jin zhuanglong commercial aircraft corporation of china ltd november 3 2008 n.
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Jin Zhuanglong Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd November 3 , 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Jin Zhuanglong Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd November 3 , 2008

Jin Zhuanglong Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd November 3 , 2008

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Jin Zhuanglong Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd November 3 , 2008

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  1. Adhere to the principle of scientific development innovate structural and institutional systems and let China made trunk liner soon soar into blue sky Jin Zhuanglong Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd November 3 , 2008

  2. Development Situation of civil aviation industry With the aviation industry technology further developing, and the civil aircraft market demands ever increasing, the civil aviation industry is just starting to boom at present. The Boeing and Airbus enjoy an absolute market share in terms of international aircrafts, so do Embarer and Bombardierin regional aircrafts. countries such as Russia and Japan are putting forth their own civil aviation industry so as to obtain a share at the airliner market.

  3. Development Situation of civil aviation industry Though we have accumulated some experience of civil aircraft manufacturing, yet we still have a long way to go in comparison with those “aviation industry superpowers” such as the USA, and are yet to meet the market demand by the development of the social economy in our country.

  4. In order to make it up, it is firmly set in The Outline of the 11th Five Year Plan for the National Economy and Social Development of People’s Republic of China that : New regional aircrafts, trunk liners, helicopters, advanced engines, and airborne equipments shall be developed with both long term and short term plans, for both military and civil use, and on both our own efforts and international cooperation. Trust shall be further extended for promotion of the industrialization. The coming 20 years will be strategic opportunity for our civil aviation industry. Development Situation of civil aviation industry

  5. Significance of the Trunk Liner Program It is a great strategic decision made by the CPC Central Committee and State Council riding on the developmental trend of world science and technology and in view of the overall situation of modernization in China.

  6. Significanceof the Trunk Liner Program • The Trunk Liner Program is one of the materially special programs, which are determined by The Outline of National Program for Long-and-Medium-Term Scientific and Technological Development (2006-2020). This is the major strategic measure of enhancing China’s capacity for independent innovation and improving the national core competitiveness. It also embodies levels of the national industrialization, scientific & technological level and the overall strength. It is of important significance for us to improve China’s overall national strength, scientific and technological strength and international competition. The hallmark for making China an innovative country

  7. Significance of the Trunk Liner Program • Aviation industry plays a very important role in a nation’s development of its economy and advancement of its science and technology, with its long production chain, broad “radiation”, and strong consequential effect. A “pearl” in modern manufacturing, trunk liner is an integration at very high level of modern hi-tech. The implementation of the program will tremendously promote the development of the economy and science and technology in China

  8. Significance of the Trunk Liner Program • The development of trunk liners will lead up an overall breakthrough of the key technologies in such areas as those of new material, modern manufacturing, advanced power, electronics, automatic control, and computer. It can also promote the development of many other industries of high technology. Moreover, the development can facilitate greatly the development of such basic branches of learning as fluid dynamics, solid-mechanics, computing mathematics, thermo physics, chemistry, IT, and environmental science, and therefore extensively and greatly enhance the level of science and technology in China. The implementation of the program will tremendously promote the development of the economy and science and technology in China

  9. Significance of the Trunk Liner Program • Since the reform and opening, the national economy has been developing consecutively fast, with people’s life ever improving. China has becoming the 2nd largest civil aircraft market in the world. With the progress of extensive drive to establish a better-off society, the need for aviation transportation will keep growing. To develop trunk liners will better satisfy the demand of our national economic growth and people traveling, and is bound to become a new point of economic growth with unfathomable potential. A pressing program to meet the rapidly growing demand of China’s civil aviation market

  10. Significance of the Trunk Liner Program • To develop trunk liners with market competitiveness needs to integrate the up-to-date technology in the world. It can not only provide a breakpoint and a growth point for aviation industry development, but also raise the manufacturing capability and improve the management of our aviation industry, and finally enable it to grow into a strong one. Benefit the development of Chinese aviation industry

  11. Significance of the Trunk Liner Program • China has a population of 1.3 billion. Since the reform and opening, its overall national strength and international status have been ever rising. China should have large aircrafts to be made by its own to match the name of a large socialist country. To fly Chinese large aircrafts in the blue sky is not only the will of the state government, but also that of whole nation. Chinese people must make, with our own hands and wisdom, large aircrafts with international competitiveness to realize the longtime will of the nation and the dream of several generations. To inspire national spirit, strengthen the unity of the nation and enhance the self dignity

  12. The Development Mode and Overall Strategy of the Program • Auguest 30, 2007General Secretary Hu Jintao chaired an SCPBCC meeting, listening to the work report by the special leading committee of the large aircraft program, and decided to set up a preparatory committee for the trunk liner program. • February 29, 2008Premier Wen Jiabao presided a meeting of the State Council, where “ The Plan for the Establishment of Commercial Aircraft Co. of China, Ltd. ” was discussed and passed.

