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  1. DOS WEEK OF FEB 11-15

  2. DOS MONDAY What is the function of the nucleus in the animal cell? To control the cell’s activity and development. To control what enters and leaves the cell. To make food for the cell. To store food for the cell.

  3. DOS MONDAY Which set of organelles describes a plant cell and NOT an animal cell? Cytoplasm, cell membrane, cell wall Being able to play the piano Having brown hair Having a scar

  4. DOS MONDAY Which of these is learned behavior? Having brown eyes Having a scar Being able to cry Being able to read

  5. DOS TUESDAY Antibiotics…. Kill bacteria Kill all microorganisms Kill viruses Kill only harmful bacteria

  6. DOS TUESDAY _______________ are tiny pieces of material that contain hereditary information. Vascular tissue Genes Learned behaviors None of these

  7. DOS TUESDAY ______________ is a skill that an animal develops after it is born. A gene A bacteria A learned behavior A trait

  8. DOS Wednesday Determine which of the following is NOT made of cells. A rock A piece of wood An earthworm A fern

  9. DOS WEDNESDAY Where do an organism’s genes come from? Only from its mother Only from its father Mostly from its mother but partly from its father Half from its mother and half from its father

  10. DOS Wednesday 3. There are two main kinds of cells: _________ and __________. Nucleus and cytoplasm Cell wall and cell membrane Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Plant and animal

  11. DOS THURSDAY How are the animals in the picture MOST LIKELY grouped? Group A By whether they can fly. By whether they eat fish. By whether they have a backbone. By whether they have feathers.

  12. DOS THURSDAY Which of these microorganisms are a source of energy for other living things? Fungi Algae Protozoa amoebas

  13. DOS THURSDAY Why do nonvascular plants grow close to the ground? To get less sunlight For protection For space To absorb water