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History Project

History Project

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History Project

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  1. History Project Jessica 11(6)

  2. History • Before the birth od hip hop dancing, the typical dancing would be the traditional ball room dance. • Hip hop dancing rose to popularity around the 1970s. • Among them, breaking, locking, and popping are the most known. • It originated from the streets which are dominated by african and latino americans.

  3. By 1980/1990 breaking began to grow in New York and California. • Which eventually spread all over the world, influencing France and South Korea the most • Dancing evolved along with the music, creating new innovative styles. • Dance crews started to arise beginning with the Rock Steady Crew, The Lockers, and the Electric Boogaloos.

  4. It also set up new types of competition such as freestyling, solo, and battle. • Freestyling is where you casually dance and improvise along the way • Solos are routines performed by individuals • Battles are simulated fight or wars between one or more people where you add in gestures of assult/attacks in your dance.

  5. These new types of dancing were held every and anywhere that had enough space. • These competitions gained immediate popularity, so they went world wide and grew into: • BOTY (Battle Of The Year):a breaking competition for crews. • Red Bull BC One: brings together the top 16 b-boys from around the world that are chosen by an international panel of experts.

  6. Dance styles • Breaking • Locking • Popping • The three oldest and most established dance styles

  7. Popping • Popping is mainly about the technique of quickly flex the muscles to cause a jerk in the dancer's body, referred to as a pop. • It also incorporates other moves such as the wave and the glide. Called liquid dance. • Another technique is called tutting, which is making boxes with your hands, arms, and wrists.

  8. Locking • Locking consists of very fast movements with a freeze in position once in awhile. • It has more animated movements than popping, since you swing your limbs around.

  9. Breakingis awesome • The purest hip-hop dance style, breaking, began in the early 1970s • Starting with only toprocking, which is the basic footsteps. • Grew to have more elaborate techniques, now the basic breaking moves are:

  10. Toprock: Steps • Footwork: Floor moves. 6 step, cici’s, etc.. • Power moves: Require arm strength to lift your body up and spin. Windmills, Flare/Air flares, etc.. • BUT if you dig into breaking more, you’ll see there are a lot more moves.

  11. Drops Freezes Spins Floats Swipes Halos/Tracks Headglides Kickups Broncos Handstands Flips Kicks

  12. Unfortunally I don’t know how to insert videos into this powerpoint so I can’t show you the magic of dance. • But if you have questions about anything I can answer them Thank you 