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Quintum Technologies, Inc. PowerPoint Presentation
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Quintum Technologies, Inc.

Quintum Technologies, Inc.

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Quintum Technologies, Inc.

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  1. Quintum Technologies, Inc. Solutions for the 3Com NBX

  2. Tenor adds Reliable VoIP to 3Com’s NBX • Simple Installation • Inline connection via the PSTN trunk on the NBX • Eliminates additional line cards or port usage • Assures PSTN Quality All The Time! • If the IP Network Degrades, the Tenor transparently switches calls to the PSTN mid call! • Saves up to 90% in Bandwidth Utilization • PacketSaver™ allows for a tremendous savings in bandwidth over G.711 • Very Cost Effective Solution! • Tenor MultiPath Switch Prices start at $1100- List! • PBX Reliability

  3. T1/E1 Digital Line or Multiple Analog Lines H.323 VoIP Using G.711 Algorithm 3Com IP Based Phones (3Com Proprietary Protocol) 3Com NBX PSTN T1/E1 Digital Line or Multiple Analog Lines 3Com ConneXions VoIP Gateway (NT Server) VoIP Network • Summary of 3Com ConneXions Gateway : • Complex installation requiring server and re-configuration of NBX • NBX calls on the IP Network will drop or degrade if the IP Network loses quality or fails • Designed for NBX to NBX IP Connectivity – limits VoIP Networking options with other Vendors PBX’s • Supports G.711 algorithm requiring 87Kbps per IP call – which is more than a traditional PBX! • Requires spare or additional PSTN ports on NBX and purchase of server as well as gateway software license • IP Reliability is lessened due to use of PC based architecture and software

  4. 3Com IP Based Phones (3Com Proprietary Protocol) T1/E1 Digital Line or Multiple Analog Lines 3Com NBX PSTN Tenor H.323 VoIP Using G.711/G.723/G.729 Algorithms VoIP Network • Benefits of Using Quintum Tenor : • MultiPath architecture provides ease of installation with any vendors PBX • SelectNet auto-switches calls from IP to the PSTN – MID CALL - if the IP Network Degrades • Provides interoperability with other PBX brands and other H.323 VoIP equipment • PacketSaver can bring calls down to 1/10th the size of and NBX Call. (8K) • Tenor installation does NOT require costly upgrade to PBX software/hardware or IP network • Quintum’s Tenor is hardware based and therefore more reliable than a PC Based Architecture

  5. Quintum Tenor Multipath VoIP Switch • The ONLY solution that can support real time QoS switching to the PSTN • The ONLY solution that has MultiPath call routing for the easiest installation • The ONLY solution that has an integrated gatekeeper and PacketSaver function • Offering solutions from 2 port SOHO routers to 960 port carrier products • Risk free migration to complete VoIP application solutions