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A Pilot Distance Learning Project for the Educational Communities of Iowa

NASA – Iowa Connection: International Space Station A Pilot Distance Learning Project for the Educational Communities of Iowa Overview Teacher Opportunities Student ICN Sessions Design Challenge

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A Pilot Distance Learning Project for the Educational Communities of Iowa

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  1. NASA – Iowa Connection: International Space Station A Pilot Distance Learning Project for the Educational Communities of Iowa

  2. Overview • Teacher Opportunities • Student ICN Sessions • Design Challenge

  3. ICN professional development sessions introducing national and Iowa-based NASA resources and distance learning opportunities (AEA Credit) • ways to access and infuse web-based projects, and background in problem-based learning and technology integration

  4. Students • Various ICN Sessions • ISS Introduction • Space Food • Materials Science • Astronaut • Design Challenge • Interaction with NASA

  5. Partners • NASA • Iowa Space Grant Consortium and E-SET • Marshall Space Flight Center • Johnson Space Center • Langley Research Center • AEAs • Futron

  6. Partners • Iowa Educators Resource Center • IPTV • ISU • NASA Food Technology Commercial Space Center • Materials Engineering • The Science Station

  7. Partners • The Science Center • The Grout Museum

  8. Schedule • ICN’s • Design Challenge

  9. Who are we? Jay Staker Steve Truby 3 ICN’s

  10. What is E-SET? • The Extension-Science, Engineering and Technology program (E-SET) is located in the 4-H Youth Development Office of Iowa State University Extension. • E-SET reaches out to the formal and non-formal educators and youth of Iowa to provide resources for hands-on science and technology education. • Supporting and providing resources in exemplary science, engineering, and technology curricula. • Offering exciting and meaningful professional development opportunities for educators and youth professionals.

  11. The Iowa Space Grant Consortium(ISGC)Don't let the name fool you...the ISGC has benefits for everyone! Iowa Space Grant Consortium

  12. NASA Space Grant Program Authorized by Congress in 1987 with five objectives... 1. National network of universities 2. Cooperative programs: universities, government, industry 3. Interdisciplinary training, research, public service 4. Recruit and train technical professionals 5. Strong science, math, technology education base

  13. Goal of E-SET & ISGC Provide the State of Iowa materials, curriculum and support for strengthening science, engineering and technology!

  14. How to contact E-SET • Contact your county extension office • Call us at 515-294-5738 • Use our website at http://www.extension.iastate.edu/e-set/

  15. Space Education Initiative Web-Based Science Learning Opportunity for Iowa Teachers through E-SET and ISGC

  16. IMSTI 2001-2002 Bringing Space Science into the Classroom

  17. IMSTI What It’s All About? • Iowa Math Science and Technology Initiative for Education • Federally Funded Pilot Program to raise academic achievement in the Earth and Space Sciences

  18. Three Fold Plan To Improve Iowa Earth and Space Science Education • Provide professional development opportunities through training • Supply teachers with a portfolio of online educational resources which includes lesson plans as well as access to space flight missions through Space Explorers Inc.. • Establish an infrastructure for teachers to share ideas and opportunities with their peers both online and through mailings.

  19. Professional Development • Activities include hands on space learning • Shown here are teachers “building a comet”

  20. Portfolio of Online Educational Resources • Searchable Lesson Plan database • Standards Based Space Missions • Space Library • Thematic Lesson Units for Integrated Curriculum • Units of Study in Earth and Space Science

  21. Searchable Lesson Plan Database • Teachers can search for lesson plans by age and subject • Teachers can search for lessons by state national standards • Teachers can submit lesson plans to be added to the database

  22. Infrastructure • Provide support to teachers throughout the school year • 800 number for questions • Help in planning and presenting workshops • Online message board • Online chat room • Continuation of IMSTI training into the future • Online training • Regional workshops • Expanded Funding

  23. Units of Practice • Online Simulation of Assembly of ISS • NASA Mission Simulations • Plate Tectonics • Kid’s Space • Weather and Climate • Internet based • Teacher Guides • Student Guides • Assessments

  24. Space Explorers Missions • Phase One Standards Based Lesson Plans • Phase Two Simulated Launch • Phase Three Analysis of data collected by NASA spacecraft

  25. Space Library • Resource file of space facts • Daily space news headlines • Photogallery of Celestial objects

  26. http://www.spaceed.org/

  27. Interested? • Send email to jstaker@iastate.edu • Subject: IMSTI • I will send a reply that includes a contract and information. • Complete and return contract and you are in.

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