  13. The Development Mode and Overall Strategy of the Program May 11, Commercial Aircraft Co. of China, Ltd. (COMAC hereafter) was set up in Shanghai

  14. The Development Mode and Overall Strategy of the Program • On behalf of the CPC central committee and the State Council of China, Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang congratulated on COMAC’s establishment. He stressed that the development of Trunk Liner is the urgent project to meet our national fast-growing civil aviation market demand. It is also the project that inspire the national spirit and enhance the national unity and sense of pride. He emphasized that we shall keep up the spirit of "Two Bombs and One Satellite", the spirit of the spacecraft development, and carry forward that of aviation for the country so as to put forth trunk liners of our own made flying in the sky soon with every effort and advance inspire of any difficult or obstacle.

  15. The Development Mode and Overall Strategy of the Program

  16. The Development Mode and Overall Strategy of the Program • Premier Wen Jiabao said in his article publicized on “People’s Daily” that China will send its own aircraft to the blue sky. It is not only the will of the government but also that of the whole nation. In his article, he makes clear the great importance of the program, and states profoundly that we should understand and deal with properly five relations. He requires that, first, administration shall be strengthened with centralization of the effort to overcome the difficult to meet, second, macropespection firmly set, third, initiative of every sides fully mobilized, and finally, organizations well coordinated.

  17. The Development Mode and Overall Strategy of the Program COMAC COMAC is a share holding company with a consortium of 7 shareholders, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council, Municipal People’s Government of Shanghai, China Aviation Corporation I (AVIC I), China Aviation Corporation II (AVIC II), Aluminum Corporation of China (CHINALCO), Baosteel Group Corporation and Sinochem Corporation, with 19 billion yuan registered capital. The place of incorporation is located in Shanghai. COMAC operates under the leadership of the National Large Aircraft Special Leading Committee with special supervision and management of the relevant state departments in its business in concern.

  18. The Development Mode and Overall Strategy of the Program COMAC AVICI Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. Shanghai Aircraft Design & Research Institute Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory Shanghai Aviation Industrial (Group) Corporation

  19. The Development Mode and Overall Strategy of the Program COMAC The entity of the trunk liner program and also the carrier tomanage the overall plan for the trunk liners and regional aircrafts in specific, and to industrialize civil aircraftmanufacturing in general.

  20. The Development Mode and Overall Strategy of the Program COMAC is mainly engaged in Commercial aircraft and related products design develop manufacture modification flight test sales maintenance service technical development technical consultancy etc

  21. The Development Mode and Overall Strategy of the Program • In accordance with the approval of the State Council, the corporation shall adhere to the principle of scientific development and innovative towards system of working and management. It shall set up a “main manufacturer-suppliers” mode based on the 50-year experience of aviation development, with reference to international management and operation of the aviation industry and development modes of commercial aircraft, and according to both the Chinese specific features and international practices in product development and mass production.

  22. The Development Mode and Overall Strategy of the Program • As the main manufacturer, COMAC will focus on enhancing the capability of the integration of the designs, final assembly and production, marketing and sales, customer service and airworthiness certification. Engine, airborne equipment, material will be selected in market oriented ways and though bidding process.

  23. the main manufacturer The Development Mode and Overall Strategy of the Program the integration of the designs final assembly and production marketing airworthiness certification customer service supplier Engine Airborne equipment Material

  24. The Development Mode and Overall Strategy of the Program • In line with The Corporation Law of the People’s Republic of China and The Regulations of COMAC, and the general requirements of modern enterprise regulations to establish sound corporate governance, COMAC has set up its shareholder committee, board of director, supervision committee, executive team, and various departments at its headquarter.

  25. The Development Mode and Overall Strategy of the Program • Guided by scientific development concept, COMAC is determined to fully carry forward CPC and the State Council’s major strategic decision on trunk liner program.By following the law of science and technology, market economy and aviation industry, we will make regional aircraft and trunk liner program a commercial success, and become a commercial airplane manufacturer with independent intellectual property rights and global competitiveness; We have created COMAC’s Strategic Development Outline for 2008-2010.

  26. The Development Mode and Overall Strategy of the Program • The outline describes company’s development policy, guiding principle, general approach, construction principle, goals and implementation plan; COMAC has set up course of development, which isone goal, two product lines, three centers, four strategies, five core capabilities and coordination of six relationships.

  27. Development policy Develop civil aircraft, growth of industry, Innovation, world-class

  28. Development policy Developing civil aircraftis our state’s decision, and our people’s will, and COMAC believes it is a great honor to be tasked by CPC and the State Council • Trunk liner program as a leading one, we are determined to achieve breakthrough of key technologies, to obtain core capabilities, develop serial product line, and become a landmark project in the course of innovative country, thus we can contribute to national economy, technology advancement and construction of well-off society; We will include regional aircraft program in our big plan, and achieve serial product line and mass production.

