanthropist. Co-founded by Attorney Wilhelmina J. Rolark, president of the United Black Found, Inc. and former Ward 8 City Council member. Published by Denise Rolark Barnes, host Reporter’s Roundtable. Published: weeklyReports only positive newsReaches more than 50,000 readers Serves: The District of Columbia, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Northern Virginia Distribution: 17,500 to newsstands, boxes, stores, churches, libraries – 750 to subscribers Sponsor of the City-Wide Spelling Bee Newspaper and staff are recognized for community service Target: the African American community

  5. Who is behind most of the buying decisions in America? Answer - WOMEN Marital Status: Married 71% Single/never married 16% Widowed/divorced 13% Education: High School Graduate 29.4 Attended college/trade 32.6 College Graduate 28.5 Post Graduate 9.5 Household Income: Median Income $50 - $74,000 * Circulation Verification Council READERSHIP PROFILE * Ethnicity: African American 90.0 Caucasian 4.0 Other 6.0 Gender: Male 37% Female 63% Age: 18–24 3% 25-34 23% 35-44 34% 45–54 22% 55 + 18%

  6. The Power of the African-American Female Consumer African-American women are a desirable and distinctive market segment. The Selig Center for Economic Growth recently (September 2005) reported that African-American women control $403 billion in buying power. Black women are the means for reaching the $761 billion African-American consumer market and, whether single or married, are more likely than White females to control the purse strings in their households. Black women use general market media, but they embrace Black media!  Marketers hoping to reach and sell to African-American women need to note their differences from general market women and, therefore, target and service these women differently. Black women have been, and continue to be, prime targets for financial and investment products and services, travel, automobiles, electronics, real estate, and of course, personal care, cosmetics, clothing and accessories. ***source The Hunter-Miller Group, Inc

  7. The Washington Informer is Ethnic Media Ethnic Media in America: The Giant Hidden in Plain SightAmidst sweeping changes in America's media landscape, ethnic media are emerging as the giant hidden in plain sight. The first-ever comprehensive survey of ethnic American adults on their media usage reveals that ethnic media reach 51 million ethnic Americans -- almost a quarter of all American adults. Of these media consumers 29 MILLION ETHNIC AMERICAN ADULTS, or 13% OF ALL ADULT AMERICANS, NOT ONLY USE ETHNIC MEDIA REGULARLYBUT PREFER ETHNIC MEDIA TO THEIR MAINSTREAM MEDIA COUNTERPARTS. *The study was commissioned by New California Media (NCM) in partnership with the Center for American Progress and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund (LCCREF), and administered by Bendixen & Associates. The poll surveyed 1,850 Hispanic, African American, Asian American, Arab American and Native American adults, representing 64 million ethnic and racial minorities overall. The interviews were conducted in 10 languages.

  8. The Washington Informer is an African American Community Newspaper • NATIONWIDE STUDY REVEALS UNTAPPED POWER OF AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS • *Results from the first nationwide readership study of the top 110 African American newspapers uncoversthe powerful role African American newspapers play in their ethnic community, announced Gemstone Communications, Inc. and its newspaper ad sales division Ethnic Print Media Group (EPMG). • The unprecedented proprietary readership study of African American newspapers shows:  • 66% of readers cite their African American newspaper as their Primary or Onlysource for local news and community event information* • Only 12% subscribe to a daily newspaper* • 72% frequently purchase products or services as seen in their local African American newspaper

  9. The Washington Informer is a Free Community Newspaper Free community papers are distributed free-of-charge to the communities they serve. * A recent combined circulation audit by Circulation Verification Council revealed that free paper: - Receivership is 98.7%. 98.7% of free papers are delivered. Conversely, 1.3% of free papers do not get delivered due to delivery problems, weather or other reasons. - Readership is 80.3%. Readership surveys indicate that 80.3% of the households who receive free papers indicate that at least one person reads the publication. - Buying influence is 77.5% Of those people who receive free papers, 77.5% of the households indicate that they use free papers to decide where and what to buy. This is a measure of the effectiveness of free paper advertising and rivals and exceeds any other form of advertising.

  10. What do our readers say about us? “Not only does the Washington Informer represent a piece of Black History here in our Nation's Capital but also a cornerstone of journalistic expertise and true commitment to its readers. Their content informs, excites and uplifts an entire city, while encouraging its citizens to expand their horizons and strive for higher heights personally and professionally “ .Kenny Brown The Informer provides information and news about the African American community that the Wash. Post and Times do not provide in their publications. Keep up the good work.” - anonymous

  11. What do our advertisers say about us? “… The first time that we heard a study participant say, “I saw your ad in the Washington Informer,” we could not contain our excitement. Advertising in the Washington Informer has increased our confidence that word about the African American Women’s Health Study is getting out to those whom we wish to reach….” B. Michelle Harris, Ph.D. Candidate "The Washington Informer has been a partner and friend in sharing the good news and success of District of Columbia youth attending Friendship Public Charter Schools.  We also get great response from ads we run in The Informer. Your presence is of great value!” Barry Lofton, Director of Communications Friendship Edison Schools

  12. Facts to Consider • The Washington Informer has a distribution area that includes Washington DC and Prince Georges County, • Maryland. According to the US census Bureau, African Americans make up 13.3% of the US population • however, Washington DC has a population that is 61% Black, while Prince Georges • County boasts a population that is 66% Black • A record number 17% of African Americans age 25 and over have at least a bachelors degree, with • many of them holding graduate degrees. The result is greater discretionary income and the desire to expand horizons. • The Washington Informer is Black targeted newspaper that is in our 41st year. Black targeted • newspapers are a medium of expression, a source of pride, a focal point and a staple within the black community as a voice. • Readers of black newspapers do not have sectional segmentation like the daily papers, so they spend more time reading the paper cover to cover. This is a plus because it means that everybody who picks up the paper will see your page. • The Washington Informer is a free, weekly newspaper. Black newspapers have a longer shelf life, and are passed around within the family. The Washington Informer also has nearly 30 churches on its distribution list, so our paper is also passed around within each congregation.

  13. Thinking Outside the Box Special Sections ( i.e. Martin Luther King Jr; Black History; Homeownership & Financial Literacy) - allows you to sponsor a section and combine advertising and editorial content Sponsored PagesAllows you to tell your own story. Personalized and customized ad campaigns are available Print media sponsorships for events

  14. 10 reasons to advertise in The Washington Informer 1. affordable 2. excellent exposure 3. reach more than 50,000 new customers 4. target the African American community 5. broaden your network 6. tax-deductible 7. media partner 8. respected publication 9. effective 10. THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!

  15. In our society today, we must spend our dollars where it will be effective, as well as make an impact. By advertising in the Washington Informer, you have an opportunity to cover all of the bases. You can Advertise, Educate, and Inform… all with the same dollar. According to the US Census, African Americans will contribute over $600 Billion to the US economy this year and over $800 Billion by the year 2007, so why would you not want to advertise where you have a target market? Why would you not want to advertise where it would make good business sense as well as benefit the community where you do business?

  16. "Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising."- Mark Twain The right kind of advertising is in