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Producing (FMP)

Producing (FMP)

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Producing (FMP)

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  1. Producing (FMP) Course Director: Michael Wotherspoon “Spoon” X1623 &

  2. Producing Course: FPM Overview of Producing Courses (FPM) The objective of this courses is to strengthen understanding of the need for preparation, by reviewing principles of producing, as well as critiquing efforts of other filmmakers. The course is broken into 3 sections, FPM-1, 2 & 3

  3. Producing Course: FPM-1 The objective of FPM-1 is… The Vision Maker The focus is on building the logistical skills needed for production. The student will be assessed on the ability of pre-production preparation and understand the role of the producer.

  4. Producing Course: FPM-2 The objective of FPM-2 is… The Dream Merchant Embracing the business side of our industry is critical to any successful filmmaker. The student will be assessed on the ability to showcase their skill set, reinforce the ideas of preparation and embrace the critique of their projects.

  5. Producing Course: FPM-3 The objective of FPM-3 is… The Complete Producer By utilizing educational processes from earlier degree courses, the student will focus on the blending of the “Vision Maker”and the “Dream Merchant” for their final Prospectus Project. The students will be assessed on the ability to plan for the marketing of their project, showcase their post-graduate ideas in the Pitch & Prospectus and understand the important role of distribution.

  6. Producing Course Support, Logistics & Help: Schedule (hand out schedule) PIF Laptop policy Laptops are to be closed when any videos are being shown. If you laptop is open, you are then eligible to do on the spot research. Online Help Facebook: Full Sail Producing

  7. Producing Course Attendance Policy FPM-1 is a 1.0 credit class with 24 hours, so 10% of 24 is 2.4 hours. The student must attend for 21.6 hours to pass and not fail for attendance. If the student are out 20% of the hours, then they are not eligible to do make up work and must repeat the course. 4.8 hours out is at 20% out, so they must attend 19.2 hours of the course, anything less than that then they are ineligible to make up any work and must repeat the class. If you are TARDY, please see the instructor during the BREAK, so that you can have your attendance adjusted. FAILURE TO DO SO could result in being counted absent even though you were in attendance.

  8. Producing Course Producing Team

  9. Producing Course Michael Wotherspoon Course Director Educational Background. • Worked at Tampa Public Access TC at age 15. • Head Yearbook Photographer starting Sophomore Year and continued throughout high school. Won various photo & photo journals awards and scholarships. • Won 11 Awards and a full scholarship for Video Production working in high school. • Have a B.A. in Technical Theatre & Design from UCF.

  10. Producing Course Introduction of the Course Director Industry Experience Started as an art department intern at Nickelodeon Studios. • Legends of the Hidden Temple. • GUTS • Allegra’s Window. • Gullah Gullah Island Assistant to the Props Master (Art Dawg) • The Newz • Seaquest 2032

  11. Producing Course Introduction of the Course Director

  12. Producing Course Introduction of the Course Director Industry Experience Moved over to Universal Studios Florida (USF) Entertainment. • Assistant to the Production Designer on Halloween Horror Nights. • Installed and coordinate the creation of various shows at USF. • Production Assistant & Coordinator on multiple commercial and tourist industry productions. • Clients: Coke, Pepsi, Nike, Florida Orange Juice, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Metro Orlando Convention Board, and many many more.

  13. Producing Course Introduction of the Course Director Universal Studios Florida (USF) Entertainment, Halloween Horror Nights

  14. Producing Course Introduction of the Course Director Industry Experience Moved over to Walt Disney World (WDW) Entertainment. • Production Assistant & Coordinator productions and live acts such as Lord of the Dance, The B-52s, Styx, Christina Aguilera, Julio Iglesias • Casting Director on various live shows throughout the entire WDW complex.

  15. Producing Course Introduction of the Course Director Industry Experience • Moved over to Walt Disney World (WDW) Entertainment. • Production Designer for LAFF 911.

  16. Producing Course

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  24. Producing Course

  25. Producing Course Introduction of the Course Director Industry Experience • Moved over to Walt Disney World (WDW) Entertainment. • Installed and coordinated the creation of various shows at Epcot such as the Innovators, Crash Test Dummies, Jammitors, 25th & Millennium Celebrations and much more.

  26. Producing Course

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  30. Producing Course Introduction of the Course Director Current Projects Full Sail DVD’s distribution & film festivals National Artist: The Supervillains

  31. Producing Course Dave Segal Lab Specialist: Episodic & Field Production I am a self proclaimed world culture documentarian. I am a story teller, a producer and photographer. I have had the privilege to document some of the greatest talents of all time. My goal is that my imagery truly tells the whole story one frame at a time. As an independent artist and producer, I created BOOTLEG TELEVISION, an art and music variety television program focusing on the promotion of independent artistry.  I understand there is great talent out there that will never be discovered, so his mission is to shine light upon these visionaries and give them the exposure they deserve.  "There is talent everywhere you look." When I am not working, I like to surf, and skate. I love live music, concerts and festivals. I am a dog lover and an occasional tree hugger.

  32. Producing Course Carl Verna Lab Specialist: Music Video Carl H.G. Verna is a twenty-year television, video, and motion picture film veteran.  Carl began his career with NBC's Saturday Night Live in early 1993. He was an office production assistant for the SNL film unit under Jim Signorelli.  Within two years, Carl was the 1st A.D. on several SNL Film Unit productions, working with the likes of Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Chris Rock, and Will Ferrell to name a few. Soon, Carl was one of New York City’s top 1st A.D.'s, working with legendary Directors Hype Williams, Paul Hunter, Chris Robinson, Dianne Martel, Floria Sigismondi and Michel Gondry.  He was at the A.D. helm for Grammy award winning artists, Mary J. Blige, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, Sheryl Crow and several hundred more.  His career transitioned from working solely as an AD to directing music videos and television programs for major recording artists.  His career has taken him world wide with international artists and filmmakers. Currently, Carl Verna is the Instructor for 35mm Film Budgeting and Music Video Production at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.  After twenty years, Carl is still very much involved in producing independent films and currently has several motion pictures, digital video endeavors and projects in various stages of development.

  33. Producing Course Welcome to Producing (FPM-1, 2 & 3)