  29. Development policy • Manufacturing of trunk liner is a shining pearl in modern manufacturing sector. With the development of trunk liner, we can make great progress in relevant science and engineering discipline, make breakthrough in related key technologies; We will promote the formation of commercial aviation industry supply chain and industry cluster by consolidation of domestic resources in ways of market economy; Also, we will enhance our capabilities of both manufacturing and management, to form new growth point for national economy. Growth of this industryis a basis to become a world-class aircraft manufacturer

  30. Development policy • Measures to take: promote innovation in mechanism and system; improve company governance structure; explore operating mechanism in accordance with the law of civil aviation industrialization with Chinese characteristics, and inspire management innovation, especially operating models in the areas of project management, supplier management, marketing, customer service and capital financing; promote technology innovation, focus on original innovation and integrated innovation, accelerate the process of absorption and innovation on imported technology, grasp the core technology of trunk liner with independent intellectual property rights. Innovationis the important guarantee for both regional aircraft and trunk liner’s design and development success and also commercial success

  31. Development policy Striving for the bestis the key drive and target for the company’s growth • We should base on the principle of creating a world-class aviation enterprise, and focus on fostering the best company culture, talents, management mechanism, products and company; and develop our unique competitive advantage with methods of cost control, and etc. Guided by the principle of common value and strong social responsibility of company, we should provide products with economics, safety, comfort and green environment, bring continuous values to customers, and maximum return in investment for share holders, long-term career development platform for employees, business opportunities for our partners, and to make contribution to a more harmonious society and an innovation-oriented country.

  32. General Development Strategy • To become a world-class aerospace enterprise To achieve one goal

  33. General Development Strategy To develop two product lines • Series aircrafts of both regional jet and trunk-liner

  34. General Development Strategy • General Aircraft Research & Design Center, Final Assembly Manufacturing Center, Global Customer Service Center To build three centers

  35. General Development Strategy To apply four strategies • Corporate Culture strategy, Human Resources strategy, Brand strategy, Information strategy

  36. General Development Strategy • Aircraft design and integration, final assembly and manufacturing, marketing and sales, customer service, airworthiness certification To form five core capabilities

  37. General Development Strategy To coordinate six relationships • Safety and economics; independent innovation and global technology resources adoption; mechanism innovation and role of current technology and people; technological breakthrough and industrialization; government dominance and market mechanism; trunk liner and regional aircraft

  38. Construction Strategy Market enforcement • Under the general requirement of constructing innovative country and creating world-class aviation enterprise, our company adheres to market enforcement, integration, industrialization, globalization oriented construction strategy in the aspects of capital, technology, product and operation. Globalization Integration Industrialization

  39. Market Oriented • Adhere to market oriented principles, follow market economy laws. Allocate efficiently resources such as people, technology and capital through market functions; cultivate capabilities in technology innovation, capital operation, cost control and long-term competence. Take steps to transit from government control to the business model of “main manufacturer-supplier”; develop advantages of talents, technology, capital, and cost in the market to achieve sustainable development.

  40. Integration • We should attach importance to integrating key advanced technologies, mature products and advantage resources from both domestic and abroad based on original innovation; absorb imported advanced technologies; and break barriers of key technologies for trunk liner program; develop core technologies and capabilities that a main manufacturer should have; optimize company’s internal resources, construct highly capable and efficiency management of the parent & subsidiary system; improve management efficiency by adopting systematic management conception and methods.

  41. Industrialization • With diversified needs of both national and international markets, we should develop series products of civil aircrafts and take steps to evolve to a large-scale company; develop a vertically extended business chain of design and integration, final assembly, customer service, financial leasing, maintenance and modification, subcontracted production, and etc. to realize industrialization.

  42. Internationalization • To meet with the international market, to establish internationalized concepts of corporate management; to adopt advanced technological standards and methods of design and manufacturing, carry out airworthiness certification work following globally accepted requirements; To promote international cooperation, especially in the strategic cooperation with customers and suppliers, and emphasize the absorption and integration of mature products and technologies both domestic and abroad; focus on brand build-up, earn company reputation, strive to enter the global market with a share to achieve the company’s goal of internationalization.

  43. We feel very much honored to take on the mission of the trunk liner program, and we fully understand the high level of responsibility and challenge. • We will work with full determination under the leadership of CPC Central Committee, with Hu Jintao as general secretary, holding high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, learn and implement the spirit of the 17th National Congress of CPC, the second and third plenary sessions of the 17th Central Committee of CPC.

  44. Based on the general requirement of scientific development view and for making China an innovative country, we should make full use of technology and talent with 50-year aviation foundation, and also regional advantage of Shanghai. • We should also carry forward the spirit of “Two Missiles and One Satellite”, manned spaceship, and “servicing the nation by aviation”, with an iron and indomitable will, unite and go all out to strive for our goal of success in designing and commercial success of both regional aircraft and trunk liner programs, and to become a civil aircraft manufacturer with independent intellectual property rights and international competitiveness and to let our trunk liner soar into the blue sky.

  45. Thank you