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Miamisburg Mound PowerPoint Presentation
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Miamisburg Mound

Miamisburg Mound

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Miamisburg Mound

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  1. Miamisburg Mound Grace Chaney ED 417-01

  2. Miamisburg Mound • Grade level: 3rd Grade • Social studies lesson on an important historical landmark in the Miami Valley.

  3. Objectives • Students will be able to identify the historical Miamisburg Mound. • Students will be able to identify different aspects of Adena culture. • Students will be able to graph locations of various Native American cultures in Ohio.

  4. Materials Needed • Map of Ohio • Colored pencils and pencils • Clay • Pictures of Adena pottery • Pictures of various mound structures in Ohio

  5. Websites • Ohio Historical Society • One State, One Nation • Miamisburg Mound Park

  6. Websites • Ohio Kids • Wikipedia

  7. Activity 1Timeline of Ohio Native Americans • Materials: Paper and Pencils • Have students construct a graphic timeline of several Native American groups who lived near the time of the Adena people. These groups including the Woodland and Hopewell tribes.

  8. Activity 2Map of Adena Settlement • Materials: Map of Ohio and colored pencils. • Discuss different areas where the Adena people settled in Ohio. Students will color on the map the areas in which the Adena people settled.

  9. Activity 3Adena Pottery • Materials: Clay and pictures of Adena Pottery • Show student pictures of different types of Adena pottery. Have the students make their own pottery, similar to those of the Adena.

  10. Activity 4Different Mound Structures in Ohio • Materials: Pictures of different mound structures, books about mounds. • Show students different mound structures found in Ohio. Have children brainstorm ideas on why the mounds are different structures. Have the children conduct research with the books to decide the reason for the different structures.

  11. Activity 5Field Trip • Take the children on a field trip to the Miamisburg mound.

  12. What is the Miamisburg Mound? • A conical shaped mound built by the Adena people. • The mound is 65 feet tall and has a circumference of 877 feet.

  13. Excavation of the Mound • The Miamisburg Mound has only been partial excavated. It was excavated in 1869. • During the excavation, one skeleton was found covered in bark. • The excavation also showed that the mound was built in several stages.

  14. Adena People • The Adena people lived in Ohio between 1,000 B.C. and 400 A.D. • They lived in permanent settlements near streams and rivers. They used the water to travel.

  15. An Advanced People • The Adena people are considered the first farmers. They grew squash, sunflowers, and pumpkins. • Pottery was first made in Ohio by the Adena people.

  16. An Advanced People • An complex system of government was used by the Adena. • The Adena people are also credited for being the first to build mounds in Ohio.

  17. Reasons for the Mound • Mounds were used by the Adena to bury their dead. • When someone died, they would be buried on the existing mound. This caused the mound to increase in size. Adena Burial

  18. 1909 Present Day