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SHE Code 6: Risk Management PowerPoint Presentation
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SHE Code 6: Risk Management

SHE Code 6: Risk Management

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SHE Code 6: Risk Management

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  1. SHE Code 6: Risk Management Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Group

  2. Who should use this presentation & read the updated code? Everyone

  3. Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Group SHE Code 6 – “Risk Management”

  4. Why do Risk Assessments (RAs) ? • RAs are one means by which those undertaking a new, or existing, activities are prompted to consider SHE hazards and how they will be managed to minimise the risk of injury to themselves or others, or indeed to the environment. • RAs are a simple and pragmatic means of involving all staff in safety management • There are legal duties on employers, the STFC, and employees, YOU, under health & safety legislation to undertake RA.

  5. Why the Update? • Recent internal and external audits have found that although the organisation has made significant progress in managing Risk in recent years, there were issues with: • The “Quality” of Risk Assessments; • Communication of Risk Assessments to those who do the work; and • The need for a process to undertake Risk Assessments for short tasks - while “On the Job”.

  6. Key New Features • Explicit definitions of what STFC means by “Significant Hazards” and “Significant Risks” • Definition of a three tier model for the management and assessment of risk: • Mental Risk Assessment • “On the Job” Risk Assessment • Standard documented Risk Assessment • Updated and simplified duties for all in the light of these changes. • A checklist pro forma to review the quality of your Risk Assessments. • A new pro-forma and Guidance for “On the Job” Risk Assessment.

  7. “On the Job” Risk Assessment “On The Job” (OTJ) Risk Assessment - An on the spot risk assessment, which many are used to doing mentally, when changes or additions to planned work occur, or if carrying out a quick or last minute task. The quality of mental risk assessments can be improved by using a very simple pro-forma designed to prompt the consideration of a wide range of hazards, called an OTJ RA. SHE Group have a supply of pre-printed OTJ Risk Assessment pads

  8. Key points • Read the part of the Code relevant to you • Read through the “On the Job” pro forma and guidance with your Line Manager – to see if it can help in your work. • Ensure any activity you undertake where there are significant SHE hazards takes place under a documented RA – existing or new activities ( including activities undertaken at non STFC sites ) • Documented RAs should be stored in SHE Enterprise. • Review Documented RAs when the activity changes or every 2 years in SHE Enterprise.

  9. Next steps Don’t hesitate to contact your local SHE Group • Mark Roberts, DL, 3283 • Matt Dickson, RAL, 5329 • or your Departmental Safety Contact If you have questions on this presentation or Risk Assessment in general. SHE Group will be rolling out a programme through Departments to prompt a review of the “quality” of all our risk assessments, and will have updated Risk Assessment training to support this code update.